Smart Select Hosting Service is the Key to Successful Business –  The development of an increasingly modern era has made almost everything related to the internet. In the past to trade offers of goods and services must be in the market or shop, now just sitting at home and surfing through the browser has been done.

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The progress of this era also finally made many business people start to use hosting services. In its simple translation, hosting is a service that provides a place where you can run applications to store data in a centralized location such as a server. You can access this service with the internet. For now hosting services are widely used in various ways such as websites, file transfers to FTP to email servers. Because it has such a vital function, hosting is placed on a super smart computer or a reliable server with a very fast internet network.

You certainly don’t want your business website to suddenly crash when there are prospective buyers visiting right? For that, choose the optimal hosting provider.

The best selling cloud hosting

  • Premium Hosting

If you are an online businessman who has just started a business, choosing the cloud hosting package is very appropriate. Guaranteed speed and stability provided by is supported by the power of hosting servers of advanced technology such as the Linux operating system, Intel E5 processor and 32GB RAM. With variations in prices starting from Rp. 100 thousand – 550 thousand per year, you can get a free domain.

  • Unlimited Hosting

Online business owners certainly want their website to be accessible anytime and anywhere for 24 hours. answers it through unlimited hosting services with unlimited offers for disk capacity, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases, and sub domains. The cost is quite affordable, starting from Rp. 750 thousand – 1.5 million per year.

  • Corporate Hosting

Realizing that a company wants an exclusive server for their website, offers a premium dedicated server through a corporate hosting service . The tariff can be adjusted from Rp. 725 thousand – 57.5 million per month.

The use of RAM is large, software and processors are capable and the hosting server abroad is a guarantee that your website will continue to run smoothly.

  • Reseller Hosting

Are you a medium-sized hosting service business owner? The existence of a reseller package can be considered. Here you can sell packages to other people with their own server names and brands.

Large capacity with competitive prices for beginners starting from Rp 120 thousand to 500 thousand per month. And for large-scale hosting businesses, has a PRO package starting at Rp. 750 thousand – 2.25 million per month.

  • Cloud VPS

This Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the same as shared hosting but the resources are better. Passing VPS You don’t need to share with other clients while having root access so you can freely run various applications and install them on other OS or complementary software.

With an international network, the price is quite affordable, starting at Rp 199 thousand – 2,499 million per month.

Five different packages that have been reviewed indeed prove that is one of the leading providers in Indonesia. It has been years in the field of network services, servers and websites, making them quite trusted to provide domains, hosting and websites. If you are still confused, the package above is worth considering.

Actually the type of web hosting is very much starting from shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and server colocation. As information, cloud hosting is a hosting service with many servers, each of which is designed to be able to connect to each other so that website performance remains maximum. You don’t need to worry about an unstable server if you use this.

As already mentioned, hosting services are ‘home’ to your business in cyberspace. For who is very experienced in the field of network services, servers and websites, hosting plays an important role. Guaranteed comfort with various facilities and server speed is the key to how the client business develops.

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