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The next shaver we review is the Braun Series 7. This review will focus on the Series 7 cc-4 model. It is still one of the highest rated electric shavers out there despite having been on the market since But is this shaver as good as everyone claims it to be?

Is the Braun Series 7 an electric shaver worth spending the money to buy? We aim to answer these questions and a lot more during this extensive review. You can click on a topic below to be taken directly to that section of the review. We prefer that you read the review in its entirety but if you are press for time, you can jump straight to a section of your choice.

Box Contents : This is where we take a look at the individual contents inside the box. The Shaver : This is where we take a closer look at the features of the shaver itself. Testing : This is where we publish our findings after putting the shaver through its paces. We also show you how the shaver is cleaned using the dock. So what are the differences between the three? It comes with a cleaning dock. It has no automatic cleaning, quick cleaning function or a hygiene indicator.

Instruction Manual: The instruction manual that comes with Braun shavers is not our favorite. We find the layout to be not user-friendly. It is laid out in such a way that, you find yourself having to go back and forth between the instructions and the illustrations. All of the illustrations appear on the first few pages of the manual, followed by all the instructions.

We believe every illustration should be on the same page as any instruction it references. You may find yourself reading an instruction on page 30, and having to flick back to page 5 to reference an illustration. It is safely tucked away in the travel pouch. Travel Pouch: A travel pouch is supplied to help safely carry the shaver with you when you travel. We loved that it is a hard shell case because this offers maximum protection.

Using the cleaning dock to clean or rinsing under running water are better ways to clean the shaver. It cleans, charges and dries the shaver. Cleaning Cartridge: Also found in the box is the cleaning solutions cartridge. The cartridge holds the cleaning solution used by the cleaning dock for cleaning the shaver. Power Adapter: The last item in the box is the power adapter. The power adapter can be plugged directly into the shaver to charge it or used to power the cleaning dock.

It is a multi-voltage adapter which means it will work in almost all countries. The body of the shaver is made of plastic and rubber. But it is also not as sleek looking as its modern counterparts. The shaver has a matte finish which is good for resisting fingerprints and smudges on the surface of the shaver.

The power button is centrally located on the front of the shaver. The travel lock feature prevents the shaver from accidentally being turned on. The power button is pictured below. It is not the easiest button to press so those of you with fat fingers might find it a bit annoying to press. There are two extra buttons located either side of the power button. These two buttons are used to cycle through five preset shaving modes. Braun refers to the buttons as personalization buttons.

The shaving modes are essentially five different shaving speeds. After about 18 months of usage, an icon appears on the display to remind you to change the cutting elements. You also have to press it to get rid of the warning indicator after you replace the cutting elements. It meant that you have to hold the shaver at an awkward angle to be able to see the LCD screen.

It is quite small and poorly lit. It makes it difficult to see the information displayed when you are in a poorly lit environment. The LCD screen shows battery and hygiene status in an analog format. It simply means that it uses a series of bars to represent the status of the battery and hygiene of the shaver.

A low hygiene reading means that you should clean the shaver. Located on the front of the shaver, right above the power button, is a large button with five bars etched on it. This is the trimmer release button. You push upwards on this button and out pops the attached trimmer as shown below. The trimmer does an excellent job of styling sideburns and mustaches but is not good for much else. It is certainly not a replacement for your regular trimmer. But then, it seems to be the case with all trimmers that comes attached to electric shavers.

One issue with have with the trimmer is with the release button. It is made of hard plastic and therefore not grip friendly.

We noticed you need a little bit of pressure to push the button upwards, which can be difficult if your fingers are wet or covered in shaving cream. Your fingers will very likely just slip off the button when you try to deploy the trimmer. The back is made mainly with textured grip friendly rubber. Grip-friendly rubber is an excellent choice of material as it ensures a firm, comfortable grip, even when handled with wet or foam covered hands, making it very easy to maneuver the shaver when in use.

There are no buttons located on the back of the shaver. The supplied power adapter plugs into this socket to directly charge the shaver without the cleaning dock. These are the charging contacts. They align with similar contacts inside the cleaning dock to charge the shaver when it is in the dock. We now want to, at this time in the Braun Series 7 cc-4 review, take a closer look at the shaving head of the shaver. The shaving head of the Braun Series 7 is a foil shaving head and has three cutting elements mounted onto it.

These two cutting elements are responsible for cutting short hair to give you that close shave. The Panasonic Arc 5 does 14, micro-vibrations per minute. As seems to be the norm with modern high-end shavers, the individual cutting elements move and flex to maintain contact with your skin. The shaving head block itself also pivots to adapt to the contours of your face.

When testing, this worked very well. It made the task of shaving much easier and comfortable. There is a button located on the side of the shaving head block. Pressing this locks the shaving head in one position, preventing it from pivoting when shaving. This is great when you need the head to be steady when shaving areas such as under your nose.

Although we did not break the head locking mechanism on our shaver, there are one or two reports of people breaking the locking mechanism when they pushed too hard on the shaver while the shaving head block was locked. We recommend that you be gentle on the shaver when in use.

Located on the opposite side of the shaving head lock button is another button. This button is used to separate the cutting elements cartridge from the rest of the shaving head block. From the image below, the cutting elements cartridge is the smaller piece separated from the shaver. You will have to press the release button a bit harder to release the cutting elements cartridge. You will remove the cutting elements cartridge when you want to do a manual cleaning under running water or when you want to replace it.

To maintain optimum performance, Braun recommends that you replace the cutting elements cartridge every 18 months. That wraps up our look at the features of the shaver itself.

Before using the shaver for the first time, we recommend that you fully charge the battery. We preferred using the power adapter to charge the charger for the first time directly.

The battery takes about one hour to charge fully. A full charge is supposed to give you about 50 minutes of shaving time. For most average users, a full charge should last about two weeks of use before needing to charge again.

Our tests proved the above statement to be entirely accurate. So we charged the battery fully and proceeded to give ourselves a good shave with the shaver over the course of several weeks. So how good or bad was the Braun Series 7 cc-4 Shaver at shaving? To give you a short and straight answer, the shave produced by the cc-4 shaver was very impressive.

We knew going into this review of the cc-4 that it had acquired an excellent reputation for being an excellent shaver with high consumer ranking.

And we have to say we were still very impressed with its performance despite what we knew. With 1 to 3 days stubble, the shaver got most of the hair with a single pass. The shaver also performed very well with flat-lying hair and beard that grew in different directions.


Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver Review


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Braun SERIES 7 790CC-4 User Manual


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