Business Development with Web Hosting –  Many business owners / businesses that make good web hostingas one of the marketing media of their business. Economic competition is getting tighter, resulting in every business actor fighting over a limited market share with business competitors in one area. The demand to be able to survive , led to new breakthrough innovations in marketing in cyberspace in order to continue to have a market share that could provide benefits.

The influence of internet usage in developing a business is proven effective. A simple example can be seen from the growing turnover of food businesses who partner with online motorcycle taxi applications which also serve food ordering services. Without marketing products on the Internet, the market share that knows and buys products will be very limited to the surrounding area. Different if you enter the product on Google map, the customer will automatically increase.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting , is one of the internet features that allows every user to upload information to the internet. The principle works is by providing space on a server as information storage so that it can be accessed on the internet. It’s like, like the provider of space on a server’s hard drive. Like this article, it is also stored on a server’s hard drive. Without storing this article data on the server, this article will not be read by anyone.

In order to be visited at any time, the web hosting server must continue to work for 24 hours. Therefore, not just any computer can become a server. A server must have a powerful machine. The cooling system is also not just an ordinary fan, but a room with a temperature that is tightly regulated and controlled. The server also has a large storage capacity, and most importantly the network with a broad bandwidth so that it doesn’t crash when there are many visitors.

Benefits for your business

As explained in the above understanding, the main function of web hosting is as a place for the data uploaded to the internet in a particular game. Not only that, hosting providers like Google Web also provide control panels / hosting rights to the hosting tenants to manage website sites such as posting / uploading, file backups, database settings, and other features for website management. Specific in the business field, benefits that can be felt include:

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  1. Easy to Access Marketing Media

Information that you upload on an easy web hosting  server allows it to be accessed and seen by others. Therefore, this becomes an information media / promoting the product of a business. A website that is on a server with a capable machine has a strong endurance to be accessed 24 hours a day, which is active every day every year. In the sense that your business information can be accessed at any time, even when the “physical office” closes.

  1. Wide Market Reach

With the internet you can find out events in America, Europe, or any area as long as the information is uploaded. Based on the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), the number of internet users in 2017 in Indonesia alone reached 54.68%. That means that 143,261,600 internet users ( in 2017 ) have the potential to know about businesses that are marketed through web hosting services . This number continues to grow considering that every year internet users always increase sharply

  1. Customer Service Facilities

In marketing science, one of the product attributes that also influences purchasing decisions is after-sales service. With web hosting, you can provide services to customers such as providing tips articles, problem solving problems related to your business, or just creating forum sharing between customers. In the eyes of customers, this has a profound effect on increasing the value of a business product.

Types of Web Hosting

There is no doubt that there are many benefits for business people who expand the range of product marketing on the internet. Compared to the costs incurred for renting hosting, the benefits obtained are far greater for business development and of course the income earned. There are various types of hosting with their respective characteristics. It’s good to know one by one before buying hosting.

  1. Shared Web Hosting

As the name implies, “shared” means that the website server used is shared by several customers. It’s like, like a boarding room. Each customer has their own space on one server, with a size of 1-5 GB and unlimited bandwidth. This type is suitable and often used by bloggers. This type of hosting is not suitable for small business websites because it cannot accommodate many visitors.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

This type of web hosting makes a server a private hosting for a customer’s website. The advantage is that the use of server resources is the property of a customer only. This type is very suitable for business websites with many visitors coming to a website. With the ability to optimize server performance for one website, this type of hosting is suitable for mid-sized business websites that have many visitors.

  1. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Simple, VPS is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. In hot-type VPS, the server is divided into several partitions. Each customer gets their respective partitions. The benefits are compared to shared, this type gives higher control, security, and privacy. In performance, VPS is also better than shared, including the ability to accommodate the high traffic / number of visitors.

  1. Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud based hosting / cloud VPS works by using a network server with connections using cloud / internet network. In that sense, website data is uploaded to the server via the internet network. The number of servers can be added, so that the bandwidth that your website can accommodate can also grow in line with the increase in the number of visitors. This type of hosting is suitable for businesses that are growing rapidly.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Type

The first step to consider before setting out the type of cheap hosting that you will use is understanding the needs of your business website. You need to estimate how many visitors will visit your website at one time. The greater the business you have, the greater the potential of visitors who come. Therefore, adjust the specifications of the type of cheap hosting according to the needs of your business website. If necessary, consult a service provider.

Then, you need to understand the credibility of the hosting provider. Choose a hosting provider that has high credibility such as   good Web Hosting here. You can see from the guarantees / guarantees offered, and learn about reviews of service users of the web hosting company. Another thing that needs to be seen from the good news is that the various features offered have value and are very useful in managing your business website. Then Jago web is a recommended hosting service  .

You also need to project the progress of your business in the future, especially for those who up to this stage choose the type of shared hosting hosting. You need to think ahead about the potential for your business to grow, and the increasing number of website visitors so that bandwidth, disk space and other resources will also increase. Therefore, choose Jago Web Hosting  which offers various types of hosting options so that it allows quality upgrades to be made at any time.

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