Born in Lincoln in , Chris Kobewka says he was always goods at maths and spent 25 years in engineering doing mass calculations. At one point he started an internet trading account with Finspreads, initially depositing GBP which he managed to turn into GBP 11, within 4 weeks of creating the account, all by trading the Dow Jones. His strategy consisted of making use of the to 1 margin, with his first bet being for 40 pence and constantly compounding the stake money while executing around 20 trades a day at the time, i. In the second week he was trading he made over GBP in an hour and after a month he was banned by Finspreads due to his incredible profit performance. What stands out in Chris is his philosophy about the markets. He hates losing and specializes in a small part of the overall markets - he trades in just one instrument he traded the Dow Jones for 3 years concentrating on the first hour of trading.

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But it's thanks to our sponsors that access to Trade2Win remains free for all. By viewing our ads you help us pay our bills, so please support the site and disable your AdBlocker. Forums New posts Search forums. Reviews Latest reviews Search reviews. Events Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. T2W Book. Members Current visitors.

Log in. What's new. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter oriana Start date Feb 14, Watchers JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I was reading in the thread 'a winner priced out of the market' about how Chris Kobewka had effectively been prevented from trading with one spreadbetting company.

Does anyone know if this is the same as the winspread. I remember reading threads on trade2win. Now however after reading about Mr Kobewka's apparent success, I was wondering if buying the 60 minute trader would be worthwhile. Has anyone here bought it, and if so what did you think of it? I notice that the 60 minute trader involves trading during the first hour of the dow being open, whereas if my memory is correct, winspread involved placing and closing trades when the market closed or was about to close, so are these 2 different systems?

Any information would be appreciated. Just after writing this I emailed support at 60 minute trader, and my email was immediately returned by my internet provider saying that the address I had sent it to failed.

Has anyone got an email address for them or know if they still exist? Bigbusiness Experienced member 1, Oriana I am sending you a PM.

When the price reaches 50p let me know. I might be interested then. Roberto Experienced member 1, It's my opinion that you cannot lose by buying a sub quid course. Unless you are really unlucky and pick the dog of the dogs, you will learn something from the inexpensive courses.

Much better than buying a triple digit jazzy course and then deciding you didn't get value for money and the system doesn't suit your personality anyway. You can also buy a number of expensive courses very cheaply on eBay. Cheap doesn't mean bad, expensive doesn't mean good. As always, DYOR. Last edited: Feb 15, Roberto, You say that often the profits using the 60 minute trader are not overwhelmingly high. How many points a day on the Dow would be the average profit? And for that matter, what would be the average points lost on a losing day?

I'm highly sceptical about that. Has anyone found it achievable? Chris did email me and included 4 months results, but my computer does not have the software to look at them.

I am currently trying to download software which will let me see them. Chris did email me and included 4 months results. Oriana I have been in contact with the support and they did have a problem with sending out emails but receiving was OK.

It is now working fine. I say they because although I wrote the book, all sales and marketing are handled by InternetUnlimited which leaves me free to tade. My role is purely techinical and I answer questions that they cannot. Juanbyte How many points would I lose on a losing day?

I haven't been able to see the spreadsheets yet, as I'm having trouble finding suitable software to download. Is anyone else actually trading the 60 minute trader with success? Must admit that I don't always trade it, but I nearly always look at it, even if not necessarily at exactly the right time of day. Friday 11th February was a bit "iffy", it was possible to make a small profit, but you would have had to time it well. I bought the 60 minute trader course. I am pretty impressed with the system and it looks good by eyeballing old charts.

Unfortunately for me, I am in fulltime employment and cannot be at home watching the US market open. But that's my problem, not Chris'.

Neverthless, it's a system I certainly plan to use when I eventually go pro. I also believe Chris is a genuine and very helpful guy. I am currently trying to tweak the system to use it on EOD data. As I said, you can usually learn something from even the cheapest course.

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Top Selling Futures Trading System

From the age of 13 I wanted to become a stockbroker. I had no idea what they did but I knew they had big houses and made lots of money. After moving up in the company and participating in a management buyout, I helped the new business to become profitable. But although things were going well for me, I felt I was not fulfilling my calling … I knew that trading was what I really wanted to do. Initially, I set up an account with a spreadbetting firm to punt on Grand Prix races and other sports events with moderate results, won some, lost more!!!


chris kobewka, 60minute trader etc.

Please feel free to pass this ebook on to any of your friends, contacts, family or work colleagues. You have probably heard the saying "A penny saved is a penny earned" Personally I hate paying more than necessary for anything. The lower your trading costs are the larger your net profits will be. Also not having to win so much before we are in profit makes for much less stressful trading. Futures vs. Spreadbetting We at 60MinuteTrader recommend that you trade futures for the reasons below: One of the many problems with spreadbetting is that you almost never trade at the market price.


Chris Kobewka – 60 Minute Trader


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