It scoots very quickly across the floor, thanks to lively little DC motors. And when the critter crashes into anything, it backs away and speeds off in another direction. The result is a simple, fast-reacting analog circuit that fits tightly inside of a computer mouse case. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. Pingback: 10 Classic Make: Projects Make:. Are the eyes not diodes?

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I am a young boy with an interest in robots and electronics. I recently attempted to build my first robot Mousey the Junkbot. Unfortunately it did not go well. I was hoping someone would be able to help me. I have tried to wire it up and when I try to run it, I run into a few problems. Also, the reverse switch just makes the motors stop for a few seconds then the motors start up again.

When i press the reverse switch, sometimes not always the relay clicks, then rattles, and the wires become significantly warmer. There are a few variances in my robot than specified. They are: I am using a 12v computer relay instead of a 5v relay, and i am using an LM N-1 chip instead of the LM I believe the problem is the relay, but i have the understanding that the relay is only used for the reverse circuit.

Also, I am deeply confused with the wiring for the light sensors. I hope you can help me! Best Answer 10 years ago. You might find these or these instructions help clarify things.

If you're using a 12v relay it might not be getting quite enough power to switch properly. The best way to trouble shoot is to start again at the very beginning and double check every single connection, but if stuff is getting warm you may have burned out a component. After you've verified your connections and polarity of everything, and it's still not working, try removing and testing each component to make sure it actually works.

Answer 10 years ago. I think i may have burnt out my LM Follow Asked by Chowmix12 in Circuits. Grathio Best Answer 10 years ago. Reply Upvote. Chowmix12 Grathio Answer 10 years ago.


Mousey the Junkbot

It scoots quickly across the floor,thanks to lively little motors. And when the critter crashes into anything, it speeds offin the opposite direction. The result is simple, fast-reacting analogcircuitry that fits inside a mouse case. He is also "Cyborg-in-Chief" of Streettech. If one signal is lower than the o the r, the chipboosts that signal to equalize the one output. In ourcase, the inputs are light values ra the r than audio. If we hook this output to two DC motors, we have alittle brain that reads input from two light sensors, com pares the m, and boosts the power on the dimmerside.


Make Mousey The Junkbot


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