Amsterdam is named after River Armstel and is the capital of the Netherlands. The city known as the city of cannals, quite resembles to Venice. There are many options for accomodation and the hostels are plenty in here. Amsterdam is a city which is below the sea level and is located around approximately cannals. Because the city is small, you can either walk or hire a bicycle to go anywhere.

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Do you like steak? Do you like Gin? Do you like good service? Then, my friend, you may be looking at the right place! And today, I am just a friend telling you her own experience with the place. So the reason I came across this place, probably like you are doing right now, I was looking for a nice steak place in Munich.

Have I mentioned he loves steak? After a Google search, and usual check of trip advisor, some blogs etc. We were a group of four people; 2 friends joined us. We made our reservation for a Monday night in January The first thing and probably the most outstanding thing I noticed about the place was that the service was really good. Here, we are happy if one service person greets us once and also says goodbye at the end. Lving in Germany really put my head down on this aspect. Therefore it was nice to have that VIP treatment in a restaurant in Germany.

This is also nice because you might think that all Germans know and speak very good English, especially in the service industry. It is these little things you know. Ok, so far so good. First thing, the menu is not very extensive, but it has solid choices. Also we actually had a vegetarian friend with us that night too but both of us were ok with the other choices available.

Actually that vegetarian friend claims she likes the side dishes of steak places so much because it is so nicely done! They brought bread and olive oil beforehand, and we ordered starter dishes to try a couple and some drinks. Although the food menu was brief, the alcohol menu was really extensive.

Especially the Gin part. I think it was 4 pages or more! So if you are into that you may also want to come here just for that. Also, the cocktails were very good, and they also had some interesting ones not just your standard, sometimes boring cocktails. From starter dishes, we tried risotto can also be a main dish, the only difference is the starter portion is smaller , and a combined starter dish plate which had 3 of the starters we were interested in just in a smaller size.

As you can see from the photos they all looked nice, and the taste was also very good. Then for the main dish, our table got one rib eye and one Tomahawk steak, and I got black-feathered chicken stuffed with ricotta and walnuts.

We all had at least 2 side dishes including your usual French Fries- which were really good — potato gratin andbaby spinach salad Asian style which was interesting as it was raw spinach but somehow with the sauce, it was delicious and refreshing etc etc.

Ok anyway, moving on, even though we were quite full, we had to try their desserts as well. Because of course we have to. We opted for the Austrian gold, which is a brownie, vanilla ice cream, golden leaf, pumpkin oil and looked super fancy! We also ordered one banana ice cream. Although Austrian gold was interesting, that banana ice cream was the best banana ice cream, and one-fourth of the price so I would absolutely recommend you try their ice cream.

And throughout the dinner service continued to be very nice. Attentive, friendly. And of course, while leaving again everyone individually said good-bye to us, and to me in English.

And we all marked the place as a nice special place to come for special occasions. Why special occasions? Because it is expensive for your average night out dinner. Obviously, it is a steak place which usually tend to have higher prices anyway, but even for Munich steak prices, it is above the average.

But we all totally agreed that it is well deserved but at the same time, also agreed that it is not your everyday steak place. The golden leaf dessert was After a very comprehensive Helsinki travel guide on where to go and what to do in Helsinki , I wanted to also write a Helsinki food guide. Because food is a huge part of my trips as I enjoy trying new places and learn what type of food is typical for my destination.

In Finland, thus in Helsinki, there are many dishes which are not only delicious but also part of the culture.

You can also find bear meat along with reindeer meat, both usually served with lindenberry. In many places, when you order coffee, you can get a refill from the big termosses. Actually Finland has a really high coffee consumption per person. One item worth extra mentioning in this Helsinki food guide is dark rye bread.

I was especially satisfied with dinners I had in Helsinki! This place is managed by the same family for years, and with cosy but somehow navy themed decore it is a really nice place to try as many dishes you can.

Anyway, you can find soup, reindeer meat dish, fish, vegetable dishes, etc etc, all as much as you can eat, and you can refill your plate, for only 19 euro! Of course drinks are not included.

They speak English and first they will explain you which dish is which and how to eat it. Since food is delicious and reasonable priced for Helsinki, you have to have reservation.

I saw at least people turned down while I was there, and I was only able to get in because I was one person and I was there early like so I was supposed to leave until since I was with no reservation. This place is not in city center but it is close by to Sibelius Monument so you can combine visiting both. Though I suggest not to overshare as there seems to be an army of sparrows!

This is a place I liked most after my USA trip and that was more than 5 years ago! If you like burgers please try this place, it belongs to famous chef Aksali Herlevi. Burgers were euro, fries were euro and beers were around euro. I guess key word is it was still a fast food burger. Burgers were around euro, menu including fires and drink was around euro. Also if you come here for lunch time it is 1 euro discounted.

It can be a good fast. I would say it is above Helsinki prices but it was nice break and experience to observe atmosphere. Inside you find many different world cuisienes. There are also some handmade sourveniour type stuff shops inside. I think it is worth stopping by if you are close by. Well, I did went there but I saw it was very small and in the terasse part there were only tables which were full.

And there were many people coming and going checking for tables, and tourist like me coming in taking a photo and not having a place to sit go. So even with an available table I doubt I would stay because the time I visited was very crowded to enjoy view or a drink.

Helsinki was on my to see list for sometime as I was curious about Finland. Finally, I got to see it in my combined trip of Riga-Talinn-Helsinki. So now I can give you the ultimate guide on what to do in Helsinki for a trip of same duration! Travel: You can find many direct flights to Helsinki, but it is also very popular way to reach Helsinki by ferries from Talinn or Stockholm.

For inside city, you can reach many places by walking but you will need a short ferry ride to the islands such as Suomenlinna. It takes about 30 minutes and trains are very modern and comfy. Before I go, I made an internet search and prices looked 5.

But when I tried to buy from ticket machines there, II chosed airport and paid only 2. I even asked a finnish person and he said ok, and I had control at the train and there were no problems with 2. If you want to grab a taxi though expect to pay euro from center to the airport.

Check out Helsinki food guide for more details and restaurant suggestions. You can get sandwiches around euro, coffee euro, soft drink euro, beer euro and average dish can vary between from cheap to mid level places.

But at least you can find cheap options if your budget is really tight. You can just grab some bakery goods from supermarkets and I think this would be the cheapest option unless you are cooking. Eating fast food would be euro but that would at least include your drink as well. Museums are on average 10 euro by the way city museum is free. I wrote other attractions prices under their own details below. Not the cheapest city card but if you do buy it, main advantage would be visiting Suomenlinna.

It covers going Suomenlinna, the tour there and some museum entries. In addition, you can use hop on hop off buss and 1. There is also a 4D 10 minutes attraction, which included in Helsinki Card. If you plan to do all these, it covers perfectly all the costs and saves you money. However, I have to say the city can be explored on foot perfectly fine as well. And if you are just going to do Suomenlinna this may not be worth it.

I wrote Suomenlinna prices below when mentioning it under details of what to do in Helsinki.


Red Light District Hakkında Her Şey!

Do you like steak? Do you like Gin? Do you like good service? Then, my friend, you may be looking at the right place!


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Türkiye'nin göz bebeği: Bozcaada gezi rehberi


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