ChinesePod is a web-based Chinese language -learning service composed of multiple key components: video and audio lessons, mobile apps and exercises for characters, pronunciation and dialogue. There are also virtual classroom sessions for private lessons with Mandarin Chinese teachers. ChinesePod is a Mandarin Chinese learning platform that provides video and audio lessons, mobile study tools and exercise, as well as individual online tutoring lessons, which are designed for learners of every level. The company mission is "to make language learning easier for adult students".

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Partnering with ChinesePod. We are excited to partner with ChinesePod, provider of award-winning online Mandarin lessons and learning tools. Audio and video lessons form the core of ChinesePod; with a library of 1, lessons, Mandarin learners can find all the modern, useful language they need - whatever their levels and learning objectives. Better still, here on Chineseteachers. Simplified characters only. Includes both Traditional and Simplified characters. Try these fun introductory lessons from ChinesePod, each containing ultra-useful language for everyday life.

The beginner-level dialogues will have you hooked on Chinese in just a few minutes! Get started with basic greetings and pleasantries in Chinese. Pack 1 also introduces language for discussing weather and food, perfect for the absolute beginner.

This lesson pack focuses on transportation and shopping. Ideal for a trip to Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei, Pack 2 will equip you for getting around with confidence and bagging a bargain in Mandarin! This lesson pack focuses on work and personal relationships, suitable for both travel and business trips. Pack 4 introduces more language for discussing work and personal relationships.

Learn how to describe leisure time activities, friends and vacations, as well as how to deal with lost luggage! As well as an unrivalled library of 1, audio lessons, ChinesePod also offers the following features:. Online vocabulary flashcards, games and review exercises, plus handwriting tools and much more; ChinesePod serves as a complete self-learning resource. Use ChinesePod learning tools and lessons on your smartphone. Learn more about ChinesePod apps. With , ChinesePod users worldwide, our online groups and discussion boards make learning fun!

Plus, our team of experts is always available to offer study support. Learn more about our range of subscription options. Why Us? Teachers Students Pricing. Join the best native Chinese teachers applied. Only were selected for this rewarding teaching experience. Take the challenge today! Register Today. About Us. Mask password. Please type:. Create My Account.

I wish to receive future News. I accept the Terms of Service. Collaborative study With , ChinesePod users worldwide, our online groups and discussion boards make learning fun!


chinese pod - newbie Flashcards

I am also responsible for the difficulty level system used on the site, as well as most of the topics or angles we choose to create lessons. Many go into the Newbie archive and go all the way back to the first lesson, then proceed forward. This is not recommended. With the exception of the Intro series and a few other short series, the vast majority of ChinesePod lessons are not intended to be consumed sequentially. You need to know pinyin backwards and forwards to get good at Chinese. Here are links to those episodes, in order:.


Learning Mandarin Language for Beginners

Find Flashcards. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts, spanning the world's body of "learnable" knowledge. AP Exams. GCSE Exams. Graduate Entrance Exams.


Sample Course

What do you have done in your study routine to recap the vocabs? Any kind of additional SRS-setup? Or were you simply fine with the details you have gathered listening to the lesson and working through the expansion and the exercises? Starting at the Intermediate level, I did a rather rudimentary SRS where I took notes in a leather day planner, noting down when I needed to re-listen to the Vocabulary Review MP3 1 day later, 5 days later, 25 days later, 4 months later.


How I Study with ChinesePod 1: Newbie

In the world of online Chinese language learning, podcasts are pretty underrated. A lot of language learners these days desire accessibility and ease, with quick daily exercises and elements that are way cooler than a boring old textbook. Some even prefer learning Mandarin through games. It was the first of its kind back in , and unlike a traditional course where every lesson must be followed in chronological order, ChinesePod lessons are actually independent of one other. However, for some people, it might not be as clear cut. ChinesePod offers six different learning levels to make it easy for users to easily distinguish where their skill level is at. If you have zero knowledge of Chinese or know very few basic words or phrases, this is naturally the place to start.

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