How energy efficiency is improved Integrated automatic switch-off for heating to save energy and convenient time-switch programming of system to suit individual requirements. Areas of application Weather-compensated flow temperature control in all types of building. Properties Communicative heating controller High level of operating convenience thanks to modern operating concept twist and press and large LCD display Intuitive user interface Convenient weekly and annual switching program Automatic changeover between summertime and wintertime Room temperature input by means of room temperaturesensor or room user panel Automatic changeover to summer or heating mode Manual mode Alarming by SMS message. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Sauter AG Stand: Fr. Sauter AG.

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EQJW Heating controller - sauter-controls. EQJW : Heating controller. Table of contents Symbols used in this manual List of figures List of tables Factory settings of the EQJW e. EQJW is a quality product from one of the leading manufacturers of.

The equitherm EQJW is a com pact weather- com pensating heating. In automatic. The equitherm EQJW contains various. Analogue or digital room remote-control units can be connected to the EQJW. The controller is not a safety-relevant. The anti-frost and anti-overheating functions and the limitation of.

When you operate the equitherm EQJW for the first time, you have to. The controller is then basically ready to use. You can easily read faults directly on the controller in the. The EQJW then performs the relevant. Moreover, the EDB room operating. The operating mode on the EQJW can also be changed. In the event of contradictory com mands,. This adjusts the flow temperature and, therefore, the. This SERVice parameter is used to set. EQJW heating controller will no longer switch to reduced operating mode.

The anti-frost function be com es active if the outdoor temperature falls below. Thanks to the calendar time-switch integrated into the equitherm EQJW ,. The EQJW should be adapted to the installation before the floor-drying. When the floor-drying function has been successfully com pleted, the figure 9.

Floor-drying can be aborted by setting. This is used for the unique identification of the controller on the device bus. When selecting the. The phone number can com prise a. If CP 09 is set to 1, this controller sends time information on the device bus. Within a controller grouping, this function.

If CP 10 is set to 1, this controller sends the current outdoor temperature on. If CP 12 is set to 1, this controller sends its current flow temperature TF.

If CP 13 is set to 1, the controller receives flow temperature requirement. If CP 14 is set to 1, the controller sends its current error status on the device.

If the type of com munication is set, via parameter CP02, so that a modem is. In these positions, the controller operates in automatic.

This is mainly needed for com missioning or in case of faults on the plant. A switching com mand may be valid every day or on a. If a switching com mand is. The EQJW has a com munication interface which can be used for the. This allows weather- com pensating control. One or more controller s can be connected downstream in a controller.

If CP13 is set to '1' on the controller for the primary circuit,. The controller will then control the highest flow. If several controller s are interconnected, their times should be synchronised.

For this purpose, CP09 is set to '1' on one of the controller s. Then, this. If desired, the controller will monitor the activity of the Modbus interface. If no more enquiries are directed to the controller. Changes to the controller. The holding registers as from contain the switching com mands for the. Every possible switching com mand has its own holding register bit value ,. To change the factory setting for the first switching com mand every day, as.

If a function is specified to the EQJW via modbus by the control station. The two functions can be com bined; in this case, an error is signalled via. The line between the controller and the modem must not be longer than 1. This makes it possible to com municate with the. It is not possible to com municate with non-configured controller s if there are. In such. In the first three minutes after you switch the controller on, evaluation and. It is possible to reset the EQJW to the ex-works setting.

To do this, go to. If the room sensor fails, the controller operates according to the settings for. The EQJW controller is used for weather- com pensating flow temperature. The controller changes the operating status in accordance with the. A com munication interface allows connections with other devices and with a. Before the plant is com missioned, the slope of the characteristic and the flow. Heating is by far the largest consumer of energy in the household. The temperature sensors required depending on the use of the EQJW The frost protection function intervenes if the controller is in Off mode, and if.

The following possibilities. The outdoor temperature is registered by an EQJW and is made. The parameterisation for this purpose is performed in the com munication.

In addition, the controller has a screed curing facility. This involves gradually. Anti-jamming for pump Automatic switch-off Baud rate Calendar programme Calendar switching programme Collective bit Communication mode Control station Description of controls Design temperature Device status Dialling attempt Error message Ex-works setting Floor heating Floor-drying function Flow temperature Flow temperature sensor Frost protection Heat requirement


44.420/1 Sauter Components EQJW 125: Heating controller with

EQJW Heating controller - sauter-controls. EQJW : Heating controller. Table of contents Symbols used in this manual List of figures List of tables Factory settings of the EQJW e.


sauter Equitherm EQJW 125 User Manual

Manual zz. Room-temperature connection in conjunction with a room-temperature sensor or remote control unit. Outside temperature transmitted via device bus. Motorised drives connected to valves or control valves 3-pt. Suitable for all types of building.


sauter Equitherm EQJW 125 Manuals


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