Accepting, making, ending calls page 11 - 12c. Quick Links. Table of Contents. General 2. Security guidelines Installation of the hands-free car kit 3. Scope of supply CC 4.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. CC Music. Introductory information. Security guidelines. Installation of the hands-free car kit.

Scope of supply. Positioning and mounting. Connections on the electronics box. Operating guidelines. Using the hands-free car kit for the first time. Handling possibilities. Voice control. Handling via Touch screen. Establishing a Bluetooth connection. Menu navigation. Accepting, making, ending calls.

Transferring Calls. Conference Mode. Further Information. Appropriate use of this system. Approvals and declaration of conformity. Table of Contents. General 2. Security guidelines Installation of the hands-free car kit 3. Scope of supply 4. Positioning and mounting 5. Connections on the electronics box Operating guidelines 6. Using the hands-free car kit for the first time 7. You have chosen a high quality product that is extremely easy to use. Please read the operating manual carefully so that you can fully enjoy your BURY hands-free car kit.

If you have any further questions concerning installation or operation of your car kit, please contact your dealer. Page 3 Faults Do not commission the device if you detect or assume a defect. In this case, contact a Bury specialised dealer or our hotline. Improper repair efforts can be dangerous for you. Therefore, only skilled personnel may perform inspections. Scope of supply cm Page 5 The hands-free car kit HFCK is supplied with different combinations of components, depending on the sales regions countries.

The operating manual refers to all versions. Description of the components: 1 Electronics box 2 Monitor, holder and installation pad 3 Mounting accessories Fixing screws for electronics box, rider, screws for the holder and rubber cover, adhesive tape, cleaning cloth 4 Microphone Page 6: Positioning And Mounting Installation of the hands-free car kit 4. Positioning and mounting Step 1: First of all, please choose the most convenient position for the attached monitor on the holder and the installation pad in your vehicle by che- cking different positions in the vehicle.

Page 7 Example of installation 1: Example of installation Page 8 Installation of the hands-free car kit Step 2: Depending on the vehicle type and its equipment e. For details about the equipment features please refer to the vehicle documents.

Connections on the electronics box The additional components of the HFCK are connected to the electronics box. If the vehicle is not running for a longer period, this could lead to a discharge of the car battery.

If you deviate from the specified connection descrip- tions it may be the case that certain functions on the HFCK e. To prevent damage from occurring, before using the ISO cable harness, make sure that the assignment is correct. Information is provided about this in the description of the car radio. Remove the a or the b ISO-connector at the back of the radio.

Page 13 The second red cable coming from the ISO-connectors contains the ignition plus signal clamp Please connect this with the separate blue cable, whose black Molex connector you subsequently plug into connection 2 on the electronics box. If you are not able to tap the ignition signal via the second red cable, then please check in your vehicle documents and find a different cable which carries this signal. The connection on the HFCK is suitable for a 3.

De- pending on the type of car radio, the other connection is to be selected separately. Page Operating Guidelines Operating guidelines 6. Using the hands-free car kit for the first time After the power supply of the hands free car kit HFCK is successfully connected, the HFCK is activated when you have started the vehicle. After this, you have to select the menu language if several are available for you to select. Page Handling Possibilities Operating guidelines 7. Handling via the touch screen Touch screen 8.

Numbers which are larger than nine must be spoken individually e. Page Establishing A Bluetooth Connection If it is not possible to establish a connection, please check and update the software release firmware of your mobile phone or of the HFCK. You will find an overview dealing with this subject on the Internet at www. Note: In the internet you can find an overview with a large number of mobile telephones which have been tested with this hands-free car kit.

Page Menu Navigation In addition it is possible that you must delete all devices connected to your mobile phone first in order to enable a correct identification of the HFCK and the establishment of a connection. If you have queries regarding the menu navigation, functions and operation of your mobile phone, please refer to the operating guidelines of your mobile phone.

Page 20 Operating guidelines If the voice control function is active then the corresponding menu ap- pears in the display, or the details of the particular function that has been activated. In the following the individual menu points will be ex- plained. Page Dial Number Dial number It makes sense to divide telephone numbers in short number blocks of Dial number digits and to say them this way.

At each break, the HFCK repeats the number block and waits for the next number block. After the signal tone you can respectively continue your announcement. If Dial Joe Bloggs you select a name, you go directly to the respective entry. Note: Depending on the type of mobile phone, it is possible that the order of the first names and surnames may have swap- ped around after the telephone book has been transferred.

Page 24 Operating guidelines In addition you can allocate a phonebook entry with an own voice com- Voicetag mand voice tag. This is recommended for names which are difficult to pronounce. In these instances, the use of nicknames or abbreviations is recommended. Thanks to the integrated amplifie- rs in the electronics box, the sound quality is excellent and does not depend on the configuration of your radio.

Page 26 Operating guidelines With the additional menu items, you can further limit your search for Select artist specific music titles: Select artist Lists all of the artists under which you have saved music titles. Select album Select album Lists the different albums of a particular artist. Select song Select song Lists all music titles in alphabetical order. Page 27 The email reading function only supports BlackBerry mobile phones.

Both the software and additional information are available New emails in the internet at www. The envelope symbol appears in the status bar of the main menu for your information.

Page 29 Using the Number options menu item, you are able to select as to whether the HFCK sends the details of your own number along during an outgoing telephone call or not.

Here, you have a choice of three options: Phone setting, Show number and Hide number. The telephone settings are set as standard. Page 30 Operating guidelines The last menu item in the Bluetooth menu is the Multipoint function. Multipoint on This function can only be activated via the voice control or the Touch- screen if at least two mobile phone signatures are included in the list of telephones.

Page Voice Dial If a number of signatures from different mobile phones have been sa- ved from several different drivers it may be the case that their order does not suit your requirements. To be able to define both telephones and their order for the multipoint function, you can set one mobile phone as standard as telephone 1 and another mobile phone as tele- phone 2. Then user adaptation training is only needed if you speak a strong dialect. Page 33 Certain mobile telephones offer the possibility of being able to install and operate a navigation solution.

On many mobile phones, the sug- External audio on gested directions are only transferred via the Bluetooth A2DP profile. Page 34 Operating guidelines Display Display This menu point makes it possible for you to adjust the display in a range of different ways.

In order to avoid the blinding effect especially when driving at night, you can activate the Sleep mode. This causes the display to shut off Sleep mode after either 15, 30 or 60 seconds. This service is available against payment. You can find out about it via the BURY hotline.


BURY CC 9060 Music Operating Manual



THB Bury bluetooth hands-free car kit cc 9060 User Manual


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