Good or evil, all of them coexist within these pages. Faiths and Pantheons , by Eric L. Boyd and Erik Mona, is a book of deities for the 3e Forgotten Realms. It was published in May Though it's pages long, that wasn't enough to hold all of the information found in the originals — particularly not with its use of a more readable font size! However, Faiths and Pantheons isn't just a distillation of previous Realmslore.

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Jeet Lira Lovitea. Ghaurada iaranstlee Selvetae, Viseraun Dwarven Penthion. Dupmaren Brightinanthe Damathoin Gorm Gulthya. Corellon Larethian.

Deep Sesbehs.. Adapting the Tempe Garting the Payers Involved. Winduaker oo Romper Turning Bschew Macias en Turing. Deis are not immortal, and many have did or ecu ecbora, Others have merely heer Forgaeten, left ea lumber on other planes, All dies i Torl are subject to Aa the Overgod. Ao cares not what the esis do, as long as thoy ophold their invita! Once 3 sity ic acexpte nto the panthcons af Tori, there is no difference the two group since each immigrant deity has a local ,imlupendeat of ether world based aspects be oF she might as.

However, the somber of seh Wor slhigers rarely expands beyond the cult stage before member of the pantheon chit claims primaey over that race, eultur, or rexion iminate the threat to their demesne.

Inn ee, asthe Followers of Heim hare Karnes oth ss ee nbn proting th "evrctci of ter ect Like tempt fo fein in degen ct cai ites can prove qt srs, 4 Gyan lve dare gielly teeorae Within a faith ema he were erarchy of primacy, a ws the cure ecay i th chaech of Ggha czas eo the church of Bane or there maybe no central uning athe, fnh he choteho! Thow entities connat grane wells but are immorta and wually havs'one oF more ability seorss thas are far thoce the norm for their species They may have some worshiers.

Opainary mortals do not have a divine rank of 0. They ack divine raph altogether, Rank 1-F; These enttcs calla demigols, are the weakest ofthe genuine dit. A demigo! For example, 2 detige of chives might be able to change ito item so that i sno longer recognizable. Lesser deities have anywhore from a few thowsnd to tens of thou: sands of worshipers and conrol larger golly realms chin demigeds They also uve Lavoe seis where their portfolios are concerned.

They are calle! A eis ase ld ape depends on it form pst or qundcuped and its sine Some detisare exceptions, with spe faster or slower than thesnorm. A-moetal makes a pact worshiping eiends vith a demon or dav, promising warship and secrificss in cschange for spells The agreement usually entails condemning. Any shapealtering clerics level a deity with no cleric levels hasan effective ceric level powers the dity might have work normally on itself. Nor can it see through solid the benefit of che tose damage reduction in a given siuation.

Ifthe same deity s attacked with any of is worshipers, oly sis, of other objects or locales sacred to respon of 14 or better, che deity wes damage reduction 4 -, cho deity. No deity cam have more evs, Deitics ya alt the class featurcs for than four attacks derived strictly from its base atvack bones, 0. The Hi Die end 42 cls eves hs sing on toes Fort ir eat te ei a at ary thse lve.

The blockage lasts 1 hour per divine rank. In adation, their senses exten! The number of suck Free actions a deity can per: Feem cach round sdetersined by the detys divine Fak. Greate Magic lems: A dcity of cank 1 or higher can cceate magic items telated to its gorefolio without aay regi item ere ation feat, provided that che deity posesies all other prerequsies Foe the ise. The masimnam item vale a dsty ean create is fone: tion a ts divine rank.

IF the deity chooses 2 ravs of fect, its sua power effectively becomes no fanetional Whea two or more dete? Affected beings jst sare atthe deity in Fascination. They can defend themselves sormally bat can take actions Fright Affect beings become saken and suffer a?

With the help of Myst, who Ind become his lover, Avath Finally asecnded to divine status Seoras now Freed Fron his imprisonment grodgingly servos Auth ses the generally ntrastvorthy Velshiroon. Maintain calm and use caution in your spclleating and imagie wer avoid making mistkes thet even magie rennot nde. Leacn every new spell you discover and make 3 copy for the cempe litrary, Do not hour your howledge; and escourage zeatiiey In magic in all ways ad at all cimes.

The Magsbond siplates that disputes between wizards shoul! Conflicts betwest wizards, seeating to the tenets of the Mage ond, should te conducted in. IF it aborin spell levels beyond its charge limit 90 , explnes asia retributive strike had been ade Gee below The stafF docs nat communicate how many spell levels fre being cast at the wiclec, asa ved of abiorptio does Absorbing, spells i iy, but i ste only way this staf can be rocharged.

All charges in thy staff are released in oot spread. Creatures within 10 feet a the boken staff sake hie peines of damage equal to 8 times the number oF charges in the staff, those Iwtween 21 feet aid 20 feet away take points equal to 6 tlmes the number of charges amd those 21 fect to 30 fet distant take 4 times the number of ebazgss Suc egal Ret saving throws DC 17 rods the darsage by bal. He is immortal Senses Azuth can se, hear, touch, and smell at 2 dance of ten tiles As. However, he Black and tes cristo itch demented los rik nrgues Rentals, te wll roe il Fein bar thte's no huey.

