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On March 2nd, , Archbishop Pedro Jimeno Barreto of Huancayo and his team, received anonymous death threats for opposing the re-opening of a US owned polymetallic smelter in the city of La Oroya.

Its activities have made La Oroya one of the most polluted cities in the world. Alarming rates of lead and other metals have been found present in the blood of local residents, and many respiratory problems and other diseases have been reported.

Following a church-led campaign in , Doe Run, the company that operated the smelter, was forced to close down operations, resulting in dramatic improvements in public health. Archbishop Barreto has spoken out against the proposed re-launch, arguing that operations should not be re-started without first enacting the previous ERMP.

Two days after making a public statement, he and his team received telephoned death threats. To show your support of Archbishop Barreto, you can write a letter to the President of Peru, and put in copy the Secretary General of CEAS, to say that you are concerned about the death threats being made against Archbishop Barreto and his colleagues.

You can include that you would like their safety ensured, and that the re-opening of the smelter is unacceptable if the rights of citizens to a healthy environment is not respected. This is a sample letter in Spanish that can be used, or you can also write one in your own language. Ollanta Humala, President of Peru: lcastror presidencia. Skip to main content. Development and Peace Toggle navigation.

Archbishop in Peru threatened for calling for responsible environmental regulation of smelter In Advocacy , News from our partners. March 14, Atentamente, Your signature You can e-mail the letter to the following people: Ollanta Humala, President of Peru: lcastror presidencia.


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Unsurprisingly, the encyclical also received backlash from the private sector, which questioned the legitimacy of a pope to opine on what they see as a scientific, technical, and most importantly, economic issue. Several chose not to. How might we contextualize this generally dismissive attitude by pro-business figures in Peru? In Peru, certain members of the Catholic Church play prominent roles in environmental politics, both to invert the moral assessment that normalizes the human and nonhuman harm of large-scale resource extraction and also to legitimate alternative scientific projects that undermine biopolitical logics, upon which the extractive industry relies.


Archbishop in Peru threatened for calling for responsible environmental regulation of smelter

LIMA, Oct 9 IPS - Social organisations in Peru have joined forces to save the Mantaro river, which is being killed by pesticides, untreated sewage, and the waste products dumped by the mining industry. The river, which runs through the Andes mountain range in central Peru at between 3, and 4, metres above sea level, is one of the main sources of irrigation water and electric power in the region. But its waters contain heavy metals like copper, iron, lead and zinc, according to studies by governmental and non-governmental bodies, which warn that the river is polluted by the mining industry and by the runoff of fertilisers and pesticides from the intense agricultural activity in the area. The one-and-a-half-year campaign has involved monitoring of pollution in the water, soil and air in the Mantaro river valley, with the aid of the Saint Louis University School of Public Health from the U. Other focuses have been health care and environmental awareness-raising efforts among local populations affected by the pollution, as well as the establishment of dialogue among the various parties to agree on a common agenda.


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A large group of civil society representatives has called for a state of emergency to be declared around Doe Run's lead smelter in Peru. They claim that sulphur diocide and heavy metals emissions continue at unacceptably high levels, despite the US company's pledge to conform to basic safeguards. Communities in Chile's Huasco Valley - site of the Pascua Lama project - have urged the government to file formal charges of environmental damage against Canada's Barrick Gold. They say that three glaciers have already been severely damaged by the company's exploration activities. The world's fifth biggest mining company, UK-Swiss registered Xstrata, is leading the way in a spate of new proposals to dam pristine rivers in Chilean Patagonia.

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