Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Navigation Manual. Table of Contents. Your selection of a Acura RDX was a wise investment. It will give you years of driving pleasure.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Navigation Manual. Table of Contents. Your selection of a Acura RDX was a wise investment. It will give you years of driving pleasure. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to read. In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and. Afterwards, keep this owner's manual in your vehicle so.

Several warranties protect your new vehicle. Read the warranty booklet. Maintaining your vehicle according to the Maintenance Minder. When your vehicle needs maintenance, keep in. Your dealer is dedicated to your satisfaction. As you read this manual, you will find. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to read this manual. In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and convenience items.

Page 2 California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act The airbags, seat belt tensioners, and CR type batteries in this vehicle may contain perchlorate materials - special handling may apply. See www. Failure to operate your vehicle correctly might result in loss of Off-Highway Driving Guidelines control or an accident. Page 6 Taking Care of the Unexpected This section covers several problems motorists sometimes experience, and details how to handle them. Warranty and Client Relations U.

Page 11 Never drive faster than is safe for current conditions, regardless of the maximum speed posted. Page Airbags see page for more information on how your side airbags work. Page 15 A front passenger should move their seat as far back from the dashboard as possible. Page Adjust The Front Seats Have a front passenger adjust their seat as far to the rear as possible. Page Adjust The Seat-Backs Passengers with adjustable seat- backs should also adjust their seat- back to a comfortable, upright position.

Adjust the seat-back to an upright position, and sit well back in the seat. Page Adjust The Head Restraints See page for how to adjust the head restraints and how the driver's and front passenger's active head restraints work. Fasten and Position the Seat Belts Insert the latch plate into the buckle, then tug on the belt to make sure the belt is securely latched.

Page 20 If the seat belt touches or crosses your neck, or if it crosses your arm instead of your shoulder, you need to adjust the seat belt anchor height. To adjust the height of Page Advice For Pregnant Women When riding as a front passenger, adjust the seat as far back as possible.

Page Additional Safety Precautions If your from the airbag covers. In normal driving, the retractor lets you move freely in your seat while it keeps some tension on the belt.

Page Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners When activated, the tensioners immediately tighten the belts to help hold the driver and a front passenger in position. Page Seat Belt Maintenance Any belt that is not in good condition or working properly will not provide good protection and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Acura provides a limited warranty on seat belts. See your Acura Warranty Information booklet for details. If the weight is about 65 lbs Page How Your Front Airbags Work RDX During a frontal crash, your seat belt restrains your lower body and torso, and the front airbag helps protect your head and chest. Page 31 If this occurs, get out of the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.

Page 32 Failure to follow these instructions could damage the sensors or prevent them from working properly. Although Acura does not encourage carrying an infant or small child in front, if the sensors detect the weight of an infant or small child up to about 65 lbs or 29 kg , the system will automatically turn the passenger's front airbag off.

Page How Your Side Airbags Work Your vehicle has a side airbag cutoff system designed primarily to protect a child riding in the front passenger's seat. Although Acura does not encourage children to ride in front, if the position sensors detect a child has leaned into the side airbag's deployment path, the airbag will shut off.

Page How Your Side Curtain Airbags Work RDX If the impact is on the passenger's side, the passenger's side curtain airbag will inflate even if there are no occupants on that side of the vehicle. Canada This indicator alerts you that the passenger's side airbag has been automatically shut off. Page How The Passenger Airbag Off Indicator Works RDX If the indicator comes on with no front seat passenger and no objects on the seat, or with an adult riding there, something may be interfering with the weight sensors.

Page Airbag Service If you ignore this indication, your airbags may not operate properly. Page 39 This could make the dealer. If it is necessary to remove or modify a front seat to accommodate a person with disabilities, first contact Acura Client Services at Page 42 U. Please read and follow the instructions on these labels. Page If You Must Drive With Several Children RDX If a child requires close physical attention or frequent visual contact, we strongly recommend that another adult ride with the child in a back seat.

Children who play in vehicles can accidentally get trapped inside. Page Protecting Small Children Always place a rear-facing child seat in the back seat, not the front. Page 47 RDX Placing a forward-facing child seat in the front seat can result in serious injury or death if the front airbag inflates.

Page Installing A Child Seat If the child seat is not secure, try installing it in a different seating position, or use a different style of child seat that can be firmly secured.

Make sure the child is properly Page 51 5. Remove the cargo area cover, and place it on the cargo area floor see page Lift the head restraint see page , then route the tether strap Page 52 Reinstall the head restraint when the child seat is removed.

When you install the child seat in the Page 53 Do not attach two child seat connectors to a single lower anchor at a time.

The LATCH system or the child seats might be damaged if you try to install three child seats in the rear seats. To activate the lockable retractor, slowly pull the shoulder part of the belt all the way out until it stops, then let the belt feed back into the retractor. Page Installing A Child Seat With A Tether To deactivate the lockable retractor and remove a child seat, unlatch the buckle, unroute the seat belt, and let the belt fully retract.

Page 56 When you install the child seat in the rear center seating position, you cannot use the seat belt behind the driver's seat. Attach the tether strap hook to the anchor, making sure the tether strap is not twisted. Page Using A Booster Seat RDX Some states, Canadian provinces and territories also require children to use a booster seat until they reach a given age or weight e. And while age may be one indicator of Page Carbon Monoxide Hazard Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage.

Page Safety Labels If a label comes off or becomes hard to read except for the U. Page 64 RDX Page Instrument Panel Indicators If you do not fasten your seat belts before the beeper stops, the indicator stops flashing but remains on. Page 69 see page For more information, see page Running out of fuel could cause the engine to misfire, damaging the catalytic converter. Page 73 This indicator also comes on with reduced brightness when the daytime running lights DRL are on see page Page 74 Fog Light Indicator This indicator comes on when you turn on the fog lights.

Page 75 1. If it comes on while driving, it indicates that one or more of your vehicle's tires are significantly low on pressure. Page 76 74 to see the message see page Most of the time, this indicator comes on along with other indicators in the instrument panel such as the seat belt reminder indicator, SRS indicator, VSA system indicator, etc.

Page 77 The needle returns to the bottom after you turn off the ignition. Avoid driving with an extremely low fuel level. Page Multi-Information Display see page In the multi-information display, the Page 79 Multi-Information Display U. The temperature reading can be affected by heat reflection from the road surface, engine heat, and the exhaust from surrounding traffic. Page 82 Refer to page for instructions on how to link your cell phone to HFL and how to receive or make phone calls, or visit the acura.

In Canada, visit www. Page 83 Here is a list of messages shown on the multi-information display: See page See page See page U. Canada See page U. Canada See page , U. If you want to change any vehicle


2011 Acura RDX - Owner's Manual (517 pages)

We have 49 Acura RDX manuals covering a total of 21 years of production. This like all of our manuals is available to download for free in PDF format. In total, that's over pages of content dedicated to your Acura RDX. We'll send you a quick email a new Acura RDX document is added.


Acura 2011 RDX Owner's Manual


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