Cheap and Quality Web Hosting – How do you find cheap but still quality web hosting? For those of you who interact with the world of technology, especially things that smell with the website or technically, maybe you are already familiar with web hosting or hosting servers. Both of these are very needed, especially for the development of the website that you have built. Especially nowadays, almost all fields of business, education or even government midwives also use websites. 

Therefore, the need for hosting, web hosting, domain and hosting servers also increases. This is because their role is quite important for the continuity of a website. Currently there are many hosting providers, web hosting, hosting servers and domains. However, not infrequently we find a hosting service provider that is priced at a fairly high price. 

Therefore, is there a web hosting service provider and hosting server that can provide a good facility and quality, but still with a cheap or affordable price offer, especially for the lower middle class or small business groups. So from the question, the answer is, there is. Currently there is a service related to the web So from the question, the answer is, there is. Currently there is a service related to the web So from the question, the answer is, there is. Currently there is a service related to the web cheap hosting

Why is hosting at JagoWebHosting cheap?

Maybe among you there are those who ask, why hosting at JagoWebHosting is cheap. The first thing is seen in terms of price. The price offered for a hosting service, web hosting and hosting server, as well as cloud hosting and domain are categorized as cheap offers, because the prices can be reached by all people. This is because the service provider has given a price offer based on a package that adapts to the needs of consumers as users. Several categories are offered ranging from small package prices to large packages, with nominal starting from Rp. 50,000, up to Rp. 800,000. 

This price is included with various facilities obtained by consumers, such as disk space, accounts, and domains. What distinguishes prices in each package is the facilities that will be obtained by consumers, such as bandwidth, email accounts or domains. In addition, when you want to order a hosting server, you can also choose by country, such as Indonesia or hosting ID and America or US hosting. Prices offered for cheap usa hosting servers  is 50K every year. While for cheap Indo hosting prices are also offered at the same price, which is 50 K every year. A price that is quite cheap not for a hosting server.

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Why choose JagoWebHosting hosting?

As a consideration to be able to make a choice, will you choose hosting provided on JagoWebHosting or not, then you should consider the advantages of the following JagoWebHosting .

  • Quickly, when you choose to buy hosting at JagoWebHosting, you will get a fast activation service, because the activation service for hosting at JagoWebHosting only requires 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Ease to upgrade. One of the advantages is the convenience for consumers to upgrade the package they want to use, provided that you have made payments in accordance with the provisions, then your package can be upgraded at any time.
  • Excellent service. As one of the businesses that sell services, JagoWebHosting prioritizes excellent service for its customers. This is evidenced by the existence of a Technical Support team that is expert and experienced in their fields.
  • Another advantage is shown by the presence of large bandwidth but still smooth to handle traffic that is high enough, so that your website will remain stable without any buffering interference.
  • For certain packages, such as small packages, you will get 1 free domain for a minimum order of 1 year.
  • The process is fast. Data can be processed quickly because it uses the latest Intel Xeon, so that data processing on the server can run smoothly.

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