This post is going to layout the direction I am taking the PageObject gem. But first, a little history is in order. When I first created the PageObject gem there was a significant difference between the Watir and Selenium gems. The PageObject gem started as a high-level wrapper around over these two gems.

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Thursday, March 31, This time around we have decided to mix it up and we will be having a guest speaker leading the discussion on the topic- Patterns of Automation. Our esteemed Guest speaker with be none other then the ,Jeff Morgan.

Jeff will be talking about and demonstrating lessons he has learned while helping numerous organizations adopt test automation. He will show you the patterns he uses to keep automation code simple and clean and also demonstrate techniques that you can use to keep your automation code more maintainable.

He will wrap up with writing code to implement these patterns taking them from theory to implementation. Join us for a night of great discussions, lots of learning, food and of course fun!

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cucumber and cheese

After trying several of the available tools I settled on Cucumber. As I started working with teams to implement this practice, I discovered that the ATDD community was writing more and more new Ruby gems to empower and simplify this kind of testing. I also found that some of the things I personally wanted to simplify were not supported by any existing Ruby gem, so like the crazed developer I am, I set out to build my own. To my surprise, others started using some of the gems I created and began asking a lot of questions about their usage. This book is my attempt to share as much of my experience using Cucumber and Ruby as possible. I will cover many patterns, practices, tools, and Yes Ruby gems that make testing applications particularly but not limited to Web applications easier including a few of my own. I will also cover the proper way to structure and write your test automation code so that it is less brittle, simpler, better organized, more expressive, and therefore easier to change over the lifecycle of your application.


GuestSpeaker:Jeff Morgan author of the book Cucumber and Cheese, a testers world

Embed Size px x x x x We call this idea Lean Publishing. Tweet This Book! Please help Jeff Morgan by spreading the word about this book on Twitter!


Cucumber & Cheese

The story begins way back in when Charley Baker posted link to Jeff Morgan's blog. I think that was the first time I was introduced to Page Object pattern. Since then Page Object pattern talks started appearing a lot at test automation conferences. I have created my own implementation of the pattern and I have used it on a few projects. The story continues earlier this year in Austin. I was there for Test Automation Bazaar conference.

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