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Open System Integration — EBI supports multiple industry standard communication protocols to allow enterprise-wide monitoring and control from a single client workstation.

Enterprise Systems Integration Share information with personnel, office and financial system databases. Distributed System Architecture DSA Provides centralized monitoring for geographically distributed systems, and scalability for large enterprise systems.

Note: This document graphically represents the various systems Honeywell can integrate and is not to be used for system design. Go to: www. Honeywell EBI is listed for use in the following categories:. Internet Explorer Web Toolkit.

Specification Data Primary Ethernet Network. Fast updates msec logic, 0. High resolution 15 bit universal analog inputs. Embedded loop auto tuning. All other brands are trademarks of their respective companies. Modbus is a registered trademark of the Modbus Organization, Inc. Above information subject to change without notice. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents.

Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Honeywell EBI Architecture. Uploaded by Myong Fernandez. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded May 05, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles.

Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Resources Module. SUS is available on a. Honeywell Asset Locator. Physical Layer Repeater. Elpas IR Location Reader. A fixed, receiving device, easily ceiling or wall mounted that detects, processes and. An output interface for controlling external devices such as door locks, security lights. Elpas RF Location Reader. Elpas Low Frequency Exciter. A fixed, low power wireless emitter, easily ceiling or wall mounted, that adds instanta-.

Elpas Infant Protection Bracelet. Comprised of a rechargeable tag attached to a disposable non-latex tamper anklet. Elpas Healthcare Positioning Tag. Intended for the real-time monitoring and tracking of patients or medical personnel,.

Watchband, disposable wrist band, pendant lanyard options. Elpas High Risk Patient Bracelet. Comprised of a rechargeable tag attached to a disposable non-latex tamper wrist band,. Automatic tampering and removal warnings. Adjustable, latex-free disposable wrist bands.

Elpas Personnel Badge. Engineered to look like an industry-standard photo ID personnel badges, the device. Elpas Asset Tracking Tag. Used for the real-time monitoring and tracking of portable assets or individuals; wire-.

Automatic asset tampering and removal warnings. Optional wireless emergency or duress signaling. Asset Tracking. Multiple LNS databases supported. Energy Manager - Understand and Control Energy. Flexible, hierarchical modeling of your facility, plant and meters. Automatic data cleaning removes or reduces the impact of meter failures, dropouts, and spikes.

Exceptionally powerful reporting and analysis. Compatible with most utility meters and sub-meters. Automatic load shedding and generator control based on demand limits and configurable algorithms.

Energy load forecasting. Weather data can be read from local weather stations or the internet for use in reporting and analysis. Greenhouse gas emission tracking. Benefits of Energy Manager. Identify and reduce peak energy demands that are driving up costs. Implement powerful load curtailment strategies.

Validate and understand utility data. Optimize equipment start and stop times. Negotiate lower energy rates. Uncover employee equipment overrides that increase costs.

Energy Manager Foundation. Energy Manager Foundation is built upon modeling your Energy System. This model describes the objects within your facility,. Objects that can be integrated into your Energy System Model include:.

Meters real and virtual. Equipment AHU, lighting, boiler, chiller, generator, etc. Circuits grouping of loads and generators. Weather stations. Cost Allocation. Tenant billing and utility bill validation.

Supports time-of-use, seasonal charges, peak demand, taxes, and tiered charges. Invoice management and reporting. Web Reporting. Intuitive pre-built reports accessible from your web browser. Scheduled email delivery of reports. Facility Demand Management. Load monitoring with automatic alarming and event logging. Automatic load shedding and generator control can be managed according to various algorithms to curtail costly.

Load management operator displays provide real-time visualization and tuning. Energy Load Forecasting. Batch oriented forecasting tool that predicts energy demand based on historical usage. Uses local-regression technology to forecast future energy demand.

Forecasts hourly consumption 45 days in advance. Forecasts regularly re-computed as the horizon decreases. Rates Engine.


Honeywell EBI Architecture

When integrated with EBI, DVM automatically displays and records vital video information, greatly improving abnormal event management. By incorporating advanced software and technology, DVM provides a high level of control over the recording and retrieval process while enabling monitoring and control of the surveillance process itself. And because its unique, open architecture easily integrates with existing enterprise systems, you can leverage your investment in existing switching equipment and coaxial cable or migrateto an open network infrastructure. The open architecture of DVM even lets you enhance your surveillance capabilities with a host of third-party products and applications. When digital video recorders fail, the attached cameras are no longer available for viewing and recording, increasing risk and reducing operator productivity. With DVM, the database server is available in a redundant configuration, so if the master database server fails, the system immediately fails over to the backup database server. In addition, video streams from cameras can be redirected to any server on the system in the event of a failure.


Your buildings run better when their systems work together

Enterprise Buildings Integrator EBI gives you the tools to run smarter buildings that increase comfort, enhance security and lower costs. Enterprise Buildings Integrator EBI makes it possible, by enabling you to manage complex facilities and campuses through a single management portal. EBI is an open, scalable solution that works with a wide range of third-party equipment and software. It reduces operational and lifecycle costs while giving you plenty of room to grow as your needs expand. With a complex set of systems easily viewed through a single platform, your employees can use data to drive better decisions. Whether you manage a single building, a campus or global operations, the ability to holistically view and manage systems makes for a clearer understanding of your buildings, adding agility and insight to decision making. More than giving you a detailed, global view of your operations, EBI automates workflows so the right people are alerted when they should be and the right procedures get triggered automatically.



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