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Tu m'enseignes, je me souviens. Tu m'impliques, j'apprends. We look forward to meeting you either in our Training Center. Those tailored trainings can be held at the Training Center, at one of our factories or on your premises, for groups up to 6 people. Centre will charge: The Centre also offers companies audit and operational advisory - a late-payment penalty calculated from the due date on the basis of services.

By placing an order, the Customer fully and unreservedly accepts these Terms of Sale. The Centre will the order and for a further 5 five years after its expiry or termination, process enrolment applications in their order of receipt until the course irrespective of the reason.

When a training course is intended for accredited electricians, the trainees must provide proof of accreditation before the start of the course in order to be able to work on live electrical equipment. All the materials and content used by the Centre, for any physical accident. The training materials within or outside of its company without the Centre's Customer will receive an attendance certificate on completion of the prior written agreement.

The Customer also undertakes not to duplicate training course. The Centre reserves the right to modify the content the training by dispensing it to another person, unless expressly of a training course at any time without advance notice, in which case authorized to do so.

The French data paying the balance. If an insufficient number of trainees sending an e-mail to: InformatiqueetLibertes. IALS Emerson. On receipt of the order or signature of the order form included in the Offer, the Centre will draw up a training agreement.

If training takes place outside the Centre, all associated costs such as travel expenses incurred by consultants and trainers, room rental costs, the cost of documentation and of and the rental of training equipment such as video recorders , etc. The information contained in this brochure is for guidance only and does not form part of any contract. The accuracy cannot be guaranteed as Nidec have an ongoing process of development and reserve the right to change the specification of their products without notice.

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