As one of the most expert minds when it comes to developing speed and power, Loren Seagrave is a man with an enviable wealth of knowledge. RunBlogRun's regular contributor Cathal Dennehy caught up with Seagrave recently and, in part one of the twopart interview, he tried to extract some knowledge from the speed guru. Cathal Dennehy: What do you see as the key fundamentals of good sprinting? Loren Seagrave: It all goes back to the biomechanics of the action, and the best biomechanics have evolved over time.

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BIO: Seagrave is known worldwide as an expert in speed and is considered one of the leading exponents of applied sports science to today's high performance athlete. Establishing a reputation in Track and Field as one of the best sprint and hurdle coaches in the world, Seagrave has worked with numerous Olympic and World Championship medalists, National and World record holders and collegiate All-Americans.

Seagrave has coached Olympians who participated in the last five Olympics. In Seagrave co-coached six Olympians from five different countries including the Silver Medallist in the meters, Pauline Davis.

Seagrave is charged with developing the high level programs designed to enhance sports performance to athletes in six different sports.

In support of the program, he continues to occasionally lecture at Level One Schools. He has conducted clinics in over 30 countries. He has done extensive work internationally as high performance consultant to Athletics Australia in the preparation of their Olympic and World Junior Team and the Swiss and German National Athletics Federations in the past decade. He was the National Head Sprints and Hurdles Coach for Thailand where his athletes eclipsed numerous national records.

The highly acclaimed video series is used by coaches and athletes in over countries. Seagrave founded Velocity Sports Performance, a nationwide speed and athletic performance enhancement company taking speed and performance training, usually reserved for elite athletes, to youth athletes around the country. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Velocity Sports Performance is a fast-paced, exciting new sports business.

The company offers worldwide franchise opportunities and provides world-class franchise training and ongoing support. Visit www. Log In Sign Up.


Loren Seagrave, Director of Speed & Movement/IMG Academy, the RBR Interview by Cathal Dennehy

One of them, though, was coming together too late. As some tell it now, in their legal complaints and depositions, even as Seagrave was attending the ceremony last April 12, there were individuals in the LSU athletic department who were on the phone to Baton Rouge city officials, frantically trying to stop the presentation. The ceremony was not stopped. Seagrave and his team were made honorary mayor-presidents by the Metro Council and some individuals across town at LSU were made to seethe. The other event had unfolded, quite literally, earlier in the day, as sleepy residents of this capital city opened their editions of the Morning Advocate to see a sensational story at the top of the sports section. It told of how Seagrave, who is married, received a call from one of his female athletes late one night in July of


Loren Seagrave


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