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Hemorragia Subconjuntival. No olho com retinoblastoma, a pupila, muitas vezes, tem o aspecto branco ou rosa.

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May 6 at AM. J Etiandro R Nhanga shared a photo. April Sintomas na hemorragia subconjuntival. Subconjunctival bleeding. The subconjunctival hemorrhage is the most frequent type of " ocular bleeding " where a " livelivable " blood stain on the white part of the eye, which can take on various sizes and formats.

The subconjunctive bleeding can be caused by cough, sneezing, physical effort, eye trauma, infection and inflammation, among other reasons, as we will see later in more detail. The eye spill occurs when one of the blood vessels of the conjunctiva breaks, causing what people usually call "blood in the eyes".

The conjunctiva is a thin layer that has the eyelids internally and the sclera the white part of the eyes where we can find the narrow conjunctivals where the blood flows. The sclera has numerous blood vessels on its surface, which are invisible to the naked eye, are numerous and very fragile. In this case, the blood on the eye globe occurs on the outside of the outside, therefore, the inside of the eye, and does not usually interfere with the vision.

In the subconjunctive bleeding, the blood spill usually occurs due to spontaneous rupture or, or, due to small trauma to the conjunctive vessels, by fragility or increased pressure within them.

The bloodstain in the eye, although it looks like it can be quite unpleasant, in many situations, does not usually cause changes in the vision and in a usual way, there is no eye pain. The only discomfort caused can be a burning or burning in the eyes.

Conjunctive bleeding are usually self-limited, harmless and evolve favourable with no risks and complications. Symptoms in subconjunctivals. Burn or burning in the eyes; Light sensitivity photophobia ; Blurred or blurry.

Eye pain; Ocular secretion among others, depending on the underlying problem. In most cases, of spontaneous subconjunctive bleeding in addition to the "blood in the eye" or redness, no additional signs or symptoms occur.

In case of other signs and symptoms associated with subconjunctive bleeding, such as eye pain, sudden changes in the vision, among other signs and symptoms to be valued, you should consult an eye physician urgently, or irreversible damage to vision and in last case, lead to the blindness of the affected eye.

Causes of subconjunctivals The subconjunctivals are usually associated with the following causes: Cough; Sneeze; Vomiting; Efforts, like weights lifting; intense physical activity; Eye injury; "Scratch the eye"; Ocular infection; Inflammation; Trauma; The use of certain medicines to make blood more "thin"; after ocular surgery; Etc.. If the bleeding in the eyes are recurring, it should be studied, by the doctor, the underlying cause, because it may be due to some of the eye diseases or, to some systemic diseases.

The hypertension, diabetes, some disorders in the blood coagulation, vitamin K deficiency vitamin K has an important function in blood clotting , are examples of diseases that increase the risk of spillage in the eyes. Treatment of subconjunctival bleeding In the subconjunctive bleeding, the treatment depends on the underlying cause, the extent and severity of the spill, whether the blood stain has interference with the vision, among other factors that should be assessed by the doctor.

Usually, in most cases of sub-conjunctivals, no treatment is necessary, since the blood in the eye disappears after some time, usually between one to two weeks. This type of bleeding even in the most extensive and cause more concern usually evolve without complications.

In some cases, steroid drops may be prescribed. Artificial tears can give more comfort, although these drops don't help "repair" the blood vessels. Good night Have a great read Translated. Eye disorders. Eye allergy It's an inflammation of the eyes caused by a response of the immune system to a particular substance that our body recognizes as dangerous, an allergen. Causes of eye allergy Exposure to allergens that produce allergic reactions, the most common, pollen, fungi, animal hair, mites, food, etc.

Treatment It goes to prevent crises, improving environmental conditions and avoiding allergen. To relieve the symptoms, a topical treatment eye drops and ophthalmic ointments, decongestants, and artificial tears or systemic therapy in more serious situations. The allergen screening may be required by skin or other tests in an alergology check.

Causes of amblyopia The anisometropy the refractive error is different in the two eyes , aniseiconia the image of an object observed by one eye is different from the other and the strabismus are responsible for much of the cases. Treatment It is paramount to follow-up of all children in the evaluation of the development of the binocular vision. The treatment goes through correction with glasses, penalties, orthoptics and strabismus surgery. Treat your eye health Good afternoon Have a great read Translated.

Refraction errors. The refraction happens when the beam of light from an external environment crosses the eyeball forming the view in the Retina. When light beams are diverted and do not arrive focused on the Retina with lack of sharpness of vision, it is called a refraction error.

Among the most common are:. Myopia - When the eyes can see objects that are close, but are unable to clearly see the objects that are far away. Hypermetropy - When the eye is smaller than normal, it creates a condition of difficulty for the crystalline to focus on the retina the objects close to the eye.

Astigmatism - When different corneal curvatures or by irregularities in the cornea, form the image in different planes which causes distortion. Presbyopia - also called "tired view", usually manifests itself after the age of 40, creating a difficulty to see from near and far.

The treatment of refractional errors is done by optical correction, especially with the use of corrective glasses and even contact lenses. Alguns exames. Josimar Etiandro shared a photo. Forgot account?


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