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cnc axes fraisage vertical

Kind code of ref document : A1. Effective date : Extension state : BA ME. Kind code of ref document : B1. Ref country code : GB.


EP0823301A1 - Fraise en bout - Google Patents

Milling operation parameters, such as cutting and geometrical parameters, are quite difficult to define because of the variation of chip load during the process. Modeling the cutting forces is an efficient help to evaluate the effects of each parameter with the support of a few number of machining tests, and in order to define the available parameters domain. Nevertheless, the modeling needs improvement to be more precise and consequently be able to compare the effect of changing parameters as tool geometry. Thread milling is a machining technique which can produce both internal and external threads with using a machine tool, a helicoidal interpolation and a tool having the thread profile.


minimax fs 52es

Used CNC Verticals. Milling machines you can rely on. Used CNC vertical machines such as machining centers are some of our most in-demand equipment. Our multi-axis CNC mills have horizontal and vertical machining capabilities as well as TCP, probing, tool detection, quick change fixturing, pallet changing, and collision avoidance systems. Get A Quote.



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