The Best Hosting Search Must Read This –  Many people who expect their website to be supported by the best hosting but don’t have much knowledge about it. This can be detrimental to them because it can be fooled by less-quality hosting. Instead of functioning their website, they often experience fatal errors. For personal websites this might be a little annoying, but for business websites, this can hamper the smooth running of business activities and ultimately reduce revenue.

Hosting cases that turn out to be of low quality like that generally occur in cheap hosting. Indeed, it was very tempting at first, because it conveyed the many features that can be obtained at prices far below the average. Naturally, if people want more profits, but also still need to be critical, because many cases of hosting providers that offer cheap hosting packages only to attract as many customers as possible, then after being left alone. Very disappointing !

– Victims of Cheap Hosting

Why is it called cheap hosting? Because indeed most fraudulent hosting cases are done through very cheap hosting price offers. Much cheaper than others or offering a fairly large discount. Those who are looking for hosting services will generally be immediately interested, especially beginners. Because they usually want to minimize the risk by trying cheap hosting services first and exacerbated by the character of trustworthiness.

Like the best hosting providers , they mention many interesting services and features to attract more potential victims. Combined with the character of the beginners who are less critical, they just believe and are immediately tempted. They are offered hosting services with a powerful server, can be installed WP Robot, STT2, or other interesting features. It continued to be offered for some time until there were enough victims.

Initially the victims did not feel anything was wrong and could use the website smoothly. Until one day they began to face problems, starting from websites that often experience down to fatal errors. As a customer, of course they started trying to contact the provider to ask about the problem. It’s sad when it is known that the provider has ‘run away’. Instead of getting cheap hosting , you are even deceived.

Actually, if it’s just dinalar, too cheap a price is quite suspicious if it offers a variety of features. Because the provider definitely needs more money to provide these features to customers. The price should be more expensive. So if the hosting users are more critical, actually victims of cheap hosting can be minimized.

– Not Qualified Hosting Indication

Every blog or website owner certainly expects the best hosting with excellent quality. Because it will affect the access speed, security, stability, server strength and performance of the blog or website. Mistakes in choosing a non-quality hosting will eventually interfere with the performance of a blog or website, and can result in other losses, especially for those who use it as a business tool.

In order not to be fooled by abusive hosting, hosting users need to understand some of the features of hosting that are not as high as the following:

1. Old loading

Logically, if they offer the best hosting service that is one indicator of the speed of loading the website, they should also be able to do it for their own website. It becomes very strange if they make a move to make the customer’s website fast, but their own website has a long loading time. So that for customers, you can check with the tools to check the loading speed of the website. Just search on Google.

2. Troubled Website Client

In addition to checking on the provider’s website, it can also be seen on the website that uses their hosting services. Because it will show empirically the examples of their service products. If the website of their clients is fast and smooth to access, it can be one of the best indicators of hosting quality . Conversely, if their clients’ websites are often down, difficult to access and load long, users should be suspicious.

3. Substandard hardware specifications

Hosting providers work as servers that store and process data from the websites of their clients. The best hosting server should be supported with quality hardware devices. If their hardware specifications are inadequate, it is clear that their words to give a tough server are only false promises.

4. There is no money back guarantee

Most providers with the best quality hosting dare to give a money back guarantee (on average in a month) if customers don’t get their rights. Because they can indeed be accountable for the quality of the hosting they provide. If you find a provider that does not provide the guarantee, it can be one indication that they are not brave, because the quality of their hosting is not good.

5. Bad reputation

The best quality of hosting is of course also can be seen from how the users respond. If indeed their hosting service is of high quality, its users tend to give positive responses, whether from review or usage level. So that if you want to know, you can look for reviews of the users of the provider in question or see how many customers use their hosting services.

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– Characteristics Must Be Known

For those of you who want to find the best hosting, of course you need to know how they are, like the following:

1.  Safe

Of course security is a thing that must be owned by the hosting provider, because they store website data of their clients, which are important and strategic. The best hosting providers can also be assessed from how they are able to maintain the security of their customers’ websites, with adequate server infrastructure. For example, they provide anti-virus to prevent virus attacks on the websites of their clients. They also usually upgrade their devices to follow the website technology development.

2.  Fast

Internet users will definitely like to visit websites that are fast when accessed. Therefore website owners need to make it fast if you want to visit a lot. This is also one of the criteria for the best hosting , where they are able to provide speed for the client’s website. Quality hosting is generally able to provide server uptime values ​​close to 100%. Because then the smaller the potential of the website the clients experience down even though they receive a lot of visitors.

3.  Support

The best hosting providers are those who prioritize support for their customers. They are not reluctant to provide customer service services even up to 24 hours. Some also provide an upgrade system, such as if a client needs a bandwidth upgrade, they can immediately fulfill it. Like in good web hosting where customer satisfaction is the main thing for us.

4.  Guarantee

Usually the best hosting providers also dare to provide guarantees in the form of warranty usage for their customers.

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