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Lawrence Telecom Solutions. This is a real world training event with hands-on exercises to ensure proficiency in doing installation tasks. This is an unpaid training event with no guarantee of employment. Location: Manhattan, NY. Central Office Installer Level 1.

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Cable Rack. Flag Markers. Labeling Conditions. Character Size Requirements. Battery Shipping Requirements.

Bolted Fused Disconnect Switches. State By State Requirements. Cable Racks. Fiber Optic. Fiber Testing. Battery Cabling. Reference Documentation. Complete Section E Review. Coaxial Connectors. Labeling Common Items. Cable Routing. Fiber Designations. Appliance Outlets. Transport Designations. January Section F Rewrite. Charging Storage Batteries. Cable Slack. Critical Power MOP. Frame Requirements. Cabling Requirements. Fiber Requirement. Job Start Agreement.

Energized Electrical Work Permit. Cable Rack Height. Spacers and Base Fillers. Test Records. MDR Clarifications. Transport Supplier Qualifications. Battery Post. Thermal Runaway. March Section F Rewrite. Required EJF Documentation. In-Line Reducers. Labeling Cloud Systems. Fiber Label. Intra Rack Power. Ironwork General. Battery String Transitions.

Cloud Services. Job Completion Report. Designation Markers. Labeling Transport. Labeling Fiber. Method of Procedure. Anchoring End Guards. Cable Rack Ends. Battery Return Leads. Fiber Protection System. AC Test Receptacle Spacing. Ribbon Cables. Aisle Lighting Switch. Fiber Optic Cables. Equipment Frames. Wire Basket. DC Power Cable Ampacity.

Fiber Diversity. Battery Collector Bars. DC Power Cable Reuse. Tin-Zinc Coated Lugs. Monitoring of Protection Devices. Cable Holes. March TP Rewrite. Cable Testing Requirements. Fiber Interface Cabling. Sodium Nickel Chloride Batteries.


Module Overview

It is not intended to provide complete design specifications or parameters nor the assurance of the quality of performance of such equipment. No license expressed or implied is hereby granted. These requirements become effective on the dates indicated below. A-2 1. A-2 Introduction A-2 Scope


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