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Please read this important info!!! You are not registered yet. Please click here to register! Hey folks! My experience has been beginning to end S5 systems and modifying existing S7 programs. I consider myself a novice. The system will be an add-on conveyor that must be pre-programmed and added to an existing S7 system. I have begun by opening a new project in S7. It is not shown in the listing under ET S. With this 'new' project, hardware is not shown in the manager and under 'options' on the NetPro window there is no HW update selection.

How do I get the CPU added to start? In need of help, Thanks JiNCs. Hi Jincs. This despite you can be set it up as MPI only. Start creating a new S station in the HW Config.

Browse down to ETS. Proceed with adding modules to the 'rack'. You will need a PM module in slot 4. Join Date: Aug One other thing to note: I don't think the IM CPUs' have DP masters built in to them, it won't be able to talk to other profibus nodes without being connected to a system with a master installed.

So if your new conveyor system contains other new profibus nodes, you will have to add a DP master card to the CPU to be able to commission it all standalone. Regards, Phill. I missed that he had looked in the correct place already. So, what version STEP7 is it then? Thanks JesperMP and Phill77!!! I was able to get the CPU added. I missed that it needed to be added under the Simatic station. After that it appeared under ETS. I think as I am using S7 v5. I will proceed from here.

Thanks for the tip on adding at slot4. Will proceed with adding the other modules after that as you suggest. Thanks for the tip on another DP master. In this system it will be slave. The add-on conveyor system has no other Profibus nodes. Right now I am having problems finding the correct power module but I think I will be able to search and destroy.

I thought I posted this response yesterday but I must have timed out on my logon. Thanks again for the help guys! Hey guys, One last question. By the By Phill77 you were correct about needing a DP master interface in my system.

Again you were correct, it cannot! Needing more answers! Thanks JiNCs. The reason you cannot compile is probably that there is no assigned master for the dp slave port. You must create a project with both the intended master, and the IM as slave. The IM must then be connected to the masters HW config. If you are in doubt how to accomplish this I can make a sample project for you. In that case I need all relevant information about the IM and its setup, and the intended master, and how much data must be exchanged between the two.

If you need a master interface added, I need to know that too. Thanks JeesperMP. I may very well need your assistance and thanks for offering, but I have found out that I must set up the to talk to the master. I think I understand it must be done in both the and the DP that is already the master. I think I understand that the adress assignment must not interfere with what the master has already.

I will not be adding a master to the but did find that I could add while setting this one up and I figured out how to do it. Again, not to seem ungrateful or proud, but I think I'm close to figuring out what needs to be done and would like to try. Thanks much, JiNCs. It is much better that you figure it out by yourself than someone showing it to you. So congrats that you have come so far.

JesperMP, I warned you that I may very well need your assistance with finishing the project. Well as things usually will go, I was pulled off the project to work on another more urgent matter and have gotten out of sorts with a deadline this coming Monday. I did manage to complete the program of the conveyor on the but my concern is adding this CPU to the customers I am attaching the archived version of the CPU project.

Seems the project was too large to attach. The hardware configuration for the will be included and you should have all you need to assist. I feel you need to be on the payroll!! Let me also offer my understanding should you decline your assistance. Thanks again, JiNCs. Attached Files MergeConveyor. Norris Now thats funny!!! Does Roger know how you get your work done.

Join Date: Oct Rajeev i am also going through same problem I have to configure IM as a Slave does anyone know how to do it.. If you snd me your persoanl email I will send you a project that has already been done. Unfortunately you need to be a good bit proficient with using the Step7 software to follow. I think.

I got help with individual things I didn't know how to do from Siemens Tech Support directly. They are really good at helping with the mechanics of 'how to,' if you don't get too frustrated with them. Hope I can be of help. Good luck! All times are GMT The time now is AM. Please DON'T use it for advertising, etc.

Click here now to try it. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. March 18th, , PM. Posts: 14, Find More Posts by Phill March 19th, , AM. March 21st, , PM. March 22nd, , PM. March 27th, , AM. Hi jincs.

I have sent you an email. March 27th, , PM. October 12th, , AM. Find More Posts by Rajeev Mahajan.



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IM 151-7 CPU

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