Great Paintball field that supllies equipment and features various fields and activities. Visited Santa Clara Paintball for a birthday party for our 16 year old twins and their friends Had a very good experience here. Our family of 4 had fun over 5 hours. Paintball can be painful, and not sure if it will be something that we will be doing all the time.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. Robert and Matt were helpful. They were there to answer our questions and worked with us because it was our first time there.

So they def made us feel welcomed and ready. Would come here again just bc of those two. Thanks for making the experience! Fields are great, equipment is in good condition and refs are friendly. Cashiers are a bit slow, took about 15 minutes to process my party of four.

Other than that we had an awesome time. Highly recommend. Minus a few bruises which is kind of a given I had a great experience here. The staff is super friendly and very accommodating. Shout out to the girl who did the safety training with us, because girl you're funny. Great experience at Santa Clara Paintball! John H was really helpful and fun! I'd recommend it and definitely come back. Staff is very very Rude.

I say there is no customer service at all. All their focus to make as money as possible. We made a group booking after talking to them that we can have a private party. But after going there they told us they are under staffed for that day and added 8 other people to our 18 member team. It didnt go well with the other new folks and couple of our people got hurt. After couple of rounds, when we asked for private area because of this, they charged us more. Horrible experience.

I will never go back there to play again. I will also not recommend this place to anyone!! This was my second visit.. First time around we had loads of fun..

This time around i felt like the guys were being a little two strict.. Thought 1st time i rem they threw me out of the game but i didnt mind because they spoke to me in a nice way, explained to me what i was doing wrong and made me sit out a game..

But i suppose it depends largely on the ppl who are visiting with u and also whose shift it is.. So i wudnt judge the business.. We have been here a couple times and my son and friends love it. Are last trip was for my sons 13th bday and step dads 57th bday. We had Ben David as ares and he was great with the kids and even let us know there is a platinum pass which is good if you come a lot. Everyone had a blast and would ask for Ben again.. We came here for my nephews birthday party. Kids and adults had a blast!

Clifford led the activities and was very good at keeping the kids interested and under control. Will want to come back again for adult paintball next time!

Had an awesome awesome time at Paintball. Jacob was our staff ref and he was the best. He was fair and let the boys be boys. We are coming back for sure! Went for my birthday party with 30 friends on a yelp deal two years ago. It was awesome. Exactly what you hope for. Caveat: You smell awful afterwards tho, so be ready for a smelly car ride back to SF if that's your situation! I will definitely be coming back with my friends.

The facility has many arenas to play on, and at least 6 different game modes probably many more so it will always seem fresh and exciting. Dustin, our referee was great. He had lots of jokes when explaining things.

He personally came by more than once to make sure my group of friends was having a good time. He was also very approachable, he is open to questions and comments one of my friends said he hated the current game mode.

I got the feeling that he genuinely cares and enjoys his job. Great job Dusting! One spectacular thing about Santa Clara Paintball is that when you rent your paintball gun, they will rent you a chest protector and neck guard for free. It really helps you have a good time, especially if you are new.

You only need to purchase rounds because after running around for a few hours, you are going to be very tired. Don't forget to bring plenty of water, snacks, and a change of cloths when you're done. I love paintball!!!

Only real paintball left in the entire bay area unless you count outskirts ie Santa Cruz and Antioch. Their instructors are good making sure that this is a safe environment to play in.

The fields and general area needs to be better kept and groomed The bathroom is unkept. Long disorganized lines. Unclear hours of operation see website vs.

I don't paintball, but I have a teenager who does and loves to go here. You can hang out at the picnic tables while the kids get down and dirty. Cool location with friendly staff.

It's a paintball wonderland for noobs. Fields are nice for self equipped but Call Ahead and make sure self equipped players are around. You may have to play with rentals until some self equipped players show up. Which during the tournament season should be every sunday. Too bad because they have decent speedball fields.

If you only want to play with self equipped players I suggest hanging out or leaving and coming back until you see some self equipped players because there is No Refunds. I've waited half a day and it's great when other self equipped players arrive. There are some high level players that are regulars along with team Crimson Rage. Msg me if you wanna set a day to play self equipped. I'll be there. The check-in process is ridiculous. It took over an hour for check in on a Wednesday night. They only had one window open.

Once on the field their was no ref and had to self manage the game which wasnt bad, however the air ball bunkers were under inflated and no one was around to inflate them. This is the only air ball field near me but after talking to some others and watching videos your unable to hear what your team is saying due to the dirt bikes on the weekends.

This is possibly one of the most fun things I have ever done. It paid for our admission for the entire day and included rentals. The courses are really cool and have fun obstacles. The staff creates fun types of games that allow you to mix it up and have fun.

It is really close to the freeway and afterwards it is really close to a shopping center with plenty to eat. Great place to play! There are a lot of fields so the wait is never long whenever there was a wait for a field it would only be about mins went on a friday. The staff were very helpful and chill people they answered any questions and for the big games they would make up games for the players to play and always mixed it up. Had a lot of fun here!

There is no where to really hide your stuff so be really careful where you leave your things and who you trust your paintballs with, sometimes these same people will steal them, sad but true The instructions are straight forward and have great safety rules.

Also, you can buy a face mask they're pretty cheap, trust me you do not want to be wearing another persons sweaty mask! All in all, cool place to shoot and have a good time, just really would like to see next time I come back some lockers or a storage to leave your stuff safely.


Impressed by the Staff - Santa Clara Paintball

Great Paintball field that supllies equipment and features various fields and activities. Visited Santa Clara Paintball for a birthday party for our 16 year old twins and their friends Had a very good experience here. Our family of 4 had fun over 5 hours. Paintball can be painful, and not sure if it will be something that we will be doing all the time. But the staff mostly college age young men and women , were very professional and enthusiastic.


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For Businesses. Write a Review. We don't know what he's getting paid, but the man deserves a raise. Tip: Wear sweats and a hoodie.

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