Kalpasar is a water resources project involving creation of fresh water reservoir in the Gulf of Khambhat for meeting demand of irrigation, domestic and industrial water supply. The development of Kalpasar reservoir will lead to the development of other associated projects i. Dharma Residency Pvt. Toggle navigation. Project details: The development of Kalpasar reservoir will lead to the development of other associated projects i.

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Email Address. Sign In. Proposed offshore wind farm planning at Kalpasar project, Gujarat, India Asia Abstract: The proposed Kalpasar project, known as the Gulf of Khambhat development Project, entails the construction of km long dam connecting Ghogha in Bhavnagar district and Hansot in Bharuch district, Gujarat, India, Asia. The estimated cost of the project Billion US Dollar.

This multipurpose project will create a large; fresh water lake by harnessing the excess waters of the Meshavo , Bhogavo , Ghelo , Kalubhar, Mahi, Sabarmati and Dhadhar rivers, generate electricity, connect South Gujarat with Saurashtra by road and rail, reclaim wasteland for human settlement.

The Kalpasar reservoir will be sq km in area, the multipurpose project will require to under go number of construction activities simultaneously under control and better management without causing any technical and environmental problems.

The wind farm planning will be additive benefit for the proposed Kalpasar Project. The present paper briefly describes prefesibility for wind farm planning, offshore at proposed kalpasar project, Gujarat, India Asia. Article :. DOI: Need Help?


Kalpasar Project

Spending began in earnest in , [7] and by INR crore has been spent on various feasibility studies and surveys. More than 30, MCM of water from Narmada river alone flows out annually into the sea due to the lack of storage capacity and dams, thus experts have been calling for a review of Gujarat's Water Policy to expedite the Kalpasar project. Eric Wilson in the year Successive governments were then presented in details the possibility of a project, aptly named Kalpasar Project by its visionary Dr. Anil Kane, who conceptualised it in 80s as a feasible project. In —89 a reconnaissance report was prepared for the dam across the Gulf of Khambhat.


Dharma Residency Pvt. Ltd.

Jump to navigation. Gujarat government admitted in State Assembly today that despite spending Rs In , Narendra Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, had inaugurated work on Kalpasar Dam project. The project was arguably as ambitious as the Narmada Dam project if not more.


Gujarat water woes: Kalpsar project DPR likely by year end

This story is from February 11, The state is likely to face a water crisis this summer apparently due to its over dependence on the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river. Kalpsar, a project that envisages to harness water of seven rivers flowing in the sea by building a dam in the Gulf of Khambhat, is being seen as a viable alternative to the Sardar Sarovar Dam, to cater to the state's water requirement. Before starting the project, various studies are required to be completed," said Gujarat chief minister's adviser on water management, BN Navalawala.


Gujarat government unclear on Kalpasar Dam project after spending crores

Kalpasar can't be implemented, is a non-starter: Gujarat BJP's "tallest" intellectual on ambitious Rs 55, cr project. Jay Narayan Vyas By Our Representative A senior Gujarat BJP leader, considered perhaps the only intellectual the state's saffron party can boast of -- one who has spoken out "competently" on developmental issues for its leaders, including Narendra Modi, on critical issues during debates at top English TV news channels -- is all set to stir up a hornet's nest. This leader has declared that the Kalpasar project , conceptualized in early s by "creating" a huge sweet water lake by damming the Gulf of Khambhat, is "not feasible. Passionately taking part in a discussion on Facebook , Vyas, a former technocrat, says, evidence emerged with regard to lack of water from Narmada river, the main source for Kalpasar.

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