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Nye utgivelser. Vil du oversette beskrivelsen til norsk Norge med Google Oversetter? Oversett beskrivelsen tilbake til engelsk USA Oversett. Ever wanted to create a private lottery pool with your coworkers or friends and family, but found coordinating and communicating with the participants a real hassle? If there's a winning ticket, how much should every participant receive? Or how do the participants even know if there's a winning ticket if the organizer of the pool doesn't inform them?

What if you don't trust the open public pools out there and want to create your own pool? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Lottery Pools app for Android is your solution! Here, one person buys the tickets pool leader and inputs them into the app and adds all the other participants to the pool. No one can remove a pool or a ticket from the pool once they are created, and every one in the pool can see them and know which tickets have won. With read-only access.

This way, every participant can know exactly if they've won anything and how much every one should receive. Med skrivebeskyttet tilgang. Anmeldelser Retningslinjer for anmeldelser. Laster inn …. Minor bug fixes and user interface improvements. In the previous versions: Public pools work-flow improvements. Improvements in the winnings proration logic. Now the leader can send SMS notifications as well, remove mistaken participants and request money via Venmo.

All participants will be notified upon removal of a participant. Se detaljer. Les mer. Hoosier Lottery. Den offisielle Hoosier Lottery App! NY Lottery. New York Lottery. Tennessee Lottery Official App. Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.

Sjekk lodd, se tidligere vinnende nummer, finn forhandlere og mer! Lottery Ticket Checker Scanner. MedList Pro Medication Reminder. Offeria: Tilbudet utopia! Ridesharing Offeria. Ridesharing Offeria: lokale ritt, carpooling og haiker bud og tilbud. VR Pool. Virtual Reality VR 8-ball spill.





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