Though posed of en anfor. They bene om the genres or, i coe Sages, fees ofthe panna raw had sore with hi ou ptm of sre, deih, sl the dnd ach ine!

Those who cross Me the Black Hand meet cheir dooms caelier and more harsh ly chan thowe sho worship otber deities Gleryy and Temples Bane orders his clerks and followers to achieve petitions of postr within ther society, ether through force for trickery, and to ae thae power to furer the cause of hare fear, Akestaction, and strife The Black Hand much prefers that his clr. Seater Bane canst, ear, touch, and smell at a distance of sev.

Bane treats his tym ef morale officers, not soldiers, so his own worshipers wssal- Iy have moc to fear from thes than do his enemies.

Originally a Akity of wild places ad anitna ie, Chaunea has gro ith her works, chenging and adapting to its many developments The mil Tenia have taught hee paticace—to the point of bein times pon derous, Chauntea loves the inhabicas of her world, und she les othing more than instructing Torils denizens on how the land inxlf might enrich ele fives Hers was the hand thar guided the first mortal wanderers to give up the uncertainty of the gatberer for the stability of the Field.

Today, Chaunten 8 worshiped as the Great Mother of ageiesiture, the kind benefactor who easures ssrong tarvest, healthy meal, an fobust country living.

Wealtny landowners and simple faesers ale come to the loeal ceric of the Ezrthmother for alee om bringing in the harvent or an setting text season's erop. Fertility lays an important role in the CChauncean faith, and x helonstic celebration daring Greengrass cncourages execsive drinking, eating, dancing, and.

Though the people of the Moonshae Ines continue to worship ths aspect ofthe Great Moths the deity herself bas moved on, changing as the world haces. Tn the last several hundeed years Chauntea Is become enamored with the inhabitants of her werld particularly husvans to the point st which she nove Fores her attentions completely on helping them live off the land.

Destroction for its own sake and leveling without rebuilding age anathema. Clerics and deus of Chauntea ofton double ab farmers or git- ener and Pastorals Frequently bold positions af great respect in rural comumunitss. When the ong feels right they go out unclad under the mooalit sky and dance never to be een again.

Those who have observed such dances say tht the deity apponts and sings overhead, and the aged cleric Iieginn co dance more effortlessly, looking younger and younger Her hair begins o glow with the same radunce as the Dark Maidens, and then she becomes slowly translucent, fading away asthe dance jgoeson.

Th the end, only 2 silvery radiance is see, vith ewo vokes— the deity and her clerie—rised tagether in melancholy, tender song.

Tacay tems D indness Repay violence wth sift nk so thot those who cause it are quiekly dele with Ail drow i distress and give thom the Lay's messge SA rightful place sats you m the Realms Above, i the Land of the Great Light. Come in peace and live beneath ee sun again where eees und lowers gon? The Dark Mailens elergy seek eat pristine, ara site that oeed litle modification. Howeves, the simplest shrine of che Dark Maiden sequives naoght bat 2 mooali hie and song auibe imaginal Ue dave on int a dance Ceres of Tlistrace wear their har long and dress practically for whatever they ate currently dong.

For ital, they rear ah ithe a pile: Otherwing, they tend to wear doit legghers for hunting, aprons ile cooking, dnd—rarelyeratsor whey battle is expected When relasiog. Most elias prefer holy soba of Silver, ypeilp wero pins or hung around the neck on alcrer sero mia chs "the church of litrace fas litle inthe way of fora irerchy. One copy shen aay agains the prying spill level. He eam za is sense ro upto twenty loctions at onc. Tanned and weathered From trae, thse squared tatars vander the Material Plane quietly, often venturing 0 the Sty of cent bateles fo eoware that the sitite of the dead pase an asthey should to she afterlifa.

He can extend hissenss to up to ewenty leations at anc. Commoners appreciate such treatment, making the Mornisglord popula among all oil classes. Clerics of Lazhander pray at dawn. Most holy services tke place Jost asthe light of che san breaks the horizon, with secondary gach rings aceucring at hgfisun aud suast. Ceremonies ae joyful but Aig end feature singing offering, and rcoal drinking of fel tater touche!

Dogma: Serie slays to ait Faster new hope, new ies ad sew penpcrit for all anid and tallies Ie eed a 10 fester new growth matte groving thing and work for seis ain! Perfect youre ante fertile in mind end by Wherever yo go plant sea hos ew ides and plans fora rosy Future inthe minds of ll Watch esch ontine Consider the conse quences of your ations vo thie your lan effort may brig the greatest and ese reward.


Faiths and Pantheons (Forgotten Realms) (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)

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AD&D 3rd Edition - Forgotten Realms - Sourcebook - Faiths and Pantheons

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Faiths and Pantheons

It details the mechanics of the system established at the end of the Time of Troubles , in which a divine figure's relative power would be determined by the number of their worshipers. It even features the names of various monster deities and others unmentioned in the core book, with descriptions of some, as well as 20 prestige classes for player characters and non-player characters alike. This book was written by Eric L. Boyd and Erik Mona and published in May


Faiths and Pantheons (Forgotten Realms)


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