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IEC specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to meter reading and control. Typical uses of the message types include meter reading, controls, events, customer data synchronization and customer switching. The purpose of IEC is to define a standard for the integration of metering systems MS , which includes traditional manual systems, and one or two-way automated meter reading AMR …. The content area displays items that have been created or shared within a collection. This is the default view when entering a collection.

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Standardization in Smart Grids pp Cite as. This chapter deals with one of the most recommended ICT-standards for the power domain. The CIM is a powerful overall integration framework, which is historically grown and continuously improved in order to meet the latest requirements.

Due to the fact that the CIM is designed as an abstract and generic model, the developments focus on two focal areas: On the one hand, a comprehensive data model is developed and maintained in UML. On the other hand, technology mappings are specified in order to make the overall model applicable.

Within this chapter all these aspects are covered and analyzed. Finally, the chapter concludes with a summary and an outlook. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

IEC: Ed. IEC: Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 1: Interface architecture and general requirements Google Scholar. Lambert, E. Rohjans, S. Uslar, M. Springer Google Scholar. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? ENW EndNote. Buy options.


IEC 61968-9:2013

This part of IEC specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to records and asset management. Typical uses of the message types defined in this document include network extension planning, copying feeder or other network data between systems, network or diagram edits and asset inspection. Message types defined in other parts of IEC may also be relevant to these use cases. Multi-user access to over 3, medical device standards, regulations, expert commentaries and other documents. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Online Tools. Search all products by.


BS EN IEC 61968-4:2019

System Interfaces For Distribution Management —. The purpose of this document is to define a standard for the integration of Metering Systems MS , which would include traditional one or two-way Automated Meter Reading AMR Systems, with other systems and business functions within the scope of IEC The scope of this standard is the exchange of information between a Metering System and other systems within the utility enterprise. The specific details of communication protocols those systems employ are outside the scope of this standard. The IEC series of standards is intended to facilitate inter-application integration as opposed to intra-application integration. IEC , by contrast, is intended to support the inter-application integration of a utility enterprise that needs to connect disparate applications that are already built or new legacy or purchased applications , each supported by dissimilar runtime environments.

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