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Urmet S. This prestigious international recognitionqualifies all steps of all activities, confirming Urmet as leader in the audio andvideo door phone system sectors and fullyguarantees the quality and supplied services.

All Urmet are CE marked. SERVICES Urmet :becauseour customeris the centreof our systemPre-sales and after-sales servicesCommercial organisation Urmet accompanies its customers in all theirworking phases, from the choice of the bestsolution to assistance in guaranteeinga complete and accurate service.

The salesnetwork is diffused all over the nationalterritory. Urmet customer service respondsin real time to doubts or installation needsand the Service Centres are specialised soas to assure competent and punctual support. SoftwareDomus DrawAn automatic quoting system, with a simple interface allows to visualiseand choose the components of the installation and to obtain the quote in justone click.

A practical, useful and always updated tool. Doc ProgetThe new Urmet software has been thought for those who need to designinterphones or video-interphones: all you need is to indicate the desiredsystem and the number of users and Doc Proget will supply all thespecifications with the complete solutions of the required components. Technical documentationTechnical handbooksTechnical data, equipment andinstallation systems: a collectionof all data indispensable for work.

An effective support for studyand widening possibilities. TrainingCoursesMeetings to present novelties, courses on new systemsand products - opportunities to develop direct contactswith clients and furnish answers to their needs. Moreover, a wide space for images and the presentationof the new products permits customers and architects toalways be updated on the evolution of the product range.

Moreover, in the website it is possible to downloadthe records, tables and application diagrams and discover the new systemupgrades! It is the ideal solutionto simplify installation in large residential complexes. In the website it is possible to look up all the functionalitiesand updates in terms of product novelty and system integrations!

To receive the newsletter, please register to www. All over the world, in every project. Urmet Group is integration of competencies and international dimension, to offer global solutions to its partners. Born in Italy, it was able to develop internationally and now it has a significant presence on the world market. Our Group designs, develops and markets products and systems in the communication and security sectors,as well as in energy management and saving and telecommunications.

In Italy it is a leader in thevideo-interphone and telephone systems, in access automation and control, in professional anti-intrusion,anti-fire and video-surveillance; from private homes to town redevelopment planning, up to large publicinfrastructures.

It is as a global partner for product quality and service effectiveness. Systems for integrated communication and securitySystems for energy management and savingTelecommunication systems and solutionsCommunicationand securityEnergyTelecommunicationsIV.

Specialisation,integration and synergy. Five brands, one vision. Five specialised brands are our strength. Continuous researchand integration are our vision. Product and service synergies are the engine. A Group with morethan 50 enterprises spread over more than countries all over the world, with nearly 3,employees, operating on the Italian market with a diffused sales network. A range of productsoffering solutions to live spaces in full freedom and security, with the intelligence of technologyand an easy and user-friendly automation - making everyday solutions even easier.

Urmet Born as Urmet Group video-interphone division, it is now known as a leading company in this sectorand is a protagonist on the market of building automation and security with professional video-surveillance,anti-intrusion and anti-fire systems.

Thanks to its constant investment in technology research and to itscustomer focus, it can propose products and systems designed on the specific requirements of the market. Simon Urmet Simon Urmet was born from the synergiesbetween Simon, a Spanish company whichis a world leader in the market of civil lines,and the Urmet Group. The objective is to consolidatein time a strong presence on the Italian market of civilproduct lines, investing on innovative and reliableproducts, with a great attention to design.

Urmet Engineering Urmet Engineering offers a high specificcompetence in design, engineering,industrialisation and system integration activitiesfor products and technologies in the High Security field.

It has recently implemented a division specialisedin the design and realisation of plantsfor production of renewable energies and systemsfor heat level detection. AprimaticAprimatic is one of the most successful internationalbrands specialised in the productionof automatisms for gates, doors and windows. GLTGLT is specialised in hotel and hospitalautomation sectors and markets automatedsystems for control of house units, startingfrom the management of presences up to theiraccess to the room, air-conditioning and lighting.

Furthermore, 2Voice isgrowing with the market needs and today is presentinginstallers new important upgrades, whichfurther increase their performances: up to 1, mbetween external place and push-button panel,2, m distance in the common parts with onlytwo wires. It also offersthe advantages of advanced functionalities, such asthe convenience of the free interphone, video-surveillance,1 exchange among many other solutions.

For blocks of flats and residential compounds: userswith only two wires. Online quoter for 2Voice systemGo to the www. Communicating according to Urmet A new range of products designed to provide more style, functionalitiesand advantages to building communication.

Among monitors Aiko stands out, the soft touch speakerphonecompatible with 2Voice and from this year also with IPervoice,together with Modo, completely touch-screen. These are two clean lines, bound to enhance the quality of materialsand the character of design, for high performances in a compact size. In addition, Urmet offer is enriched with new kits: these solutionscombine the design styles of the Urmet internal spacesand of the new Micra video-interphone push-button panel -strong and compact, with new advanced functions such asfor example the integrated video-surveillance.

It manages two entries and it is arrangedfor opening with proximity key or code. In addition, it isequipped with a wide 3. Wide angle camera and aid for physically impairedpersons, included in all versions. Egeo combines the function of multifunction telephonewith that of a video-interphone, through the 3. Protecting according to Urmet A complete range for security dedicated to the residential and tertiary sectors up to large publicareas.

