The writer reassured her that her doll had gone away and he, a doll postman, would have a letter from her the next day. For three weeks, Kafka wrote a daily letter to the girl and the story has become a legend in literature. Campos de fresas Strawberry Fields — Luciana, a 17 year old girl, is in coma after taking an ecstasy pill. While her friends wonder what happened, Eloy, the boy who is in love with her, searches desperately for the drug pusher who sold her the pill to try and save her life. Only by analyzing the contents of the pill will the doctors know what they are facing.

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The writer reassured her that her doll had gone away and he, a doll postman, would have a letter from her the next day.

For three weeks, Kafka wrote a daily letter to the girl and the story has become a legend in literature. Campos de fresas Strawberry Fields — Luciana, a 17 year old girl, is in coma after taking an ecstasy pill.

While her friends wonder what happened, Eloy, the boy who is in love with her, searches desperately for the drug pusher who sold her the pill to try and save her life. Only by analyzing the contents of the pill will the doctors know what they are facing. Luciana becomes a piece of news for the sensationalist press and in a few hours everything around her is in turmoil.

Her parents, her younger sister, her best friend who suffers bulimia and needs her to fight against her disease, the doctors, the police searching for the drug pusher and the dealer he has to confront. In the meantime, Luciana is playing a chess game with Death. Noche de Viernes Friday Night — Five very different young men meet at night to drink and hang around, dragging their emptiness and their own problems in a spiral that will lead them to challenge a group of skin heads and to kill an Arab boy in the early hours of the morning.

The story is told through an innovative technique by which the voice of each one of the five main characters tells the story in the first person from his own point of view. The novel is a ruthless claim against violence amongst young people. La piel de la memoria The Skin of Memory — Kalil Mtube is sold by his father for scarcely 15 dollars with the belief that he will be adopted by a family that will allow him to study and will give him a much better life.

However, Kalil is snatched from the border between Mali and Burkina Faso where he lives. He is then condemned to live as a modern slave in the cocoa fields of the Ivory Coast. His life is hell until he manages to escape. However, he ends up in a ship where the children are thrown into the sea before the ship crew gets arrested by the authorities.

This novel shows the cruelty against slave children in Africa in the twenty first century. Aydin — In , a little beluga whale escapes accidentally from a laboratory in Ukraine. Swimming on a straight line it arrives in Gerze, a Turkish village where it is adopted by the fishermen.

The news becomes an international issue. Conservation groups want to buy it and release it, Turkey claims it belongs to them and Ukraine enforces its right of property. This is a story for children. We are in the late nineteenth century. One Sunday he falls for a girl her age who goes to church with her parents, and she falls for him. One look. Not a word. She tears off a page of the book she is reading and drops it. On the page are underlined syllables.

A message. Thanks to the village teacher, Eliseo will discover its contents. And he in turn will write another message for her.

From now on, each week the two youngsters communicate in this way until Elena returns to the capital. Eliseo learns to read during the winter, waiting for the next summer… But Elena does not return, and he goes to town to look for her, once he has gathered all the torn pages and has understood that she is calling him.

The love of a second can be worth a lifetime. Grandfather and grandson seal a special alliance whereby once or twice per week they meet and talk about all the wars that have occurred in Spain from the times of the Catholic Monarchs to the present. This tries to show how stupid, bitter and interested wars are and what a terrible strife and how hard they have been to Spain over years. In the intricacies of the narrative, the letters of the father, from a distance, weave in another bitter reality: the complex modern world.

With mother and grandmother as witnesses to the strong oral narrative, always in dialogue through a constant flow of questions and answers, the novel becomes a perfect and visceral experience of the history of Spain. A history that should not be forgotten, because it has been repeated again and again over the years.

What is more, machines, that saved mankind from the Holocaust, are the engine of progress and social life. But when a man is charged with the murder of a machine, life is altered and the latent revolution is triggered. Hal Yakzuby, a scientist, defends the human accused of murder, and, with Balhissay, a machine that knows the ins and outs of the story and the truth, they face an exciting trial that will determine the future of the planet. Published in and , these books quickly became a reference in Spanish sci-fi, and were gathered in a single volume 25 years later.

He makes friends with Tetxu, the son of an ETA member who has been missing for ten years after killing a man by mistake. When Tetxu tells his friend that he has seen his father, his friend goes after him too: he is the son of the man who died by mistake.

The novel is about making peace, reconciliation, hope and friendship possible. This novel is a tribute to Iqbal Masih, a 12 year-old boy who was murdered by carpet manufacturers in Pakistan after leading a rebellion against them and winning the Reebok Award for human rights. Iqbal has a commemorative statue in Vitoria, Spain. The child cannot stand the light, mimes shooting and tells strange space stories. When the father dies and the batteries go flat, the child goes out for the first time.

