Fisher revised scale for assessment of prognosis in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Sequential neurological examinations and Hunt and Hess HaH score were performed on the 1 st , 7 th and 14 th days. Transcranial Doppler was used to assess vasospasms. Key words: subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracranial vasospasm, prognosis. Subarachnoid hemorrhage SAH due to ruptured aneurysm is a vascular disease that has been the target of several investigations and discussions because of its high mortality and significant morbidity According to the majority of studies, the maximum frequency of VSP can be seen between 6 and 8 days after the event.

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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. To determine if high grades of Fisher scale are useful to predict the development of hydrocephalus in consecutive Colombian patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage SAH assessed from January to April with 12 month follow-up. The association between Fisher scale and hydrocephalus was analyzed bivariate and multivariate analysis. In addition, a systematic literature review SLR was done.

Our results confirm current concepts on post-SAH hydrocephalus and the fact that is obstructive and secondary to Fisher 4 and having neurological impairment on admission Hunt and Hess III. Shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: incidence, predictors, and revision rates. Clinical article. Journal of neurosurgery [Internet]. Current and future treatment considerations in the management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Factors associated with hydrocephalus after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Does lamina terminalis fenestration reduce the incidence of chronic hydrocephalus after subarachnoid hemorrhage? Block of arachnoid villus by subarachnoid hemorrhage. Relation of cerebral vasospasm to subarachnoid hemorrhage visualized by computerized tomographic scanning dc. Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

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Relationship between shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after subarachnoid haemorrhage and duration of cerebrospinal fluid drainage. British journal of neurosurgery [Internet]. Predictive factors for deterioration from hydrocephalus after subarachnoid hemorrhage. Neurology [Internet]. Chronic shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after early surgical and early endovascular treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms. Haemorrhage, factors influencig shunt dependency after aneurysmal subarachnoid.

The relationship of subarachnoid hemorrhage and the need for postoperative shunting. Shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after subarachnoid haemorrhage and aneurysm surgery: timing of surgery is not a risk factor. Acta neurochirurgica [Internet]. Predictors of in-hospital shunt-dependent hydrocephalus following rupture of cerebral aneurysms. Risk of Shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after occlusion of ruptured intracranial aneurysms by surgical clipping or endovascular coiling: A single institution series and meta-analysis.

Acute hydrocephalus after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society [Internet]. The effects of fenestration of the interpeduncular cistern membrane arousted to the opening of lamina terminalis in patients with ruptured ACoA aneurysms: a prospective, comparative study. Microsurgical anatomy of the basal cisterns and vessels of the brain, diagnostic studies, general operative techniques and pathological considerations of the intracranial aneurysms.

Ventriculostomy for the treatment of acute hydrocephalus following subarachnoid hemorrhage [Internet]. Journal of neurosurgery. Lumbar drainage after subarachnoid hemorrhage: does it reduce vasospasm and delayed hydrocephalus?

Neurocritical care [Internet]. Stroke; a journal of cerebral circulation [Internet]. Nombre : SalgadoCardozo-Juan Buscar en EdocUR. Acceder Registro. Trillos, Carlos Enrique. Salgado Cardozo, Juan. Grados altos en la Escala de Fisher predicen el desarrollo de hidrocefalia en pacientes con hemorragia subaracnoidea espontanea.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage, Fisher Scale, CT Scan, Hunt-Hess, acute, subacute and chronic hydrocephalus, lumbar puncture, ventriculostomy, ventriculoperitoneal shunt, lamina terminalis fenestration, systematic review of literature.

Manno EM. Jartti P, Karttunen a. Galera R, Greitz T. Ellington E, Margolis G. Relation of cerebral vasospasm to subarachnoid hemorrhage visualized by computerized tomographic scanning. BMC Surgery; Jan. Vapalahti M. Lai L, Morgan MK. Akyuz M, Tuncer R. Yagargil, M. Macdonald RL.


Escala de Fisher e déficits cognitivos — revisão da literatura

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. The association between Fisher scale and development of hydrocephalus in patients with spontaneous SAH was analyzed through bivariate and multivariate analysis. The average age of patients was


Escala de Hunt y Hess

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