In fact, Urmet proposes the most advanced filar and wireless anti-intrusion, anti fire andvideo-surveillance systems: professional in their functions, versatile in their management thanksto the remote-control possibility, also by means of a cellphone.

Also the video-surveillance offers are completely renewed; a catalogue-guidebook is dedicatedto them, which can also be consulted on the www. Among the novelties, there also are the new kits, with 4 and 8-entry DVRs, camera and powersupply.

Protection according to Urmet also means integration: thanks to thesolutions with connection through the IP protocol, which dialogue withvideo-interphones, and to the new IperView software which runs all thesystems dedicated to high professional security with simple graphic maps.

Ideal for large residentialcompounds with high integrationneeds access control,switchboards, intrusion alarmsystems, video surveillancesystems, intercom systems. Self-diagnostic system forchecking system state. Ideal for villas and large residentialcomplexes alike:4 main entrances, 32 risers, usersper riser column for a total of users. Free intercom function with fourmonitors in parallel, integral video surveillance,second entrance management.

Easy creation of mixed audioand video door phone systems. Up to 5 conciergeswitchboards. Two conversationsat the same timefrom two main stations. Systems with intercomservice and conversationprivacy function to doorunit and systemswith several automaticallyswitching entrancescan be made. Conversation privacyguaranteed betweenapartments. With unlimited extension and number of risercolumns, IPervoice is the ideal system for simplifyinginstallation in residential compounds with a highnumber of users.

Needs may also extremely variedin such large systems, and IPervoice has all theanswers. Extremely versatile, it manages integratedaccess control, technological systems CCTV,intrusion alarms, fire alarms and many otherfunctions, all from the video door phone system.

IPervoice: Urmet research and innovation bringsyou a solution just waiting to be discovered. By exploitingIP technology, several audio and video communicationscan be established at the same time.

Optical-fibre-readyOptical fibre can be used for special situations distance higher than metres or passage in conduitswith power cables in the IPervoice system: this makesystem extension virtually unlimited. Self-diagnostic functionsIPervoice constantly monitors the stateof all system peripherals: the switchboardis immediately signalled in case of faults.

The signals can be sent to a remote destination,for calling - for example - assistance and providinga more effective, punctual service. Access control with evolved functionsLift monitorIntrusion alarmVideo surveillanceSwitchboard and IP stationsSelf-diagnostic functionsOne key for all functionsAccess controlThe system integrates access control with event memoryfor monitoring all movements at all entrances.

SwitchboardsWith IPervoice the concierge desk is turned into a service centreconnected to all the buildings and apartments. Intrusion alarmThe intrusion alarm of each apartment interfaceswith the system for better monitoring and continuous surveillanceof the concierge. Video surveillanceNo limit of installable cameras, which can be monitored at alltimes from each apartment to supervise safety of the compound. Intercom functionTop quality communications inside and outside the apartment:- up to 16 devices in each apartment, constantly interfacing,without using the riser column- possibility of communicating with all other users in the systemand with the various manned stations in common areas.

The extreme linearity and simplicity of the Ethernet wiringallow to satisfy all possible installation requests, turningthe residential compound into a totally communicatingarea favouring function interoperability.

The switchboard in an IPervoice system can receiveall system information: the PC can be used to monitorfunctions including video surveillance and to receivesystem state indications. Furthermore, the switchboard may be associatedto a group of users or to all users: communicationwith users and apartments is constant and mobile,with the possibility of transferring calls to a cordlesshandset or a Bluetooth device.

In addition to calls, the switchboard can receive alarmsfrom apartments intrusion alarms, panic alarms, etc. Furthermore, the switchboard may use a VoIP telephonefor calling and being called by everyone, activate typicalswitchboard operations such as opening the door and combining all traditional telephone functionsat the same time.

All floor distributors allow to carry signals towardsapartments. The number of risers is unlimited: your installation is served. Intercom inside,never busy outside!

Even single apartments can enjoy the benefitsof remarkable versatility. Up to 16 devices can be installed, all fully intercommunicatingwithout engaging the column audio lines.

Never busy: simply add a AWG24 twisted pairto the column to allow two audio communicationsat the same time. Fully digital and with a single-block structure,Elekta is available in two versions. Elekta steel: linear,pure satin steel surface for top-level robustness and toguarantee the best vandal-proof performance.

Shapes, materials and treatments speak of technology,and are the ideal combination with IPervoice: this entrypanel is characterised by modern finish, with a blackmirror surface and touch button commands.

Two designs, the same reliability. This state-of-the art entry panel range can managethe various IPervoice system functions, adding importantutilities such as displaying the route for reaching the calleduser a very convenient function in complex multiplebuilding residential compounds or the possibilityof combining logos and images to names.

Many features to be appreciated, all easy to manage. This calling module — with two soft-touchand vandal-roof versions — manages two locks for managing,for example a pedestrian entrance and a garagedoor and is provided with integrated access control.

It works with proximity key or code and has open doordetection function. Elekta is also provided with a duress warning systemallowing to open the door with a code and at the sametime send a duress signal to the concierge. The colour camera and light is standard.



Access control is the ability to permit or deny an access to a person or a group of persons in the aim of increasing. When a key is presented to a reader, the reader sends information, usually a serial number, to a controller. The controller. When access is denied, the door remains locked.



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