JCL is mainly handling all the mainframe related job, is able to define one job, control the same for ensuring proper logical execution of define programs and helping to get desired output as schedule by that specific job. JCL is normally designed in such a way so that it may contain multiple steps, and every step holding the business logic to be executed or some specific define task which needs to be complete. JCL normally links all the defined programs and input or output files in the backend job batch environment. It is true that every interview is different as per the different job profiles. Here, we have prepared the important JCL Interview Questions and Answers which will help you get success in your interview.

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These 41 solved JCL questions will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests conducted during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals. After reading these tricky JCL questions , you can easily attempt the objective type and multiple choice type questions on JCL. What is JCL? Identification Division: Act as introductory part to JCL program name, author,date etc no interacting code. Procedure Division: It contains various actions taken on files, for eg.

Give the syntax of job specifying JCL statement. JOB defines all statement relate to job name. A is taken as reference number for user information. Author Name specify name of writer. A is a referenced used for user information. PRTY is the priority level among different jobs leads to order of execution. What are hierarchy levels in JCL? What is Job Control Language? Once the resources are allocated for the job, the output data set is to be created or updated.

Differentiate between addressing mode and run mode. Catalog will not be kept when the step abends. What for they are used? What is the difference between the Positional and Keyword parameters?

Give examples. The beginning of the step. The successful execution of the step. Abnormal execution of the step. How to pass data to a program that is coded in an EXEC statement? What are the parameters that are used in creating a GDG? Name: This is the name of the GDG that is to be created. Limit n : The max. Empty: Deletes all older generations once reaches the generations limit.

NoEmpty: Removes the oldest generations once reaches the generations limit. Scratch: Removes the generations completely after deletion of the data set. NoScratch: Uncatalogs dataset, when the dataset is removed. Brief description of inline procedure of JCL. How GDG are concatenated? SOC4: An Exception Error that may occur because of missing Select statement, missing parameters on called sub program.

SOC5: This exception may occur when an unopened dataset is closed, bad subscript. SOC7: This exception may occur when a numeric operation is performed on non-numeric data, working storage is not initialized. Define following code in JCL: 1. Open this file and write the JCL statements into this file.

Close this file. How JCL work to handle various input output file operations? Suppose I have five jobs to do. But I want to hold one? How do I do that? Higher value has higher priority. Can I share my data with other jobs? Can I send output of job to my remote device careerride? Is their any limit for Data Sets? Maximum sequential data sets can be concatenated.

Maximum 16 partioned data sets can be concatenated. After that limit it may show it as more than one file or error. How would you understand Error execution phase? According to the mistakes there are mainly eight error codes predefined for the execution phase.

Is ACCT parameter mandatory? No,ACCT parameter is not mandatory it is optional depending upon requirement for the following purposes: - ACCT is used to provide accounting information for the jobs steps used in the program.

If it is used then the accounting information is given by the installer to the ACCT. Is automatic restart possible in JCL? If yes, how? Is condition checking possible in JCL? Yes, it is possible to check conditions in JCL. Conditions can be checked at both job level or step level.

Is their any set of rules for DD? Is it possible to define DD statements as you want? Is it possible to left uncode DISP? If left uncoded the status field sets to NEW default automatically. Are there any set of rules for the names of the steps used in a job? What are they? Step name must follow after the job statement has declared. A job may have many steps but all have different names. The step name must be followed by at least one blank space. First character must be alphabet or special symbol.

I have been working as a technical lead in mainframes. All the questions are helpful for the mainframe developers. Please support me for posting more videos. Thanks for the questions they were a great help :.

Thanks for the questions they were a great help and really good explaination given in them. It is good for jcl fresher to get more information.

Appritiate For The Efforts to write the questions and answers. Hi , Thanks for posting this ques and ans. It is very helpfull to JCL people. Superb JCL Interview questions. I have learnt a lot with these. How to alter the parameters for the existing GDG?

It lasts upto the execution of the job. The name provided by the installer in the installing steps. Return codes 0 for successful execution of job step. Thennarasu JCL interview questions I have been working as a technical lead in mainframes.

Chandru Thanks for the questions they were a great help : Thanks for the questions they were a great help and really good explaination given in them. Akanksha Gupta About the JCL It is good for jcl fresher to get more information.

Sushant I have learnt a lot with these Chandrakiran Tedla


JCL Interview Questions with Answers

DD statement is used in JCL is used to identify the source of input and the placement of output information. EXEC statement holds the job step program or procedure information. Both libraries specifies the private libraries that should be searched before the default system libraries does in order to locate a program to be executed. Procedure can be used to achieve parallel execution of a program using multiple input files. From the JCL, when the procedure is separated out and coded in a different data store, then it is referred as a Cataloged Procedure.


JCL Interview Questions

Here is a guidance offered to you through JCL interview questions and answers on the job portal wisdom jobs. These job interview questions and answers not only cover the questions related to the basic knowledge on the JCL subject but also go little deeper giving you the expert guidance on the same. Higher your answer rate, higher are the chances of the placement, the guide of questions here helps you build that expert knowledge. Question 1. State Whether True Or False? Question 2. Question 3.

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