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Hi there, this is Nicholas Newport. I used have terrible insomnia and dreaded going to bed at night and having to lay there for hours Nothing I read in books worked so I began creating my own set of tricks.

Over the years I've developed a system not only for falling asleep quickly but also having extraordinary out of body experiences and lucid dreams. Here is the exact system I use to have or more OBEs every days.

You'll see out how to fill in any gaps you have in your understanding of Lucidology so you'll be able to use Lucidology to start having lots of OBEs. At the end of the day training plan having an OBE each morning will be second nature to you and almost boring. Now that's a pretty big goal and you may not even think that it's possible.

So here's a video to show you how O. The goal is to average OBEs in days. So to do that have 5, 10 or even 20 OBEs in a single session. The question is, how do you do that? It's really very simple: You cheat. Here are the 4 cheating strategies we'll use in the OBE System. Micro O.

For instance you set might your O. So you might wonder if you've gone through all the trouble of doing an O. E, why return right back to your body?

It's because the whole trick to getting good at O. The more time you spend on the awake asleep threshold the faster you progress. If you only have one O. E in a day then you do make some progress but really not a lot.

If you have two in a day you've just doubled your progress rate. Here's the best part. The easiest time to have an OBE is right after you've come out of an O. E, your body is already deeply relaxed and you already have a strong memory of your subconscious focus. So if you can have one O. E, you can have several. So how do you actually do this?

When you start out a lot of relaxation is needed to get to a subconscious focus. So to have micro OBEs we'll shorten the distance you travel into trance to have an O. The more skilled you get the less you need to relax to access the subconscious. Pretty soon you can have an OBE while the body is fully awake! You go directly from a waking focus to a subconscious focus and the body remains awake. You'll start out doing your OBEs just like you did in Lucidology You'll fall asleep and have an OBE on the timer beep.

However by the end of the session you'll be able to lay on your bed and complete the separation even though your body is still wide awake. That means you can have a lot more OBEs faster and spend very little time in the boring relaxation stages. Keep in mind that a waking OBE is not the same thing as a wake induced lucid dream. In WILDs your body falls asleep and you enter your subconscious. In waking O. Memory impressions are the how you access information in O.

So what exactly are memory impressions? First, imagine your memory as like a dry beach of powdery sand. Second, imagine your mind comes in contact with a bit of nonphysical dream information. Dreams aren't made out of atoms like the physical world, so how does the mind make sense of the information?

As you relax into a WILD you'll start to sense environmental clues that you're nearing a dream even though you're not in the dream yet. You will start to pick up memory impressions of these clues. For instance, you may find you have the memory that someone had just said something even though at the time you didn't consciously hear anything.

You might also recall that a moment ago you were looking at a landscape and that you remember what the landscape looked like but you can't remember exact moment when the landscape came into view. The landscape is a concept that you find has been impressed into your short term memory much as if you were to impress the shape of a word into clay.

You might not know how the impression got there but you do have the information that the impression represents In the course of your lucid dream induction you may find a lot of times memory impressions seem to be the result of dipping in and out of coherency. You dip down, pick something up, waver up again and find that you have an impression.

Once you're back in conscious coherency you are operating with your perceptual filters again so you can't remember how you got the impression. However at deeper levels of trance there is no dipping in and out of coherency and you find that you're getting a steady stream of impressions. At that point you'll can tap into your subconscious and gather sensory information from memory impressions without going into full sleep paralysis. Trance recycling is where you enter into an O. E and then immediately flip it into another type of O.

For instance, you'll learn how to turn lucid dreams into O. Es and O. You'll also learn how to do mental projections, phasing and teleporting O. By learning to flip in between these states you'll be able to multiply your progress and quickly rack up your first OBEs. Use These 3 Exit Tricks Sometimes you'll be able to separate part of your body, for instance your limbs, but then your head gets stuck.

In Lucidology we covered "Limb creation" which fixes that to a degree. In Lucidology we cover three much more powerful techniques: Mental projections Phasing Teleporting OBEs Using these exit methods you can complete the separation at much lighter levels of trance than limb creation. Inductionless O.

Inductionless OBEs are my favorite style of accessing the subconscious because they allow you to have OBEs without messing up your sleep cycle. One of the problems with wake back to bed and the timer method is that it can leave you tired the rest of the day. Once you learn to do inductionless OBEs you'll be able to easily average an OBE or more each morning without having any effect on your sleep cycle.

Do you visualize yourself in the 3rd person, watching yourself floating around the room Where you visualize in your mind has a big impact on what type of OBE you get or even if it works at all. So what do you do? In the mental geography map we'll and precisely define each of the 6 types of mental spaces to choose from. You'll find out how you can use each one for maximum effect to be sure you're visualizing in the most effective spot in your mind each time you do an OBE.

We'll also cover the 4 step system you can use to tell where the real imagery comes from. It doesn't come where most people look and by using the 4 step system you'll avoid biggest critical mistake that holds people back when they do visualization powered OBEs.

Most people who've taken Lucidology have reported that "Photographic Trance" is their favorite part of the course. Photographic trance is the gateway loophole to "rapid-fire" O. Knowing this keeps you from making the main big time wasting mistake almost everyone makes when using visualizations to induce O.

And we'll cover how to quickly sense when you have a stream of nonphysical information flowing to you by recognizing the 5 types of trance you pass through on the way to an O. Part 5: The O. Then we'll cover the 4 critical ingredients every visualization must have to be effective. Most of the visualizations you find in books only work for certain parts of an OBE induction so by answering these 4 key questions you'll be sure you have a complete system and you're not wasting your time.

I'll also show you a unique way to recycle trance in mental projections using a special type of memory impression that acts as a portal into your subconscious using a technique called rezooming. By using "teleporting" O. Teleporting OBEs are also an excellent gateway toward learning to speed up your induction by eliminating redundant steps. This is the day plan that shows you exactly how to go from jetlagged insomnia to your 1st OBEs.

The first part is the two week sleep training phase. You'll sync up your sleep cycle with the sun and I'll show you how to cure any amount of jetlag in a single day. You'll also do test OBE practice routines to find out your personal sleep type and adjust your O.

E inductions to fit your specific style. Part 9: O. Workout phase" where you'll complete 11 O. Part Rapid Fire O. Training" phase. In it you'll find out how to have a dozen or more O. This will give you more than enough practice to start averaging an OBE or more each morning without interrupting your sleep cycle.

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Hi there, this is Nicholas Newport. I used have terrible insomnia and dreaded going to bed at night and having to lay there for hours Nothing I read in books worked so I began creating my own set of tricks. Over the years I've developed a system not only for falling asleep quickly but also having extraordinary out of body experiences and lucid dreams. Here is the exact system I use to have or more OBEs every days.


Part 2: "The Mental Geography Map"

Lucidology Part 1: Introduction. By Nicholas Newport. Copyright All Rights Reserved.

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