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The definition is simply overwhelming. The level of definition and cleanliness of the image while watching a movie in FullHD resolution is really impressive. Remember that the 4K standard defines a size that is twice as wide and twice as high as FullHD, resulting in twice the resolution and four times as many pixels. Well, here we would have to talk about the two standards that I could call 4K 3, in width and UHD 4, in width , and in this case I am referring to the first one.

And this is not the end of the story, because seeing each scene and the intensity and fidelity with which the colors are reproduced, it practically knocks you out. Yes, I know that with these words it will surely seem that I am exaggerating, but all those who have passed by and seen it live have said exactly the same thing: absolutely impressive. The finishing touch came when, after a few days, I finally got a chance to try it out with a real 4K film, to really test the W I have to start by saying that when it comes to 4K, I think the industry is overreacting and that the difference with a good FullHD is not really that big.

What I do want to comment on is that there are movies and movies in 4K. Some are real and some are…. The most common, unfortunately, are the fake 4K. These are releases that are shot with 4K cameras sometimes even 3K or less , but then edited in 2K.

Yeah, as it sounds. Basically you could almost say that they are FullHD movies that haven been interpolated up to 4K and sold like that.

Just as it sounds. To top it off, special effects are also rendered in 2K. Obviously, the final film does not have the level of definition that is expected of it, because it is basically an interpolated 2K film. Already last year, while testing the SW monitor, I noticed it. I happened to see it in images of the spaceship, which are part of the fx special effects and were rendered in 2K, but apparently the real images are really 4K. The fact is that for the 4K test with the BenQ I got Sicario, which according to the reviews and the realorfake4k.

Well, indeed, it is. It sure is…. There are some very static shots of the main character, still inside a car, to give an example, in which in the FullHD version you can see the pores of the skin clearly. This is already impressive because of the level of detail. Not only could I appreciate the pore, but I could appreciate the hair on the skin!

The menus are very well organized and distributed. With the amount of space available, I never understood why most engineers insist on designing it so small. Virtually all the functions you expect to find are there, and where you expect them to be.

Oh, and with the name you expect to see, not with those translations that seem to be made by Tarzan. In addition, the instruction manual PDF is very well explained. Here, for example, it makes it clear that the brightness is used to adjust the black level and the contrast, the white level.

Man, for once I find it well explained! In fact, I hardly spend any time reading the menu anymore because after reading so many times pages and pages of useless stuff, I choose not to read it, but I confess that I have read it. In the picture menu are the main controls to adjust it. The first thing to do is to choose a preset. In my trials he has proved to be very faithful, as you will see later.

Once the first parameters brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness… have been adjusted, you can move on to the Advanced tab, where you will find the gamma curve, the color temperature or rather, the white point calibration , the complete color management 6 primary settings and various functions to apply some improvements to the image. Inside Gamma we find settings from 1. In the manual itself he explains that it must be chosen according to the ambient light of the room: the less light, the higher the gamma.

The default value is 2. Sobre mi. It takes them about the same amount of time to edit in 2K as in 4K…. However, in order to appreciate such quality, several requirements must be met: The screen must be large enough. You must be very close to the screen.

The movie or the photograph has real 4K resolution, without tricks. The menus The menus are very well organized and distributed. To give you an idea of the size, you can see it here: In addition, the instruction manual PDF is very well explained.

When you open the menu you will find 6 tabs: In the picture menu are the main controls to adjust it. OK no, gracias.


Captura digital y revelado de RAW (Colección Bit & Píxel, 2)

Read in Spanish. The new model brings some important changes, such as a 4K panel and a new ultra-fine frame that reduces its size externally to almost a 24 inches monitor with standard frame. The SW has the following features see full specifications here :. As soon as you open it you will find the certificate of individual calibration, an outline of everything in the box and a reminder that includes the Palette Master Elements calibration software and a hood. The certificate, made specifically for each unit stating its serial number , shows how both the gamma curve and the Adobe RGB and sRGB presets were calibrated:. It also has the new USB-C, which allows it to be connected with a single cable to a laptop, since both the image and the data those that would go through the USB cable go through the same cable. The hood comes disassembled in multiple pieces and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, something unusual that BenQ has been showing off.


Hugo rodriguez captura digital y revelado raw. Baja ya Captura digital y revelado de raw en pdf. A ti te parece que mi libro es peor, y es una opinion respetable, por supuesto. Captura digital y revelado de raw hugo rodriguez pdf In the latter you can adjust the EQ manually in 5 bands captura digital y revelado de raw hugo rodriguez Also in the next menu we find Overscan settings. With the high volume it offers a more than good level of listening. Books by Hugo Rodriguez.



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