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Winters] Playfield Plastic x [Jeffrey L. All photographs licensed from original photographers, who retain their copyright. Do not use without permission! Solid State Electronic SS. Mini-bagatelle in upper-left playfield. Bally used the same name for a video game released in Uses the AS "Cheap Squeak" sound board. Included in this listing are images of original backglass artwork for this game, titled "Blowout".

Collector Bill Kurtz indicated it was obtained direct from artist Tony Ramunni and that the name of this game was changed to 'Spy Hunter' to cash in on the popularity of the video game having that name. We contacted Ramunni but it was simply too long ago for him to remember that his original artwork became Spy Hunter.

We have seen one undated photo showing a Spy Hunter at a public show. This game is reportedly made by Maibesa of Spain. The photo was taken at a distance from the game and is out-of-focus. We find insufficient information about this possible Maibesa version to make a listing on this site. Operations Manual. Images: click to zoom. Flyer, Back x Backglass x [Philippe Thibault].

Illuminated Backglass x Playfield x Upper Playfield x Lower Playfield x Cabinet - Left x Illuminated Backglass x [Dan Gutchess]. Backglass - Reverse x [Dan Gutchess]. Cabinet - Right x [Dan Gutchess]. Backbox - Left x [Dan Gutchess]. Backbox - Right x [Dan Gutchess]. Front x [Dan Gutchess]. Playfield - Detail x [Dan Gutchess]. Ball View x [Dan Gutchess]. Full View x [Dan Gutchess]. Instruction Card x [John Gray]. Behind Backglass x [John Gray].

Inside Backbox x [John Gray]. Inside Cabinet x [John Gray]. Under Lower Playfield x [John Gray]. Under Upper Playfield x [John Gray]. Playfield Plastic x [Jeffrey L.

6ES5 451-7LA21 PDF

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter is a vehicular action game developed by Bally Midway and released in arcades in The game draws inspiration from the James Bond films and was originally supposed to carry the James Bond games. The object of the game is to drive down roads in the technologically advanced "Interceptor" car and destroy various enemy vehicles with a variety of onboard weapons. Spy Hunter was produced in both sit-down and standard upright versions with the latter being more common. Spy Hunter was followed by Spy Hunter II which added a 3D view and two-player split-screen play, a pinball tie-in, and a successor series of games bearing the Spy Hunter name.



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