The maovre of compensation in apnea are varied and can be divided into 3 categories : Valsalva, Mac Donald odaglia or Frenzel and other complicated and lesser, the operating principle remains almost the usual, rebalance the pressure inside and outside of the eardrum. The compensation must be done much before experiencing pain in your eardrum, typically compensates for when you feel the slightest sign of disturbance. In addition to not stress the eardrum, compensating you rebalanced your eardrum more easily because the pressure difference between inside and outside is less. This is the most common technique used by most of free divers and spearfishermen, It is also the simplest maneuver between the possible. Is achieved by closing the nostrils, and keeping your mouth shut , moves the language as during swallowing of saliva.

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This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Availability date:. Enter in www. The Agreement Forms are valid until the end of the current year. You do not need to print it. When the Agreement Forms are expired, it is enought to accept the contractual conditions and save. To be valid, each person should use their own e-mail address.

Minors can fill in the agreement form in paper format if they have not e-mail adresses. Freediving and scuba diving is allowed only with the buddy system. If the maximum depth of the license is not indicated, the minimum indicated depth have to be taken as a reference.

Failure by the instructor to comply with the above is a serious violation of this regulation. Any violation of such limits will involve the immediate exit from the pool and the end of the diving session. Moreover, it is mandatory to have at least one hour of surface break before starting the second session.

They will be allowed to the activities again only upon specific medical certificate. The participation certificate is issued at the discretion of the instructor once the goals of the lesson are achieved. Moreover, the instructor reserves the possibility to judge the requirements during the initial theoretical phase to allow the continuation of the lesson.

It is recommendable to follow the directions of the diving computer. Scuba Summer Camp a Y Y is partner of Quasi Night Run Homar Leuci Modulo A. Alte prestazioni con monopinna con Mike Maric e Valter Mazzei. Freediving and sensitive dance Workshop. Alexey Molchanov Workshop - Russian. Mermaid Show with Ilaria Molinari. Swim like a little mermaid or a dolphin. Become a Mermaid! Cleaning Station e nursery degli squali martello S.

Professional Safety Freediver Workshop. Music videoclip Zazie. Respira con Mike. Marina Kazankova Workshop. Federico Mana Workshop - Train the depth in comfort.

Breathing and Relaxing in Freediving. Freediving Dance Show with Marina Kazankova. Future and Past Events. Gong Bath. Bluprofondo Workshop for all Freedivers. Freedive tickets Scuba Tickets Courses Workshop. Registration and benefits Apnea Academy. Sign out. Italiano English. Gift Card. Inserisci i codici coupon in tuo possesso. Teoria e respirazione 5 lezioni 15h. Programma della serata It is not advisable to perform the activity when suffering from cold or airways inflammations, after surgery or when pregnant.

Once the purchase is completed, the service cannot be refunded. In case of delay or cancellation, please note that the amounts paid are not refundable. According to art. According to clause b this case regards the free time supply services; the supplier commits to provide the services in a specific period of time or on a specific date. The ticket will not be refunded in case the customer renounces to it. It is not possible to exchange the ticket with money nor to use it to buy products, merchandising or didactic material.

Ticket Entry ticket, Event, Workshop : the validity is limited to the days and sessions reserved. Carnet Coupon code, Gift card : the carnet is valid for days since its issue. Once the coupon code has been used, the validity will be limited to the days and sessions reserved.

Memebership: the validity is limited to the days and sessions indicated. Its duration is calculated since its issue. Prices are per person. The ticket is not nominal; it can be sold to third parties who can use the service at the same conditions. COURSE The registration and participation to the course does not automatically imply the issue of the diving certification. The certification is issued at the sole discretion of the instructor, once the goals of the course have been successfully achieved.

The instructor reserves the possibility to judge the requirements provided for by the didactics during the initial phase of the course to allow its continuation. In case of absence, it will be possible to recover a maximum amount of two lessons, both theoretical and practical. In the case of a long absence, the Management is available to consider the best possibility for the continuation of the course.

If the course includes divings in open waters at the sea or lake , the travel expenses, the costs of the tickets for the diving site, of the services of the diving centres, possible room and board for the student and the instructor, are to be paid by the student.

It is possible to register to a course by email: info y If no other indications are given, it is necessary to bring a competitive medical certificate with ECG; as an alternative, a certificate allowing underwater activities issued by a doctor specialised in hyperbaric and underwater medicine will be accepted.

Due giorni di workshop per Workshop di un giorno con il Un sogno da Due giorni di workshop con Sul palco Maiorca, tre Workshop con il campione di apnea, Instructor Area. My Account. Dive Alliance. Hotel partner. Equipment partners. Entertainment Partners.

Architectural Partners.


La compensazione in apnea

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Addictions-Magenes Editoriale, Condition: NEW.


Federico Mana Workshop - 5 nights about equalization



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