Location: Did the trick not work because you needed pajl 3 of Spaes for that specific performance, or paul vigil diplopia pdf you mean that you have to have a full 52 card deck to make the trick word period? The spectator is pauk to think of absolutely any paul vigil diplopia pdf from a regular deck of 52 and find it. Are the methods different? Now it can be in your tool kit.

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Posted: Jan 3, pm. Does anybody know where I can purchase Diplopia by Paul Vigil? The only email I can find for him is on his website which appears to be for booking purposes only. I believe Steve Fearson sold it on his website awhile back but he no longer carries it.

TIA for any help. That's where I bought it from. Have you tried 'Up The Ante' yet?? The ultimate gambling demo See the reviews here on the cafe. Posted: Jan 4, am. Go to Fasdiu enterprises site. Paul is one of the nicest guys in magic. Shoot an email to Paul PaulVigil. Yes, that is my real name. Yes, I am a real person. No, you probably won't agree with me. Great applications of my The Epitome Location concepts.

You can find that entire booklet re-written, updated, etc. Posted: Jan 4, pm. I think Paul Cummins did a fantastic job using the old clocking principle to come up with such fantastic effect. And as mentioned before he really is a great guy. Posted: Jan 5, am.

Thanks for all of the help! Posted: Jan 5, pm. Also, for anybody else who completely missed it like myself - Paul Vigil was the guest of honor back in March. I'm completely late but I'm catching up now. AsL Special user Posts. Nom de Guerre New user 82 Posts. Thanks for the link NdG!!! All the Best, Andrew.

John Carey V. Harry Lorayne V. New York City Posts. Tom Dobrowolski Special user Posts. John Great advice. Get Tapalac today. All Rights Reserved. This page was created in 0.


Diplopia by Paul Vigil

Ok, start here:He calls Penn up, then the camera moves out to catch Penn getting up. As soon as that shot starts, look at Paul's side the side exposed to the camera. He releases the card he was writing on which is attached to the safety pin and a string and you can see it flutter from his clipboard to the back of his jacket as he releases the tension. The moment is at or , you can see it for a few frames. He says 'Let's give him a big round of applause please'.


The first vid looks very polished! I love that you can buy directly from your site, mostly because in past Magic Friday's I've wanted to get something but always found it weird to pursue a magic product armed with little more than the name of it. Good to at least have a link or a selling page now : This trick is a tough one for me because it's not a new "plot" at all at least I'm pretty sure I've read a few with the same premise , but obviously there is something special in the method that makes this version earn your admiration. It's hard to know whether I'll be happy with that specific method after shelling out my cash a hard thing to do for a grad student. It is nice that this doesn't start out as a force though, as so much stuff out there starts with a common force and then just proceeds with stretching out the revelation. Nice alternative if somebody wants to "think of a card.

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