The circuitry is defined and you are ready to go to PCB layout. Fortunately, the next step in Altium Designer is very straightforward. Step 1: Preparing to Synchronize the Design. Step 3: Define Your Layer Stack. Step 1 is intended to check your schematic for design rule violations that keep your schematic from being synchronized with your PCB layout. Step 2 involves using the schematic capture tool to import the board into a blank PCB layout.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. If you are using a PCB layout package other than Ultiboard, you can create files in the necessary formats for transfer to the following third party layout packages:. Complete the following steps to transfer the circuit design to a third party layout package: 1.

A standard Windows Save As dialog box appears. Navigate to the desired folder, enter a file name, choose the desired manufacturer from the drop-down list and click Save. Multisim creates a file of the appropriate format that can then be loaded into the layout package of your choice. I don't think multisim supports this feature.

I recommend using Eagle. It's a tool which allows you to draw schematics and layout pcbs. Of course multism supports to design your own PCB. It has Ultiboard package which can enable us do our PCB. But, be careful while transferring your schematic to ultiboard, since some components will not be transferred directly. Because Multism considers some parts like resistors, capacitors..

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Transfering to Other PCB Layout Packages

Customer support. Which files do I need when exporting to Gerber? Gerber files can be generated by drawing or opening a PCB circuit layout and then choosing the Export Gerber What files are generated by the Gerber export? After selecting the Export Gerber Of particular note are the layers that you are planning to export. The Gerber files generated will vary depending on your circuit, but typically there will be several files with a '.


Circuit Wizard to Proteus 8 pro conversion

It provides a comprehensive range of tools covering all the traditional steps in PCB production, including schematic drawing, schematic capture, component placement, automatic routing, Bill of Materials reporting and file generation for manufacturing. In addition, PCB Wizard 3 offers a wealth of clever new features that do away with the steep learning curve normally associated with PCB packages. PCB Wizard 3 is a highly innovative package for designing printed circuit boards. Offering unrivalled productivity through powerful design tools and an ultra-friendly user interface, PCB Wizard 3 is the ideal choice for all your project work. User guide and instructions are included within the software. Designing Circuit Boards —To design a circuit board, simply drag and drop components onto your document and connect them together using the intelligent wiring tool.

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