Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid HostingOne of the influences of the development of the era is determined by technological developments that increasingly show sophistication. If in the past when you wanted to carry out activities you could be hindered and also hampered by access, then in this sophisticated era it would even allow one to spread information quickly and also easily to do. One of the problems is by using a website, the website is a place that can be visited by all people, usually in the form of certain information. If you want to do a business, the website can be used as a field to promote the business that is being run. To get a website, a hosting is needed. Hosting itself includes paid hosting and is also free,advantages and disadvantages of paid hosting .

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In essence, both free hosting and paid hosting are available, both of which will have advantages and disadvantages. Because in essence in this world there is certainly nothing truly perfect, behind the advantages of course there are still deficiencies in it. But before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of paid hosting, then you need to know what hosting is so that there is no misunderstanding about hosting itself. Hosting is a server field that is provided to allow a website owner to store personal data and files he owns. Dijagoweb you will get storage with large hosting spaceto store your files and data freely. In simple terms, hosting can be said to be a piece of land that is owned by someone who owns a website to store all things both files and data they have.

That way, it can be concluded that it is not so meaningful to have hosting on the website because the website cannot be run without hosting. Talking about paid hosting, here are some advantages and disadvantages of paid hosting that you need to know as reference material for you.

A. Advantages of Paid Hosting

Because there are advantages and disadvantages of paid hosting, it will be broken down first, and discussed one by one. The first is the advantages of paid hosting. As the name implies, this hosting can be obtained and used by website users if making a payment and the following are some of the facilities that will be obtained which are also the advantages of paid hosting itself.

  1. Get complete facilities

The advantages of the first paid hosting that must be known by website users is that on paid hosting, it allows users to have all the facilities that are complete or complete. So that the user will feel comfortable and also at ease when they want to do anything on the website they have. Among the facilities said are users can install plugins and also various other scripts including various other facilities, namely PHP, JSP and so on. This can be obtained easily as long as the user pays by adjusting to the chosen facility. Because each facility has different rates, of course.

  1. Impressed more professionally

The next advantage of paid hosting is that if you choose paid hosting, you will be given the opportunity to get a domain name yourself. That way it will increase the self-confidence possessed by the owner because it seems more professional and also has more character. Especially if to do a certain business, if you have your own domain name will certainly be more impressed professional compared to free hosting that must include the name of the hosting company. For example on paid hosting you can name your company name, for example That way you will be impressed more professionally and your customers will be more confident with the business you are in.

  1. Get better security

The next advantage of paid hosting is that you need to know that hosting is paid for, then the owners will get a better security system compared to free hosting. This is because paid hosting will always keep the data and files stored by the user so that it will be safer and also far from the trap of hackers who want to do a piracy.

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B. Lack of Paid Hosting

As explained, it will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of paid hosting . Because previously I had explained the advantages, then this time I will explain about the various disadvantages of paid hosting.

  1. Required to spend money

The lack of the first and most basic paid hosting that can make someone object if using paid hosting is that this hosting requires users to make payments. This certainly will be burdensome for a group of people, especially for website owners who are still new and do not have enough information about the world of the website.

  1. Maintenance is required

The disadvantage of the next paid hosting that needs to be known by website owners is, besides paying every month, paid hosting also requires extra care. The treatment referred to in this case is in the form of upgrades, maintainance, and also backups. These three things need to be done so that the website that is owned can work optimally and the site that is owned remains optimal performance. Actually this treatment can be done alone, but of course it will take a lot of time and sometimes the website owner cannot do it himself. So that it requires the help of other people to be able to carry out these treatments, then if asking for help from others in doing maintenance this will certainly require a refund.

  1. Reliability

Actually, both paid hosting and free hosting both certainly have their respective reliability. However, if the paid hosting reliability depends on the price of the hosting package purchased or rented. If the package purchased is not good, this will also affect the reliability of the hosting. But if the website owner buys the best package, of course his reliability can also be predicted as well as what he will get, such as Jagoweb is a reliable web hosting service in its field that has a large selection of corporate hosting packages , and your large hosting space package is only the right choice. to your needs

In essence everything matters certainly has two sides, both the advantages and disadvantages. There is no single thing in this world that is so perfect, even the two sides of sugar cane as well as both are not sweet, one of which is definitely a side not sweet. So is the case with paid hosting, although it will provide a variety of services that are so tempting, but also have a side that can be categorized as harmful. Just how you want to choose a hosting that is paid or not is your own choice, but you need to be wise in the selection so as not to experience regret. Thus the various information that can be shared with you about the various advantages and disadvantages of paid hostingas reference material. Hopefully what was said earlier can be useful for all of us.

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