This plea against new technologies was a premonition of things to come, since after its publication, two similar cases happened in Italy and Spain. En un lugar llamado guerra In a Place Called War — A young journalist is sent to a remote country, Tudzbestan, to cover a civil war. Milo is a survivor. This novel was written before the invasion of Afghanistan, the 11 th September and the Iraq war, and its treatment of the issue is premonitory.

Un hombre con un tenedor en una tierra de sopas A Man with a Fork in Soupland — A well known Spanish photographer commits suicide after being awarded the World Press Photo. His younger brother, a student of journalism, wants to know why and looks into every clue to reach the Lacandona forest in Chiapas, Mexico, where he finds out that the award-winning photograph was the cause of a massive slaughter.

The novel deals with the integrity of the media and their human and moral responsibilities. La nueva tierra The New Land — In Spain sent the most powerful army that had ever crossed the Atlantic to quell the independence of the American colonies. One more of this army is Mateo Castells, 17, full of hope because he is going to fight for his king and his God. But once there, he realizes that war is horrible and loses faith in everything.

He kills a Spaniard in order to save an Indian, who will in turn save Mateo. Together in the mountains, love changes their existence. But war continues and eventually Mateo must take sides. This novel is a song for freedom. Then, a writer visiting his school asks him to go to the library and fetch a book. The child gets trapped in the book and gets into The World of Letters, where he finds out everything that can be done with letters and the words that they form, from games to a thousand other curiosities.

A reading and visual fantasy, built by its author with alphabets from the 16 th to the 19 th centuries, spilling with imagination and optimism. Virgilio meets great writers, who have retired to the Palace of Dreams, each one of them with a special type of unique letter, like the T-shirts of a basketball team. He had a dream: his music.

This dream would become the soundtrack of a whole generation. This novel recalls the story of the Beatles beginnings and ends when Lennon is This is the story of a young man who believed in himself. A mirror. Las chicas de alambre The Wire Girls — Jon Boix is a young journalist who is assigned a special job: To find a famous model who went missing ten years before. There were three of them who used to be called the Wire Girls because of their skinny bodies.

Two of them died of anorexia and drug abuse and the third one simply disappeared. His search through Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, New York or Los Angeles reveals to the reader the entrails of the world of fashion, so desirable to the eyes of thousands of young girls throughout the world. Finally, the protagonist arrives in Aruba, a small island in the Caribbean Sea, where he will discover the ultimate truth.

She opposes her parents and her boyfriend, firmly, following her instincts and her heart, and makes a decision that will change her life and outlook. In India she knows the pain and suffering of those who have nothing, but also the joy of cooperation and peace of conscience, and she will be live not two, but three worlds: on the one hand Arturo, waiting for her in Spain, on the other Leo, a young doctor, volunteering like herself, able of sacrificing everything to be there, and finally Mahendra, the Hindu prince who keeps the most painful secrets and who will plunge Silvia into a new horizon without borders.

A father walks through the mountains for days looking for a dead girl. When he founds her, it takes him even longer to return, as he explains to the dead girl how happy she is going to be with his son.

The writer is determined to do it, but his conscience criticizes his work non-stop, paragraph by paragraph, laughing at him and calling him all sorts of ugly words.

The story is full of humour, but the voice of conscience gives it an ironical and sharp counterpoint. With half his body trapped in the ground, he sees several people pass by for two days, but no one believes him. Only a dog becomes his friend. If he is not able to overcome it, Marc can end up like the homeless. Los fuegos de la memoria The Fires of Memory — The bodies of several people have remained buried in the mountain since the end of the Spanish Civil War.

When they dig them up… a body is missing. This leads a journalist to investigate what happened 70 years ago, at the same time a number of strange things start happening to the great-grandson of the man whose body has disappeared. La isla del poeta The Poet Island — A year-old boy who almost died during adolescence, travels from Spain to the Colombian Caribbean, to meet the poet whose books saved his own life.

During one night, the two characters discover a new world of their own. The novel, built almost exclusively in 80 scenes and dialogues, tells the story of his life and portrays his literary and human value.

At that moment, a girl appears. She is death coming to fetch him. Hand in hand with the girl, the soldier goes on a strange journey to corroborate the lies of war. He meets another teenage soldier who has been shot and is going to die, the generals who slaughter them just for their own glory, the politicians talking and talking without an end, the bankers increasing their fortunes.

Finally, the bullet does not kill him and his life takes a new turn. Las alas del sol The Wings of the Sun — In the early nineties, Yu is a Vietnamese child who has lived as a refugee for three years in Shek Kong, a refugee camp in Hong Kong, together with his family.


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