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AS-Interface AS-i provides you with an effective and powerful bus system which connects all sensors and actuators on the lowest field level with the superior control — with unrivaled ease, safety and integration! It is standardized in accordance with IEC All components comply with the AS-i Specification and are correspondingly tested and certified.

The AS-i standard is manufacturer-neutral. The master, a power supply unit as well as various standard and safe stations slaves form the basis of every AS-i system. The master ensures data exchange with the slaves by means of cyclic polling. The AS-i power supply units supply the network's slaves and sensors with energy. Or with the other AS-i master modules from Siemens for other applications. As usual, the detection of safe signals is realized by means of rugged ASIsafe slaves.

The safe data are processed in the control in parallel with the standard data's processing. As a result of safe processing, the control issues safety-related disconnection commands which are transmitted to the safe actuators, e. Furthermore, the safety-related signals can be further processed back on the ASIsafe level, for example for the disconnection of safe AS-i outputs in load feeders. Neither fail-safe PLC nor special masters are required.

The MSS monitors safe sensors e. Disconnection is realized in a distributed manner via ASIsafe in connection with safe AS-i outputs or via safe outputs integrated in the device. AS-i Power24V is used for particularly compact machines e. The utilization of already employed 24V power supply units in connection with a data decoupling module facilitates the cost-favorable realization of AS-i networks with expansions of up to 50 m.

With the help of the data decoupling module, data and energy can be realized on a single line in the AS-i network. Even several data decoupling modules for multiple AS-i networks can be connected to one power supply unit — which results in an additional cost advantage. The power supply units centrally supply the AS-i network and the connected slaves with energy. They form an integral part of an AS-Interface network and, in combination with data decoupling, facilitate the simultaneous transmission of data and energy on the same two- wire line.

Up to 62 standard slaves or 31 safe slaves can be connected to an AS-i network for data exchange with the superior AS-i master.

For this purpose, so-called CPs or CMs are available. Besides direct integration, AS-Interface can also be employed in a distributed manner as feeder for superior bus systems. With the help of AS-i gateways links , subordinate AS-i networks can be completely assembled and commissioned even before the central control is completely programmed.

Our portfolio of system components comprises products for AS-i network analysis, AS-i slave addressing as well as range extension. Numerous further accessory components such as distributors, M12 feeders, mounting plates and cable end pieces complete the product portfolio and support a very easy and flexible assembly of the entire AS-i system.

STEP 7 comprises a slave selection dialog via which the modules are integrated in the respective S7 project with a mouse-click. The modules are parameterized via selection lists, no more searching for parameter bits in the operating instructions.

A comprehensive module description text eases system documentation. The MSS ES parameterization software forms a central part of the modular safety system MSS and supports the rapid and easy parameterization of safety functions as well as comprehensive diagnostics options. The screens can be scaled via WinCC for other monitor sizes. The graphics comprise the diagnostics of AS-i master and slaves.

Application descriptions. Any web client, such as a PC, Multi Panel or PDA, can obtain read-access to module, program and diagnostic data from a standard internet browser.

User-specific websites allow users to implement a continuous-diagnostics concept. Technical documentation, application examples and FAQ. The easy and efficient way to find successor products. Ideal for installations spread over a large area in harsh industrial environments. Powerful machines and plants need powerful push buttons, switches and indicators. Reliable shutdown of machines and plants with no scope for manipulation. Signaling columns are important optical aids for supervising complicated workflows on machines or in automated processes.

This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. Please enable JavaScript and reload the site. It looks like you are using a browser that is not fully supported. Please note that there might be constraints on site display and usability. For the best experience we suggest that you download the newest version of a supported browser:. AS-Interface — the clever field bus standard. The right solution for each application: AS-i supports perfect adjustability — to any system size and any safety requirement.

AS-i Standard. Advantages: Direct integration of safety-related components e. MSS and safety monitors - the best choice: with medium and small quantity structures of safe slaves, with a small number of safe disconnection circuits when safety technology and safety-related processing are to be separated from the superior field bus level or control in a targeted manner with a manageable number of safe logical interconnections.

AS-i Power24V. System components and Accessories. MSS ES. STEP 7 V5. Web server AS-i diagnostics with user-specific websites. Block library for PCS 7. Related Content. Please allow JavaScript This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly.

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AS-Interface – the clever field bus standard






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