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It was on a fine June Sunday — 28 June — that the world was forever and profoundly changed by the nearly random luck of a tiny group of inept would-be terrorists and assassins in the small town of Sarajevo, in Austrian-controlled Bosnia.

Princip, one of three assassins sent to kill the Archduke and his wife with bombs, was sitting in a cafe and moping over the failure of the plot: not one of the three assassins had been successful in their attempt to deploy their bombs. In two incidents, they succeeded only in wounding some bystanders when they hurled their distinctly inadequate bombs. Astonishingly, after the failed bomb attempts, the Archduke and his wife continued on their motorcade to be received at Town Hall.

Franz Ferdinand, unsurprisingly, scolded the mayor of Sarajevo for the reception the town had given him Bombs! Of all the nerve! This is where so much history hinges upon a trivial detail: the driver of the limousine made a wrong turn to the hospital in front of the very cafe where Princip was bemoaning his failure!

Princip, seeing the large car awkwardly trying to maneuver in the narrow old street, jumped up, pulled a pistol from his pocket, and fired twice at extremely close range, mortally wounding Franz Ferdinand and Sophie. Princip was prevented from turning his weapon on himself by the intervention of an enraged mob, and he was immediately arrested. Dragutin Dimitrijevic, chief of Serbian Intelligence, had sponsored the operation, and the Serbian Prime Minister had passively approved it, evidently hoping for Bosnia and Herzogovina to be united with Serbia after a revolt against Austria.

It remains an open question as to why the Serbians sent three inept teenagers to do such a job, supplied them with feeble, inadequate bombs, and gave them useless poison pills. It appears as if Dimitrijevic intended to start a war with Austria.

Whatever the reasoning behind the plot, war was indeed the result, war on a scale and of a horror unlike any previously known. The fire consumed the globe for four years, and millions upon millions died in horrible ways as the latest deadly technologies were tried.

Somehow, the Europeans of repeated the scenario as if reading from the same script. How could they have been so foolish?

Had they never heard of the American Civil War? Or, as I suspect, did they make the assumption — repeated by generation after generation, all across the globe — that This time it will be different, because we know better!

It was re-issued in on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the start of that War. This book has been called the best history book ever written. Masterfully researched and documented, it is as scholarly as any such work need be, yet it retains a readability — and excitement — that makes it as entertaining as any fictional thriller.

Even after the passage of 41 years, this book remains essential reading for those who wish to learn about World War I. This is a highly readable and complete account of World War I from start to finish.

Perhaps the best one-volume coverage of that war we have. On the 90th anniversary of the start of World War I, there was a remarkable amount of publishing activity. All the following are good, but these are not aimed at the casual reader. In this minutely researched volume, Fromkin answers his title question. The result is the well-known tragedy of a war that many wanted, but from which none saw the ultimate outcome. I must confess that though this book was well-regarded in the review I read last August, I find it fairly tedious in its presentation.

Scholarly, to be sure. But not an entertaining read. This one-volume history of World War I is complete and as scholarly as can be, but at times the reading feels a bit too much like slogging along with those foot soldiers of the era, knee-deep in mud and growing ever wearier. Still, it is worth the effort, because Stevenson offers some fresh insights which offer a new perpective on the well-known truisms about World War I.

But it is likewise worth the effort. This is the first volume of a yet-to-be-completed trilogy about World War I. Strachan is a foremost authority on that war, and this book is a definitive account of the build-up to World War I.

It is, however, so thorough and so comprehensive that it can be both daunting and — at times — almost tedious. Worth a Mention is J. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Tuchman; Ballentine Books, ed. Share this: Share Email Facebook Twitter.

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