These components consist of a standard product and two additional features. The following is a summary description of the base product and the additional features. Note: If you have not purchased the BRMS product, you can install and use the standard product and the additional features without a license for a 70 day trial period. BRMS Standard The standard product provides you with the capability to implement a fully automated backup, recovery, and media management strategy for your IBM i product. Overview of standard BRMS product functionality The standard BRMS product assists you in defining and processing your backup, recovery, and media management operations.

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System i5 backup: Brushing up on BRMS

BRMS base product provides all of the functions that most IBM i users need to implement a fully automated, single system, backup, recovery, and media management strategy. It also supports parallel save operations of a library or single object using up to 32 tape devices, which shortens the save window by using multiple devices. You can also recover your system fully during a disaster or failure, or restore single objects or libraries from your save media. BRMS can also perform some daily maintenance activities that are related to your backup routine. BRMS enables you to track all of your media from creation to expiration. You no longer have to keep track of which items are on which volumes, nor be concerned that you might accidentally write over active data. As your business needs change and grow, you can add functions to the BRMS base product by purchasing and installing additional options.


Legacy Communities

BRMS has been perceived by some to be complicated to use. I prefer to view it as a full-featured product with solutions for just about any backup scenario you can think of. Implementing BRMS doesn't have to be complicated, though. Over time you will become an expert. You don't need to learn it all at once.

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