Introduction: Smoking prevalence in Portugal is estimated to be Smoking is prevalent in anxiety disorders. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale allows an estimate of anxiety and depression. Material and methods: We designed an observational, descriptive, cross-sectional, analytical study. Anonymous survey.

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Brazilian validation of the Questionnaire of Smoking Urges. The design was experimental, and participants were randomly distributed in groups of zero, 30, and 60 minutes of tobacco abstinence. Total variation in the two-factor factorial analysis was Factor 1 represented the anticipated relief of negative affect, nicotine abstinence symptoms, and urgent and overwhelming desire to smoke.

Factor 2 represented the desire to smoke and the anticipation of smoking pleasure. Such results are contrary to those found in the original QSU.

The Brazilian version proved to be an adequate and reliable instrument that can be used in both research and patient treatment. Tobacco; Questionnaires; Validation Studies. Beck et al. Neste caso, o objetivo do impulso seria o de reduzir o craving e buscar um estado de relaxamento. O QSU foi desenvolvido com o objetivo de avaliar o craving em dependentes do tabaco. O a -Cronbach dos Fatores 1 e 2 foram respectivamente 0,95 e 0, Willer et al. Davies et al. O objetivo foi verificar se o instrumento estava adequado tanto gramatical quanto funcionalmente.

Coleta de dados. A escolha destes tempos se fundamentou no trabalho de Guillin et al. Foram calculadas as medidas do a-Cronbach da escala total, dos dois Fatores e das categorias: o a total foi, neste estudo, de 0,97 32 itens , o do Fator 1, 0,96 17 itens e do Fator 2, 0,92 13 itens.

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Addiction ; 95 Suppl 2:S Measuring drug urges by questionnaire: do not balance scales. Addict Behav ; Subjective and behavioural evaluation of cigarette cravings.

Psychopharmacology Berl ; Validation of the French translation and factorial structure of tiffany and drobes smoking urge questionnaire. Encephale ; Smoking-related cues elicit craving in tobacco "chippers": a replication and validation of the two-factor structure of the questionnaire of smoking urges. Die erfassung des cravings bei rauchern mit einer deutschen version des "questionnaire on smoking urges" QSU-G.

Z Klin Psychol Psychother ; Smokers deprived of cigarettes for 72 h: effect of nicotine patches on craving and withdrawal. Cross-cultural investigation of the questionnaire of smoking urges in american and spanish smokers. Assessment ; Achutti A. Reliability and validity of the Tobacco Craving Questionnaire and validation of craving-induction procedure using multiple measures of craving and mood.

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Nicotine Tob Res ; Cavallo DA, Pinto A. Effects of mood induction on eating behavior and cigarette craving in dietary restrainers. Eat Behav ; Temporal analysis of the relationship of smoking behavior and urges to mood states in men versus women.

Emergence of depression during early abstinence in depressed and non-depressed women smokers. J Addict Dis ; The smoking cessation efficacy of varying doses of nicotine patch delivery systems 4 to 5 years post-quit day. Prev Med ; Smoking cessation by socioeconomic status and marital status: the contribution of smoking behavior and family background. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal.

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[Relationship Between Smoking and Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care]

I Psychologist in the Department of Neurosciences and Behavior. Correspondence to. The objective of the present report was to review articles related to the psychometric properties of the FTND. Analysis of the studies confirmed the reliability of the FTND for the assessment of nicotine dependence in different settings and populations. Keywords: Tobacco use disorder; Psychometrics; Tobacco; Reproducibility of results. Nicotine dependence syndrome is recognized as one of the major public health problems in the world. It is estimated that, during the 20th century, approximately million people died of diseases related to the smoking habit.


Back to Summary. Smoking in elderly patients admitted to long-term care facilities. J Bras Pneumol. Introduction Although the benefits of smoking cessation are more evident among young individuals, smoking cessation at any age reduces the risk of death 1 and improves the general health status. However, studies investigating smoking in this population are scarce. The MMSE is used worldwide and has versions in various languages and for use in various countries, including a Portuguese-language version that has been validated for use in Brazil. Of those individuals, were smokers.

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