This increasingly sophisticated environment makes things more accessible. This also certainly affects human lifestyles and also influences the sophistication of the technology itself. If in the past it took a lot of effort to get internet access, in today’s increasingly sophisticated era everything can be done with the help of internet media. For example, today there are many various internet media that provide various assistance that can help someone in selling and so forth. One effective way to sell for example is by having a website. This website can be obtained free of charge and also paid. For more details, you need to understand the difference between paid and free hosting.

Although in essence all websites need hosting to be able to get a domain address so that it can be accessed by themselves and others, but in this case the hosting that you want to get can be obtained paid and free. But before entering this, the first thing that needs to be understood is, what is hosting? Hosting is an internal server warehouse such as providing file storage and so on owned by someone who owns a website. Therefore the website will not be able to work without hosting or storage, therefore hosting is very important in this regard.

As understood that there are two ways to get hosting, which is paid and free. Therefore it is necessary to understand the difference between paid and free hosting . Hosting provided for free will certainly be different from hosting that is paid for, whether it’s all activities and also more or less different. Here are some of the differences between free and hosting that you get for free.

1. Differences in Storage and Bandwidth Capacity

The difference between paid and free hosting the first is located in storage capacity and bandwidth. Like a twin who was born in the world simultaneously but still has a difference, as well as paid hosting and free hosting. Both have the first difference in storage capacity and bandwidth. On hosting that is obtained free of charge, the storage capacity is limited by bandwidth so that the user cannot perform activities on the website on a limited basis. For example when you want to upload on the website and also the number of visitors who want to visit your website will be limited by bandwidth in a certain size. Besides that free hosting also can’t do an upgrade,

Whereas on paid hosting will be contrary to hosting that is obtained for free. If the hosting that is obtained for free everything will be limited, then the hosting that is paid for is not the case. Because hosting is paid for from web services like Jagoweb then the storage capacity and bandwidth facilities can be obtained by adjusting the package you rent. The bigger the package you rent, the greater the storage capacity and bandwidth facilities that will be obtained. In addition to paid hosting it is also possible for you to upgrade and also downgrade, this will certainly make it easier for you when you want to adjust the number of visitors and also the content that you currently have.

2. Differences in Hosting Packages

The difference between paid and free hosting the next is located in the hosting package. If you get paid or free hosting, the package or service provided will be very different. If the hosting is paid for, you will be given full support from the hosting provider itself. This full support includes technical and tutorial support, so if later there will be obstacles on the server used, the assistance will be obtained by the user will be faster and more efficient. This will be very different from the free hosting. If on free hosting you will get all technical support like hosting paid,

3. Differences in the Features Provided

The difference between paid and free hosting then also lies in the features that will be obtained or the features provided. If you get free or paid hosting, both of them will get the same thing at the firtur. Namely, you will get the features and tools on the website. But the difference is the completeness of the features and also the tools. If on a website that uses paid hosting, the features and tools obtained will be more complete, everything can be easily arranged according to the style of the owner of the account. But the story will be different if the website is obtained on free hosting. Because both the features and tools that will be obtained are also fewer and the choices are also limited so that they cannot be adjusted to the personality of the website owner.

4. Differences in Security

The difference between paid and free hosting the next and the last difference on this occasion is the security. Actually, whether it’s free hosting or paid hosting, they will certainly maintain security on your account. But if you choose paid hosting, the protection or security system on your account will definitely be more secure, whether the file or data you have will certainly be well maintained with guaranteed security. This will also be obtained for those of you who choose free hosting, because the hosting that is obtained for free will also protect your account, but not as strong as the protection provided by the hosting that is obtained for free.

Thus, there are various differences between paid and free hosting that can be shared with you, but in essence, both free hosting and paid hosting are both certainly different and also have different advantages and disadvantages. as a good hosting service provider web hosting   will certainly provide a variety of facilities that support the performance of your web hosting, but when you use a paid hosting service don’t forget to pay bills every month. This means that both paid hosting and free hosting both have consequences that will be borne by the user.

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