The tax advantages, ease of liquidation of equity private or publicand entity book keeping, among others, are diamind main reasons. Considering there hasnt been a CZ made to this date that has surpassed 8. Am I a scientist? I am in NO way affiliated with Dnl. Im looking into it to make sure im not getting something bad. How the company stays in business after ripping off so many buyers is a mystery!!!

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Taylor, Hepburn, Monroe. On the cover: Katie is wearing the Bourbon Street earrings see website , the Elements pg. Welcome to a Smart, Revolutionary way to get the diamonds of your dreams. For once, you are the kid in the candy store because everything you see twinkling up at you from the page can be yours to own, to flaunt, to love. Nothing is placed out of reach by outrageous pricing and everything you purchase is guaranteed to be even more stunning in person.

Happy shopping. The Revolution is in the Diamond Nexus Stone Diamond Nexus is a ground-breaking luxury jewelry retailer that will forever change the way you shop for diamonds. With our patentpending technology, we have created a non mined diamond that is causing nothing short of a Revolution. Quite simply, it cannot be told apart from a mined diamond without scientific testing. Our stones match the physical beauty of mined stones with D color and flawless clarity.

Going beyond being the affordable choice, we are the Smart Choice for a new generation. Diamond Nexus jewelry boasts designer style, an overwhelming commitment to quality, a lifetime guarantee and top-rated customer service. No wonder jewelry lovers have made us the fastest growing jewelry company in America. We have a triple guarantee that protects you three ways: check out our website for more details.

This year we were named to the IR list of the top retailers on the web. We will be here if you have questions. Just call us at You will get a real person on the phone; not a doom loop of automation. Our goal is to provide you with completely accurate pricing at all times.

Lately the price of gold has fluctuated dramatically which sometimes necessitates a price change for us. Please check our website www. Thank you. You have a killer sense of style. No one has ever been good at telling you no.

We can make that dream come true. You know exactly what you want in life… and an engagement ring designed to thrill is high on your list.

You respect social responsibility. You know that harming the earth by mining diamonds and exploiting workers in underprivileged countries is completely unacceptable. When it comes to your engagement ring, which is more important: the actual quality, or what you paid for it? Diamond Nexus diamond simulants look uniformly identical to the finest mined diamonds: the kind you pay over-the-top for because of their exquisite D grade color, and exceptional, flawless clarity.

With solid, individually cast settings of 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum, they easily measure up to fine diamond jewelry in craftsmanship as well. Your friends will never know the difference unless you tell them! Making sure you get what you pay for without regret is key to making a good purchase.

Go ahead and place an order. Inspect, enjoy, and wear your new jewelry for 30 days. When Mother Nature makes a diamond, she does it with a lot of heat, a lot of pressure, and one element: carbon. When Diamond Nexus makes a diamond simulant, we do it very much the same way, but we add some additional elements to the mix.

The result is an incredibly hard crystalline substance that looks, wears, and endures just like a natural mined diamond. The stone we create in the lab cannot visually be told apart from a mined diamond by anyone, not even your jeweler, let alone your motherin-law. It even cuts glass. We know, because we had a party once where everybody passed around an empty root beer bottle and took turns trying it out for themselves.

Our revolutionary patent-pending process or how we make these amazing stones shine is long and complicated, but ultimately worth it. To learn a lot more about our process, visit the Simulant Creation Process pages on our website at www. We also guarantee that your Diamond Nexus stones will continue to dazzle for a lifetime. If one of our stones ever fades, discolors, or becomes damaged, a free replacement will be granted. Need more time to think? Visit our website. Read our customer feedback and product reviews.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to see what other ecstatic customers are saying. Call or e-mail us with any questions you may have, and happy shopping!

We are proud of the fact that our sales rank us as one of the top retailers doing business online. We are market leaders and as such, you can trust us with your very important order. Check us out at the Better Business Bureau. We have an A rating and a very loyal customer following. Check out what our customers have to say about us on our website click on the Customer Service tab at www. Mother Nature may be a little mad at us because a lot of her rough diamonds have flaws. We are not cutting around flaws.

Sorry, Mother Nature we still love you. CUTTING - Once rough cutting is complete, the stones are again sorted and moved on to the final cutting stage which is done in our Austrian fine-cutting facility. The Diamond Nexus coating material is corundum and other proprietary materials which is substantial, visible under microscopy, and has important measurable physical characteristics.

