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Instruction manual DK Version Data entry Searching for a function number. Summary of functions Entering Data Line up Explanation of individual parameters Basic adjustment and calibration Selection of the input voltage range Functional test prior to calibration Approval number display upon activation Auto-Zero and Auto-Calibration Polarity of the input voltage Display division, no.

Average cycles Calibration weight and calibration Negative weigher Release setting zero facility Release zero continuation facility Measuring transmitter monitoring Keyboard locking Brightness adjustment Functions of analogue output Analogue output Number of average cycles for analogue output Analogue output mode Adjustment of the analogue output Range-switching for the analogue output Functions for dosing mode Dosing mode of operation Tolerance check Actual value registration Afterflow correction Mode to start dosing and acknowledge tol.

Taring prior to dosing Source of nominal value Test stop during dosing Adjust the analogue input Delayed dosing-end output disable Functions of data transfer Parallel interface BCD interface Binary interface Control output Serial interface Type of serial interface Serial identification address Parity bit and data frame length Actual value transfer mode Actual value format Printer interface Other functions Standstill monitoring Minimum load Zero setting range Negative display range External Taring External Zeroing Clear all memory Switch on reset Check inputs Check outputs Revision no.

Transferring configuration data to the PC Reading in configuration data from the PC Data protection Error messages Dosing cycle Connectors and plug arrangement Power supply X Measurement transmitter and analogue inputs X Arrangement of inputs Arrangement of outputs Serial interface and analogue output X Block diagram Configuration table german Configuration table engl.

Table of settings Hardware For basic information's see part 1 user manual and part 3 programmer manual. Data entry The keyboard on the front contains 5 keys with integrated LED's. According to the software implemented, up to different parameters can be entered. The parameters functions with the numbers For the purpose of entering sensitive data configuration and calibration functions If this is not the case, there will be no access to these functions.

In order to avoid accidental writing in functions The fault is acknowledged by returning switch 1 to the upper position. If Switch 1 is in normal display mode and in the downward position, the weight display will flash and the overload output will be activated.

If this key is held down, the function number is displayed. If the but- If the but- If the but- as when the Important!

If this error report is acknowledged, all data will be erased and the DK will be back in its basic setting. Summary of functions The functions C L R Clear zero point memory S E T Setting zero facility H Empty, hysteresis kg D Empty, delay time s D W P Limit value for limit switch kg H Limit switch, hysteresis kg V A L Nominal value kg Negative tolerance kg


Mesomatic dk 800 user manual



DK800 Vx.1 Rev.48




IEC 61968-9 PDF


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