It includes both headband and earhook attachments as well as a base station charger. The headset has a built-in rechargeable battery that can provide up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 12 hours of standby. Its microphone features noise-cancelling technology designed to provide accurate reproduction of your voice. If you own a Jabra voip headsets and have a user manual in electronic form, you can upload it to this website using the link on the right side of the screen. Up to 4 headsets can be joined to 1 base station simultaneously.

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Is there any potential risk of hearing damage when using the headset? For that reason all GN headsets have incorporated protection circuits. How long is the warranty? Quality issues that arise within this period will be solved at no charge to the customer, provided the product has been used for the purpose for which it was intended and has not been subjected to abuse.

The headset and the base unit should be cleaned in the same way as you would a handset, meaning that they can be cleaned with a cleaning tissue. Ear cushions can also be replaced. Apart from styles, what is the difference between GN boom arms? This means that some of the background noise around you will be transmitted to the person your are calling. This type of microphone is commonly used in offices and in environments where the level of noise is limited.

What if I still want to use my telephone handset? Whenever the headset is placed in the base unit your telephone handset can be used. When the headset is removed from the base the link to the headset will be established.

Can I change the headset? Just reset the system by removing the DC-plug for a moment. The system will then match the new headset to the base. Can I use the headset on either ear? Yes, it is easy to change the wearing style from right to left ear — please consult the user guide. Please consult your user guide for setup information.

Is it possible to change wearing styles? It is very easy to change wearing style on the headset. You can choose between over-the-ear earhook and over-the-head headband wearing styles. I am interested in the GN but have a WiFi network. Will it work? While both devices operate on the 2. One of the key reasons for the broad acceptance of the 2. In order to ensure optimal product performance we recommend not placing the GN immediately adjacent to an existing WiFi station and deploying multiple units incrementally.

By deploying incrementally, a site can identify when it begins to approach its maximum capacity. A user will start to experience interference clicks and pops , as an environment gets more crowded. However, wireless technologies are dependant on the environment in which they operate including structural issues walls, fire doors, lift shafts, etc , electronic equipment transformers, computer servers, poorly grounded fluorescent lights , and other wireless devices.

This should include all WiFi transmitters — including laptop cards and access points or wireless routers. Replacing the battery for the GN The battery provided with the product will provide you with years of use.

Remove the wearing style as explained in section 5 the quick guide. In the headset receiver, where the battery is located, press down the plastic tab securing the battery and pull the battery out. Insert a new battery into the battery compartment. Re-attach the wearing style as explained in section 5 in the quick guide.

GN Memory reset When the battery is removed or the power adapter is unplugged for at least a few seconds , all customized headset settings are returned to factory-set default settings. Registering a new master headset A new master headset may be registered to the product in case of loss or damage to the original headset. To register a new GN master headset, complete the following: 1. Charge your new headset for at least 3 hours 2. Unplug the power adapter for a couple of seconds. Place the new master headset into the base unit.

Plug the power adapter back to the power socket. All lights flash for app. After this only the battery indicator will be lit. The new headset is now ready for use. How do I use GN in the Conference mode? Keep in base until all base lights stop flashing and only the battery — and link indicator are lit. Remove the other headset from base.

A beep will be heard in the master headset, after which you have 15 sec. Your Rating User Rating : 5 6 votes. Featured Posts. Other Articles. Show 12 more.


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