Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. What are the mixing instructions according to the use and care manual for Hitachi HB-B? By Kathleen. I just bought a used Hitachi HB B bread machine.

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It looks like it is in great shape. The only problem is that its manual is missing. The Hitachi site was not helpful — the only section on bread makers is in Japanese. A lot of people us included were getting an Error message blinking E until we figured this out. Add all dry ingredients except the DRY yeast. Do not mix. It is more convenient if you use the built-in delay timer. I wore the old ones out took one to work and made a loaf of bread every day for a year.

By 3 cup I mean three cups of wheat usually white flour, and maybe another cup of grains or non-white flour. It is currently a dead link. I would greatly appreciate your assistance with those recipes. Many thanks! Let me know. I just dug the same machine out of my parents garage a few weeks ago. Although, mine does not have the instructions on the inside….

I too had the same problem with getting the Error message. Does your machine have anything listed about that, or have you found any info regarding that in your search. The manual also gives the recommended amount of raisins. For a large loaf, use 3. Good luck! It worked pretty well with raisins. I pretty much accept that my Hitachi will tear them up. On the other hand, the bread I made recently, when the chopped dates I added disappeared completely, still tasted pretty good.

I just bought my Hitachi today at the Goodwill for.. Cool huh?! I brought it home and used the instructions on the sticker for a large loaf.

It was great except the crust was too crusty. Hubby hates crusty bread. Do you know how to adjust the crust setting? I, of course, have no instructions for this machine.

I have no idea what the settings are. I want to have the machine do the work of mixing and kneading, then I put it into pans for the baking. I just found an old one in a cupboard and luckily my parents had kept the instruction manual, although not the recipe book that is supposed to come with it.

It automatically sets to medium but I think maybe if you were to set it to light, the crust would be a bit softer. Next to the button should be a couple of lights labeled dark and light.

Good luck, I hope it works! Odograph, Thanks for the link to your recipes! I printed out a manual and looked there for answer, but no luck…. That happened to mine after sitting for a few years. I turned the pan upside down and dropped a FEW drops of high-grade oil on the shaft and let it sit upside down for a day.

Then I put the paddle in and started to turn it by hand until it loosened up. Works fine now. Hi, after many years of making bread in the oven and now the bread machine — To get a tender crust add a little more vegetable oil to the dough, it should help.

I use about 1 tablespoon -also If making whole wheat I use gulten to make the loaf less crumby and more doughy 2 Table spoons — I buy mine at the bulk food store — if you buy it already in a box or bag it is quite expensive.

Would like to know its capacity and if it will handle the ingredients for a 2 lb. We use it and sometimes substitute 1 or 2 cups of wheat flour for the white flour and it always comes out great! Pacific Coast Parts Attn. Click to access HB-BManual. This recipe came in the book with my Hitachi bread machine.

This bread has a really great flavor and is quick and easy to put together. My bread machine instructs to add the wet ingredients to the pan first. Hi Will. I can beat your deal. I have found a scanned version online if you would like it. I have no affiliation with the site, but I certainly appreciated them sharing.

I thought you might too. Wow Jerri! Great find. I especially like all of the cute anthropomorphized bread maker images in the manual. Pingback: BreadMachineDigest. Add the raisins, walnuts, vegatables, and other ingredients 4 minutes before the kneading process is finished, the machine beeps 3 times to tell you when to add these ingredients.

I have an Hitachi HB-B plus the instruction manual that came with it from a thrift shop. I have done everything the manual suggests to no avail! Does anyone know where I can call for repairs?? We got this machine for free today. Hubby and I drove passed the old church and stopped by for yard sale.

Luckily, they were packing and said we could take what in boxes for free, including this one. I just bought this model at a resale shop and it has an instruction manual. I will photo copy it for you. IAs I send this I am using it for the first time. You can divide both the numerator and the denominator by two.

So take a quarter cup measure and fill it one and a half times! So fill the quarter cup measure 2 and a quarter times. Ed PS will buy used one if you no longer use your machine? Here is a link for the complete manual for the Hitachi HB-B Do you know where I can get one? Thank you, thank you, for the free information. I am sure you have done a lot of people a great service in doing this. I also need the mixing blade for HB-B I was given this bread machine a few weeks ago without the manual.

Thanks to all of you for posting links and other tips, I have really enjoyed baking bread in my machine, and knowing how to use the machine correctly. I found that my machine beeps at , and actually finishes kneeding the dough at The first time I made raisin bread, I did not add the raisins until I did not hear it beep a few minutes earlier.

Since my machine was done kneeding, I just took the dough out and kneeded the raisins in by hand then put the dough back in the machine. To all HB-B fans: Thanks for the link to the manual and all the recipes. I got mine at the Salvation Army store — it was like new. Except the paddle was hard to turn. I removed the shaft clip, took it apart, and cleaned it up. Oiled with a little olive oil. Now it turns great, and the machine was working beautifully — until yesterday. I put all the ingredients in the pan, but when I pressed start — nothing.

Power was on, and the timer buttons worked, just no start. I removed the two screw covers at the top of the control board with a sharp point. I removed the screws and was able to get control board out. Looking in, I saw that the start button was not touching the circuit board; it had slipped out of its plastic clip on that side. When I set it right, and put it all back together, it started up perfectly. Just wanted to pass the couple of points on, because I was ready to trash it.

And keep that paddle moving freely. The drive belt is underneath, but parts look pretty hard to find.


Hitachi HB-B101 Instruction Manual



Just got a Hitachi HB-B101 Bread Maker



Hitachi HB B101 Manual


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