Each stone is inspected, evaluated, and graded against a perfect control sample. Any gemstones exhibiting defects in cut, color or clarity are rejected. Gemstones are stored in diamond paper until they are sold as loose stones, or set in jewelry. Review the graphics carefully to see how we stack up to a mined stone.

This is determined by the number, size, nature, and location of the internal inclusions and external imperfections. The highest purity rating attainable is IF internally flawless.

All of our stones are IF rated. Color describes the amount of color a diamond contains. The color scale ranges from absolutely colorless D color which is the most preferred, all the way down to colors that can be quite gray and muddy looking. In addition to white stones, diamonds can come in some pretty intense colors called "fancy colors" which may be yellow, red, pink, blue, and even green.

But when most people think of a diamond, they are thinking of the traditional white diamond. All of our stones are D color. In nature, large diamonds are much rarer than small ones, so they will come with a much higher price tag. A three carat stone may be priced as high as twenty times the price of a one carat stone.

Diamond Nexus gemstones are not subject to this issue of size scarcity: all of our stones carry the same percarat price. It is really quite mathematical. An ideally cut diamond will yield the most fire and brilliance. In the jewelry industry, the Ideal Cut Formula was first developed in by Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian diamond cutter and engineer. Often set with round or pear shaped side stones, it can lend a slender, long look to the hand.

Its rounded pavilion gives it the heightened brilliance of a round cut gem, while the pointed bottom and curved arches at the top complete the shape with symmetry and romantic sparkle. The unique look and the difficulty in executing the cut have long made it a favorite of royalty. Popular since , the beauty of this cut is in the depth of the jewel, as well as its luxurious breadth which makes the stone appear larger. Generally, a 58 facet cut with proportions designed to maximize brilliance and dispersion fire.

One of the more unusual cuts, it displays a very sharp brilliance. Its large, wellproportioned surface area results in a big look: a one-carat trillion will look as large as a one-anda-half carat round gemstone.

Similar to a princess, but with a rectangular outline and blocked corners like those of an emerald cut. The radiant cut is dramatic as a solitaire but also looks great paired with side staging stones such as baguettes, trillions, or princess shapes. The emerald cut shows less brilliance and dispersion fire than the other brilliant cut diamonds, but it has a classic elegance preferred by many. With 76 facets, it is very brilliant and full of fire. A very popular engagement ring choice.

Note: Millimeter measurements are approximate for a well-cut gemstone of exact decimal weight. Actual millimeter diameters will vary for each gemstone, based on exact decimal weight and cutting proportions. Wish you could tweak one of our existing rings to make it yours?

Most of our rings come in various carat weights. Want a larger or smaller rock? The stone style can be changed to a different cut in many of our rings. Interested in a princess cut instead of a round?

All of our rings can be made in 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, or palladium. Pick your favorite precious metal.


Dreambook Set with Ring and Two Bands - 14K White Gold - Size 8.0 - 9.0

A couple years ago, my husband and I decided to sell my engagement ring and buy one with a man-made diamond instead. My husband agreed, and so it was done. I liked the claims that DNL made on their website about environmentally friendly, and ethically produced jewelry, but money was the primary reason behind our decision. Mined diamonds have no intrinsic value other than their usefulness in industry. Neither do synthetic diamonds, but I like the price of the synthetic ones a lot more. I got an email today from a lady who has apparently done quite a bit of digging regarding the various claims that DNL makes.



Diamond Nexus Labs is a jewelry company that specializes in diamond stimulants. We believe smart consumers should enjoy the beauty of a mined diamond without the exorbitant price tag. Reward Your Intelligence by getting the mined diamond look at a fraction of the price! I know you can order and have it re-sized, but that was just too complicated for me. I call up my friends there and asked if they could size my engagement ring before shipping it to me. Not only did they size it before sending, but they also noted my size in the system so that all would be ready when I ordered the matching band. The were also fabulous when my husband ordered the wrong size wedding band and we had to send it back 2 weeks before the wedding.


Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective

For this cutting-edge couple, we turned to examples of contemporary art and architecture for ideas. Smooth lines and symmetrical angles give this engagement ring a distinctively modern lift. Why not customize your jewelry? It certainly has a longer shelf life than that double latte. Think of the possibilities. Welcome to the provocative world of The Nexus Design Studio where you can create a soul stirring piece of jewelry that perfectly captures your emotion and personality and acquaints the world with your personal sense of style. As one of the largest and most capable jewelry design and fabrication operations in America, The Nexus Design Studio combines state of the art technology, world-class designers, and old school jewelry artisans to design and hand craft your jewelry piece.

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