But better services from the private sector and reduced tariff plans have forced us to close our years' old telephone connection. You might not have the privilege to have a Sanchaar Haat in your neighborhood, so, first of all, you need to identify your correct Sanchaar Haat. Next step is to write an application for surrender of connection. I have provided two types of formats for your convenience. You can choose any as per your liking. You need to carry items mentioned here along with the application.

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Today, in this guide I will explain you the complete process of surrendering BSNL connection so that you do not need to go to BSNL office twice to complete the disconnection process. Simply go to BSNL portal and select your type of connection from the top menu bar. Once you select your type of connection, put details such as your Landline number, Mobile number, Email ID etc and submit.

After submitting you will get to see how much money you have to pay. So how do we check it? Under that, you will be able to see your current bill details. S: If somehow, you are unable to find your running month bill from above mentioned two methods, simply estimate an approximate amount in addition to the bill that we have viewed on BSNL portal. If you have rented any device from BSNL, you need to give them back. Put your address correctly on the form, because the security money that you had deposited at the time of connection will be sent via a cheque on that address.

Finally, write a simple surrender letter to the concerned authority. This is what a typical BSNL surrender letter should look like:. You can also Download this BSNL surrender letter format if you wish and replace all the necessary fields such as your name, date, and address accordingly.

Make sure to carry all these things so that your disconnection process completes smoothly in a single visit to BSNL office. Once you are sure that you have checked all the things that I have mentioned on the checklist, visit your BSNL office and tell them to prepare a bill including current month bill and pay the dues.

After paying the dues, take the bill receipt and enclose it along with BSNL surrender form and letter and submit it to the concerned authority. S: The security money that you had deposited at the time of connection will be sent to you via a cheque.

If you have any queries, you can put your comment below in the comment section and I will try to reply within 1 hour. Liked this post? Keep visiting Bpedia for more exciting information. See you soon. A blogger who loves to write about things that add value to the readers. He is more of a solution provider rather than a typical content writer. You can contact him at admin bpedia. If we disconnect the bsnl broadband connection in middlenof a month, donwe need to pay the full month rent and bill?

Reason is poor connection. I apologize for the late response. Hello sir, I alreay submitted all the necessary doucments for surrending my landline phone. My question is? Yes, Read the above comment from Tarak. And i am sorry for late response. I hope this helps the community.

Do I need to clear the due or it will come with the bills as My connection is still active for the landline. Hi Shesadri, i am sorry for late response. No, you do not need to pay anything if you want to close your broadband only, however you have to return the modem if you had rented it from BSNL.

When can we apply for disconnection? Yes you can close the connection on any day. Maybe they wanted to check the bill for the current month, so they told you to come after the bill generation date. These type of things varies from place to place and you have to cooperate them, thats the only way to get it done. And i apologise for late response. There is no dues… BSNL is not accepting the surnder Attached the death certificate and last payment bill copy seems the procedure is complex.

The connection has to be changed to my name for which i need to get no objection letter from my siblings , transfer to my name and close the connection … Is there is any simple way to close….

Unfortunately, you have to go through the procedures they have mentioned because there is no other way around. Fortunately, I had taken bank statement that showed the money transfered to bsnl last payment.

Hi, Thank you for such an informative post. Loved the use of infographics. Quick question — How much time does it take from the time one submits a request for disconnecting bsnl broadband to the actual deactivation? Want to disconnect bsnl services for which submitted all set of documents and paid bills as well on 26th December, Still they are charging us monthly bill, what can be done to avoid paying unnecessary charges??

Today I surrendered. The process was very smooth, as given. Better to on 1st of the month. January bill amount will be adjusted against advance, NEFT will be done. So you have to write details for that on your surrender letter. Accounts department has to write on your application, after which only you have to submit at Customer service for processing.

Request add these in your clearly written guide, which helped me. Hi, I have not paid the bill for 4 years, few days back i got notice to pay the bill rs. So when i went to bsnl office they calculated and told me to pay rs. When i asked for closing process they told its already closed so n need submit surrender form. Is it true? No need to fill up and submit surrender form. The outstanding notice people are getting from BSNL are for closed connections.

Hi… i have submitted the form to surrender my landline connection on 15th nov The disconnection process started on 24th nov line got disconnected the i have submitted the receiver instrument on 4th dec and got the receipt. But my question is.. Before applying to disconnection i paid all the dues upto 30th oct Hi Amit, if you have security deposit more than your bill from 1st of Nov to 24th of Nov , then no neeed to pay. Just go to the BSNL office with a canceled cheque and submit it. They can adjust the bill with security deposit.

But if you have a pending bill more than the security deposit, you might need to pay the additional amount calculated after adjusting the deposit. Thank you, this is very helpful. He passed away year back. If i stop paying the bill, will the connection be terminated? Yes, at one point the connection will get terminated but by the time it gets disconnected, it will add up to a lot of outstanding.

Due to some urgency, I had to vacate my current address location and shift to a new location within the same premises. Due to vacation of my flat at short notice I had no time to follow the procedure for surrendering my BSNL Broadband connection and had to remove the rented equipment of BSNL to my new address.

What is the appropriate date of the month to write for surrender of connection? Yes, you can still close it. I would say 5th or 6th day of any month would be an appropriate time to close the connection because on this day new invoice gets generated.

Can I surrender it? Your email address will not be published. How Does Air Purifier work? Broadband Satish says:. September 14, at am. September 14, at pm. Sangeeta Janardhan says:. October 8, at am. December 11, at pm. Jitesh Kumar says:. October 9, at pm. Nikhil says:. October 25, at pm. Shesadri says:. November 2, at pm. November 4, at am. Manikam says:. November 7, at pm. Tarak says:.

November 25, at pm.


How to apply online to deactivate MTNL and BSNL landline or broadband connection?

Really good post. Thanks for sharing this wonderful informative article. Undoubtedly good but it is too lengthy to read. In today's era, official letter should be very brief and informative. How ca I attach last bill and receipt as I pay my bill through credit card and I don't get a bill delivered to me? I want to discontinue my landline bsnl service name shyamal banerjee ph no While opening a bank account, a passbook is provided by the bank which documents the transactions made the customer for a particular peri


Disconnect BSNL connection: Surrender your Broadband, Landline and wimax

The advancement of technology brought a lot of changes to our lifestyle. Unlike standing in a long queue to pay bills or reserve train tickets in the pre-internet era, we can now perform most of the tasks online. For example, you can gift yourselves a dress, pay electricity bills, or get a new landline connection just by a few clicks using the internet. It's obvious that if you can get a new landline connection online, you can also disconnect it over the internet. Today, we'll show you how to disconnect BSNL broadband and landline services online. Do make a note that you can do it offline as well. If you already have a registered account, sign in and head to next step.

DS-2CD2012-I PDF

5 Simple Steps to Disconnect BSNL Broadband and Landline Services Online



BSNL customers in endless wait for refund of deposits


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